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Villager: Buei

Villager Info

ID: #274763

Name: Buei

Gender: Female

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 2 years, 7 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: CheetahLover6

Species: Canine

Color: French Bulldog


House: FurCash House

Career (View All)


Garden Keeper

Comments 23

    • "Hmm I guess so," Beezel says with a grin before noticing Patrarra from the corner of his eye and sprinting away in fright to climb the nearest tree.

    • "Why is a cat barking at me," Beezel ask with one paw tucked under his chin in thought as he slowly walks away with his tail Gucci swishing behind him. A spooky ticket falls from his pocket and Gucci snaps at it but misses as it floats to the ground.

    • BOO! OVO!

    • *thank you ruby im all better now" she replies

    • "sis i broke a limb do you have any gauze" she asks

    • "its been good but it had been a little rough after you left" lilly replies

    • Love your story, but I love all your stories.

    • A primordial/primal paintie.

    • Omg yay! ^0^

    • Oh, Ok! I just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong XD

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