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Villager: Chime



Villager Info

ID: #320614

Name: Chime

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 1 year, 3 months ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: Breezeyheart

Species: Corvid

Color: Chibi Magpie


House: Olde Foxbury House (248/248)

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Chime's very special treasures!


"Magic is everywhere, if you know where to look."
Her toyhouse

Full Name: Chime that rings in the wind. (basically a wind chime lol)
Nicknames: Chime as she tends to go by it for short. However she isn't easily offended if you call her by anything else.
Gender: Female.
Age: Five human years old, which is equal to 24 in bird years. So when she morphs into a human, she looks her bird age, which would 24 human years.
Species: Anthro Crow with magical powers. She can preform magic spells, make magical potions/elixirs and even shapeshift into a human when she wishes to. (which is handy for roleplaying as her in human rps lol)
Role/Occupation: Witch and Alchemist
Alignment: Neutral Good.

DoB: October 31th, 2014. Halloween aka All Hallow's Eve.
Origin: A wild forest near a small town that is populated by humans.
Height: 3 ft and 8 inches. (2 ft taller in her human form)
Build: Medium. (slightly curvy in her human form)
Demeanor: Kind, caring and playful.
Themes: Fireflies by Owl City, Halo by Starset and Shooting Star by Owl City.

  • Astronomy & astrology
  • Celestial navigation & hiking
  • Potion making & performing magic spells
  • Nature, wildlife & taking photographs of both.
  • Drawing, painting, sewing, sculpting, singing + more!
  • Being helpful and kind to others in order to help brighten their day!
  • Giving gifts such as: healing/magic elixirs, art, handsewn clothing & accessories to her friends
  • Halloween (her favorite holiday) haunted houses & trick or treating
  • Horror flims (especially ones about zombies!)

  • Pollution & littering
  • Animal abuse
  • Poachers & hunters who overhunt the animals of the forest.
  • Spiders, snakes, centipedes & scorpions
  • Death (i.e dying) & her or her friends getting badly hurt.
  • Her potions or magic spells backfiring on her or a friend therefore causing them harm.
  • Bullies, animals or humans who are arrogant & rude to others as they can think that their above the rules.


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