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Villager: Saoirse


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ID: #321973

Name: Saoirse

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 1 year, 20 days ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: CallistoCorona

Species: Canine

Color: White


House: FurCash House

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Saoirse looks stunning!


Despite her scrawny appearance, Saoirse has always had a reputation for being a "silent mutt." Despite the fact she could speak, she never did, and no one understood why. She would snort at those at those who asked her anything, expecting a response. She would cower down at the sight of canines larger than her, despite the fact they were harmless. She would happily kill you for a cookie. Everyone wondered why the little wolf was such an enigma. Everyone wondered what her antics and intentions were, but no one could ever decipher her. Well, it all started here . . .

Saoirse walked around the tundra, tail betwixed legs. She stared into the distance, watching the sun set. It was getting late. Alphaby was probably getting worried, and she didn't want to waste time lingering around here, after she had failed to kill a mere vole. She huffed, and trudged through the ridiculously thick layers of snow, scenting out the area.

She was getting close. She began to run, the snow still snowing her down a little. The moon had finally awoken, shining its silver beams letting the snow shimmer a light blue, She continued to walk, as the pine got denser, and the smell of other canines. She stopped, smelling something unfamiliar. It could have just been a mere misconception, as the air was ripe with many other smells.

However . . . she felt like someone was watching her, and simply couldn't put a paw on why. She glanced to the side, trying to make sure some scary wendigo or something wouldn't pop out and devour her.

About ten minutes after that, she continued to trudge on, hearing a panicked yelp. She glanced to the side, flicking her ear. She stood still, looking in the direction where the yelp came from. There was a faint whisper. It said . . .

"I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry . . . "

Saoirse listened a little longer, until some kind of hyena yelped, and scrambled out of the bushes out of literally nowhere. The hyena saw her, and let out a long gasp, and tried to run away . . . However, he just pathetically rammed himself into a tree.

Saoirse examined him for a little bit, noticing he had a bunch of slashes around his torso. She patiently huffed a cloud of steam into the brisk air, as the hyena struggled to scramble up. "AH!" He yelped, covering her mouth, scampering over to one of the shrubs, trying to stop himself.

"You . . . You're one of that pack's main administrators!" He whimpered, cowering down. Saoirse stared to the side a little bit. "Uh . . .Yeah! That's right, mutt, get it right!" The hyena whined a little bit, before running back into the bushes. Hm. That was weird.

Saoirse got closer to the packlands, noticing some weird scent in the air . . . it smelled of . . . blood? Saoirse blinked slowly, and quickly ran off the rocks she was standing on, over to the mainlands, as the smell became more noticeable.

A few wolfed stood in a circle, whimpering, and panicking. She tilted her head, and approached the circle, as a few smaller wolves moved out of the way. "Alphaby, I'm sorry I'm late, I'm-" She stared down in complete shock. "A-alphaby?" What she saw was horrifying, and it completely threw her off; It was the battered body of their fallen leader. Lord Alphaby.

She teared up a little, sniffing. "Alphaby?!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, and we thought that this old hag could actually be useful? Hah!" Someone in the crowd of wolves commented, stepping over.
Saoirse saw a tall, black wolf that had amber eyes that were hypnotizing to look at. He wore multiple amounts of cloth, and a bunch of jewls.

He looked down his snout at Saoirse, flicking his tongue. "You there!" He barked coldy, getting the attention of almost the entire crowd.

"M-me?" She whimpered in defeat.

The large canine flicked his tongue.

"Are you aware that you took part in this murder?" Saoirse's pupils turned into slits. "L-lancyal, what are you talking about?" Lancyal narrows his eyes.

"You guard and watch over Alphaby, correct?"

Saoirse nodded. "O-of course I did! B-b-but I would never *kill* him, are you crazy?"

Lancyal blinked slowly. "You killed him by neglecting to watch him," he argued. Saoirse help her paws up defensively. "N-no . . ."
"You left for your own dilly-dallying. It's your fault, Saoirse."

Saoirse shook her head, staring him down. "But he's dead now anyways, so it's not like you can make up for it, now can you?"

