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Villager: Fire



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ID: #292127

Name: Fire

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 2 years, 3 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Fire_V-Raptor

Species: Velociraptor

Color: Jungle

Costume: Fluffy


House: FurCash House

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Fire looks stunning!

Fire's very special treasure!


I need to give her the paintie done by CottonCandyFloof :
After staring at it for a long time, Fire might have to move to be a shifty... Hmm...


Fire is my fursona. You cannot believe how happy I was to see that not only did they have a dinosaur at all, they had a velociraptor, AND IT HAD FEATHERS EXACTLY WHERE I NEEDED THEM! Fire's name has a huge long story.
Fire started off as a name for my character in Pokemon Ranger, Shadows of Alima. Fire is my favorite type, next to Flying. I used Fire for my name for EVERY Pokemon game I have ever played SINCE then; it's a Pokemon thing. In Art class, we had to make an artist signature, and I didn't want to do a boring ol' CC as my sign. So I took the F from Fire and the M from Magolor, my favorite Kirby character, and that made my artist name, FM. The three eyes are from one of my Sonic OCs, Raosr the Hedgefox, though he's a different thing altogether. I would love to have a fursuit of him one day tho, aaaaaaa.
And then, after I designed her, I never thought of a name for her. I knew her basic story, a feral dinosaur that tried her hardest not to be, but I didn't know her name. I looked at name generators, looked at other famous furries like Hogwash and Beauty of the Bass, but those just didn't...
Click with me.
So, I went with my baby.
I didn't give her a last name because I never made last names for my characters. Sonic characters didn't need them, and neither did Pokemon characters.
The raptor looked over, then smiled.
"Hi! I'm Fire! Nice to meet you!"
She held out her scaly hand for a handshake.
"I'm the explorer around these parts. Just talk to me if you need help, alright?"

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    • (So I was going through my comments and realized I forgot to respond to this, and I know this is like a month later but I hate having comments that I haven't responded to, you don't have to respond I just want to respond to this sorry *dies on keyboard*)
      Sightmare chuckled and narrowed his eyes and the nervous raptor stepped away from the wood she had just been standing on. It wasn't that that particular spot was more likely to fall than any other, it was just that Sightmare could control where the collapses occurred. Still, he wasn't going to do so just yet-this raptor was frankly quite amusing. He grinned, showing off his pin-point teeth. "Now, what good would those claws be?" he asked, his tone of voice actually quite cheery but still sinister and unsettling. "After all, you can't hurt a ghost through physical means." To prove a point, he spun around, his body rotating as his head stayed in one place, menacingly staring at the raptor with that wide, wide grin.

    • "Oh, hello there?!" Oxford smiles at you and blushes. "Th-thank you! So kind!"

    • The protogen looked up at the friendly velociraptor and smiled happily.
      "Oh thank you for the kind words, MSPaint is my specialty!"
      She returned the handshake with a grin.

    • th4nky0u f0r y0u2 k1nd w0rd5, fr13nd.

    • Classics are always appreciated my friend! Though I have to question what kind of bar keeps H2o2 about, s'eehee!

    • Hans looked down at the raptor, his voice coming out in a growl. "Hm...you shouldn't be out...there's beasts about..." he hoisted the massive spiked hammer over his shoulder, turning to leave.

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