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Villager: Mercury



Villager Info

ID: #281345

Name: Mercury

Gender: Demigirl

Location: Oceandome

Born 2 years, 2 months ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: weebie

Species: Saggitari

Color: Chibi Spell Caster


House: Tigereye Peak House (1/50)

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Mercury's very special treasure!



Mercury's first, one, and only friend, who just happens to be very inventive and curious. The mustelid gifted her a small pet, which she happily named after/similar to Blink.

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    • Blink realized she might be coming off as a bit much and tried to recall what Governess had taught her about social conduct. She tried laughing. "Ahahaha!" after shuffling around a bit the inquisitiveness took over again; she wanted to know so much about this cold place! "So how do you keep warm if you're not using blubber?"

    • "I'm not cold at all!" she smiled, patting the robe. "this is a blubber coat, it's whale technology! You see, I don't speak bird, but I have a bird friend who does and they translated and the bird that brought your message said it is very cold up here. I have never been somewhere so cold or white before! What food do you grow here? Is the fish you eat really cold too?!" now that danger is no longer apparent the little furball became very talkative!

    • Several days later, a lone figure made its way up the mountain. She was kitted out in a large, ballooning robe that bounced weirdly as she shuffled through the snow. On her head was an odd contraption that seemed to be a navigation tool of sorts. It's a marvel what can be made from trash!
      Spotting the Saggitari, Blink quickly shuffled over. She whispered intently, "Are you the message in the bottle? Is it safe to talk?" she gestured around at the snowy landscape. "Governess said that if you see Great White, you should be quiet and wait for them to leave. I've never seen greater white than this!"

    • On an otherwise ordinary day you spot a strange..unidentified object floating in the skies above Tigereye Peak. There's a faint pop and the object seems to collapse in on itself and lands weakly at your feet. It looks like a small dirigible, very home made, and it looks like it was made from...kelp and coral. You can still smell whatever sea gas was used to keep the thing afloat. The body of the small vessel is an old glass bottle, and you can see a piece of paper inside. Unfurled, the writing looks to be that of a child. It says:
      "Governess told me you're supposed to throw a message in a bottle into the sea. But since I already live in the sea, I'm sending a message in a bottle to the sky! Let us be pals!"
      You find no further information on the note.

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