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Villager: Starbug



Villager Info

ID: #272714

Name: Starbug

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 1 year, 10 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Breezeyheart

Feast Points: 36

Species: Cat

Color: Snowshoe


House: Olde Foxbury House (222/250)

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Starbug looks stunning!

Starbug's very special treasures!


Note: He tends to reply in character. If I'm replying out of character, I tend to put a parenthesis and OOC: before my comment and then another parenthesis at the end of my comment.

He has a toyhou.se where you can see all of his art!


Starbuggy, Bugthug and StarThug. The first was a loving misspelling by his owner and the other two are from his owner's parents as they like to joke that he stole their 'hearts' with his loving gaze.

Name Meaning:
Starbug is the name of the exploratory ship on the show Red Dwarf that first aired on 1988 to 1999 on the tv channel; BBC Two. The series has a current reboot called Red Dwarf XII which is being aired on the digital TV channel; Dave.

17 human years and counting (but is a kitten at heart)


Cat, specifically Snowshoe Siamese.

Heterosexual (straight)



Genetical N/A yet but has been fosterdad to many.

Relationships ~

Friends (he considers them family):
His humans, Squeakie II, Guinevere, Aristotle, WIP

Anyone who means to harm his friends and family.

WIP, long story.

Anthro paintie made by stormbringer15 (*currently equipped)
(His paintie was a custom paintie raffle prize from the prize pool of a staff member appreciation raffle that was managed by Watersnake and ran by Dinoval . Thank you again so much Dinoval , stormbringer15 and Watersnake )

Future Plans: I'm going to order more painties of him and if possible, I shall make some of them myself.♡However I probably won't be getting any new painties soon due to my money status as I'm broke. Might get a Magic Elite Heart Gem for him when I'm no longer broke as I love the idea of a Dragon Cat Chibi paintie of him.♡


Comments 17

    • At first she overlooked the cat because not a lot of people at her village treats her with so much familiarity or at least openly. "Oh my, you are such a curious creature... why do you want to become my friend'" she asked genuenily.
      I replied in character here 'v'/, but hey there, it was nice to see your comment there~!

    • (Thank you!!)
      "Hi there, Starbug! I'm Pen!"
      He smiled.
      "Of course. Ask away!"

    • Snowshoe cats are always so adorable! This guy just looks so precious

    • Aah! Thank you so much!! I adore your paintie as well <3

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