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Villager: ApocalypticPets



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ID: #314194

Name: ApocalypticPets

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 1 year, 4 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: ApocalypticPets

Species: Fox

Color: Marble


House: FurCash House

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ApocalypticPets looks stunning!

ApocalypticPets's very special treasure!


I suppose you could call this my "fursona." It's just a representation of me.
Name: Apocalypse
Nicknames/Titles: Ap, Queen of Thieves, her Majesty, my Lady, Sneak-Thief, Goddess of Many Shapes (I am not a goddess and do not wish to be worshipped as one!), ApocalypseStar, Leader.
Gender: Female
Special abilities: Shapeshifter, Clear Sight
Elements: Weak Water
Class: Theif, Rogue.
Occupation: Queen, honorable theif.
Personally: ?complicated?

A Little Bit 'O Lore/Introduction: As you walk towards the kingdom referred to as "The Queendom," you hear a rustle in the bushes. Assuming its a deer, you carry on. A few more steps down the path, however, a masked group of brightly colored bandits surround you. The leader, bearing a larger mask and pointing a dagger at you, insists you give them all you have or else. Suddenly the a small rock hits the brute on his head, knocking him out cold. The rest of the group gets dragged up to hang upside down in trees, all tied up. To your bewilderment, a petite, cutesy vixen, appearing to be in her teens, steps out and, unarming the crooks first, unties them. "I told you what could happen if you came back to harass others. King Torvul may not care, but here we have laws you must follow. OR. ELSE. Got that? Now go back where you came from!" The group takes off flying down the path. "You let them get away?" You ask. "Yep, but I think they wont forget me so easily." She replies, holding out various objects and equipment, some of which you believe you saw a couple if the bandits wearing. "Oh yeah, I found this too, you can keep it." The fox says as she tosses you a small satchel. You notice it says "property of the queen." You look up to tell her but the mysterious vixen has vanished. Opening it up you see gold coins and a note. It reads "Welcome to the Queendom, traveler! This gold can pay for housing, food, and souvenirs! Enjoy your stay! - The Queen of Thieves."

Comments 17

    • Well, to tell you the truth, I actually was trying to draw a noivern before it turned into Joey. So, you aren't wrong in thinking noivern.

    • *Jackie smiled, yawning slightly as they got up and carefully grabbed the small fox by her waist* Here...lemme help you down...it's still a bit of a fall from up here, especially without the ladder... *They quickly flew down, back into the foie and up to the front door. Setting the vixen down, Jackie dusted her off, yawning again as they gave a tired smile* ...It was nice...*yawn*...to have someone to talk to...I suggest taking the back road, around the house...that should lead you past all the fog and back to Dragonsmaw Manor...if you ever come to visit again, I suggest taking that road back as well...especially when it's late like this, and all the...erm, spooky things...come out to play...b-but they're nice enough!...when they're not hungry... *The small bat smiled again, rubbing their eyes and waving as they headed towards the back of the house...shouting at the top of their lungs* PU'LAH! ALL YER PROCRASTINATION PAID OFF, THE LADDER FINALLY GAVE WAY! ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE, TOO! HOW 'BOUT YOU GET OUTTA THE POOL AND FIX IT, YA LAZY LUMP!...AND RAIMON! VIX! MAKE SURE FEN OR ASTRI DON'T GO EATING OUR GUEST WHILE THEY TRY AND GET HOME...!
      (Sounds like a plan! This was fun, and I'd love to do it again sometime soon! :D)

    • *raises hand to hide smile* I'm glad your buisiness is going well so far. I made an art shop too. I haven't had many customers, but one of them said that maybe people are afraid of underpaying me. *shrugs* I made it a pay what you want thing. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much in terms of offers. My last customer offered a lot of FC. It kind of surprised me. *notices tiredness of Jackie* Oh. I didn't even think about what time it is. You're probably tired. *digs around in bag them pulls out a map and draws on it.* There. This circle is where my little Workshop is. You can usually find me there. I also scribbled my email down next to it.
      (So you can message me whenever you want to roleplay again or just chat. :) ) GhostiFloof

    • *The small bat nodded, bringing their knees up to their chin as their ears and eyelids started to droop* ...Just opened up an art shop, as a matter of fact. Everything's gone smoothly so far...actually gotten quite a funding from it as well...I'm hoping to house up one of those...whatdya call em?...They're like...candle people...creatures...Been wanting to draw one of em for FOREVER, but no one's got em anymore that's been around recently...*Jackie sighed, clutching a pillow to their chest, their eyes rolled as they mumbled under their breath* ...I know my ex's got one...a RAINBOW one...pft, looks like a hot mess, if ya ask me...like, literally. Looks like a bunch of Crayolas melted together...maybe I should get one of em Nightwoolies...probably be a lot cleaner...Ah, God if I know anymore...

    • *Jackie chuckled, sitting back up as they hugged one of their many plushies* ...I guess I can find comfort in that...I'm weird, I KNOW I am...so I just don't bother with others most of the time...let them come to me, you know?...Saves me a lot of unneeded attention...*They pause, glancing over to their laptop in the corner*...But whether that method would work later on in life...I...honestly don't know...especially when the one thing I want to do in life...kinda requires me to put myself out there...

    • *laughs* Oh, I always do that. Sometimes I'll stay out at night and sleep with them. My dad's cat Rascal is more than slightly chubby too. He kind of does as he pleases, in and out. I don’t know how he manages to look good. He has one eye and a snaggletooth. I'll gladly let him climb on my head and back, I can't help it.
      Typically I'm kind of awkward too. I usually put up a fake front, as this cutesy, tiny childish pipsqueak girl. In reality, I don't have much of a classification. I get really nervous around most people my age, like, I actually have lost my appetite before. Whenever I finally feel comfortable around people, they either find me annoying or overly weird.... Heheh. Guess I am.

    • *Jackie chuckled, leaning back into their blankets* ...I try not to pamper Athena TOO much...but you see how well THAT'S gone. Now what's she got to show for herself? Soft paw pads, a pudgy pot belly, and a voice that will nOT BE QUIET AT TWO IN THE MORNING, YES I'M TALKING TO YOU, MISSY. *Jackie's attention turned towards Athena, their ears flat with a displeased look on their face. Athena licked at her one paw, meowed, and walked off. Jackie sighed as they leaned back, burying their face in pillows and blankets* ...You know when you start talking to your cat, you've gone full crazy cat lady...man...whatever. That's what I get for staying up in this attic a good 90% of the time...

    • *smiles* Cinnamon's pretty clever at times, didn’t know she could do that. I love kitties too. I don't have any old cats though. I have about 13 now, with more kittens on the way. My oldest is Tootsie. She acts just like my mom. I even saw her give the same "looks" to her kittens that mom gives to me whenever I get in trouble. I tend to try to pamper them as much as possible.
      (I got lotsa kitties, true, I think Tootsie is three years old now. We have puppies on the way as well. Part pitbull, a couple terriers, black lab, and some other big dogs all mixed in. Also, the kittens are weird. Their front halves are all black, but it stops and instantly turns to tortoiseshell. Tootsie's babies are cute though!)

    • *Jackie slowly, but cautiously, opened their arms. Athena jumped forward, her growling growing softer as she sniffed at the treats...after a moment, she finally started eating. Jackie smiled, not even realizing they weren't stuttering anymore* Yea...she's a grumpy old grandma...but she's *my* grumpy old grandma, for as long as I have her left...
      (So yeaaa...fun fact, this is actually my real life cat. Acts exactly like this with the same name. She's a grumpy old queen. XDDD)

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