The crowd roared into some kind of laughter, as their bold canine faces melted, into the form of a hyena's. Saoirse shivered a little bit, as Lancyal's eyes illuminated, lifting up Alphaby's body, puppeting it with what appeared to be magic.

"Now go," he said in Alphaby's voice. Saoirse stared at them for a bit, trying to argue back.

But . . . for some reason she just couldn't form words. She could move her mouth, but simply couldn't let sounds slip. She backed away, looking behind her, and finally trotted off into the distance.

(End of Chapter One; The Rogues)

(Prologue 2: I say that because there's supposed to be another prologue before this.)

Lancyal stared into the ice for a bit, his eyes still illuminating the hypnotizing amber. A few purple and white dots rippled across his fur, as three hyena-like spirits flowed out of his body. He fell onto the snow in shock, and lifted himself up to snarl at them for a bit. A white hyena spirit planted its paws back into the snow, making the fur appear back onto him, as if he were perfectly alive. He walked over to Lancyal, placing a claw on his muzzle, to which Lancyal snapped at it, attempting to bite it off. "Hush," the spirit said, altering her fur to look a bit like tar.

Lancyal cackled for a bit, staring at them. "So you did prove me wrong, didn't you?" His voice sounded soulless.
"You did rule over us wolves. But . . ." He tried to stand himself up, shooting them a crazed, ravenous look. "I still have my power." He salivated a little bit, as the hyena spirit cackled.

He moved his arm a little bit, as some of the tar dripped from his paw.

"It's not your power anymore," he rasped. He grabbed some kind of chain that flickered with sparks. "If it weren't for that idiot Khyaa, we could have taken your magic right away." He whipped the chain around Lancyal's neck, which formed some kind of collar-like shape, snapping together two ends of the chains.

He didn't even flinch to the feeling of it scraping through his fur, and just chuckled again. "If Lord Alphaby weren't dead, I could take you all out." He coughed a little. "Well played, Mock Masquerade, well played." He choked up some kind of lava, as Masquerade narrowed his eyes.

"Then know that our possessing of your body and having your magic will seal your body's fate."

Lancyal flicked his tongue. "What else do I have left?"

Masquerade narrowed his eyes. "Very well." The mocks lost their coats of tar-like fur, and shifted into the spirit-like creatures, all flying into Lancyal's body. The spirit of a wolf flew out, and glided off, vanishing into seemingly nothing.

"May your spirit haunt the forest, and bring forth the Mockerrian Race"


Chapter Two: The Sluge

Saoirse padded through the dense pine forest, looking around for something to eat. It had been a week since the events had taken place, and Saoirse was now a lingering loner that stalked the forest like a shadow. She hadn't found anyone to talk to yet; no, Saoirse had just been lonely, and irritated. She hadn't even killed a vole to satisfy her hunger since the last events.

It really said something if she couldn't even come in contact with a vole. A VOLE. Her ears perked up at the subtle sounds of snow crunching. She looked at the thick layer under her paws, watching a black squirrel scamper around, muttering things under its breath. Finally. Something she could eat.

She tensed up, hiding behind a bush, watching the squirrel compulsively
dig up some kind of nuts out of the ground, stuffing them into its face. She twitched, getting in a lunging position, but paused as she saw a pair of glowing amber eyes in the bushes ahead of the squirrel. She decided she should leap now, before whoever was behind the shrubs got her meal.

She lunged out of the leaves, as she noticed someone else leaped out as the same time as she did. Her head bonked into the face of the other animal, leaving her to pathetically fall on the ground in a daze for a bit.

She stood up, watching a familiar face stand up to stare at her with terror. She examined for a bit, noticing it was the hyena she had met a week ago. The hyena gasped, and covered his mouth, backing up.

"No! Please don't kill me! I'm sorry!"
Saoirse stared at him. She wanted to say something, but forgot that she could no longer speak. However, she noticed that he looked . . . Oddly like the hyenas that took over her pack.

Naturally, she bared her teeth at him, her throat rumbling as if she were trying to growl. The squirrel examined them for a bit, and ran off, which Saoirse's sharp eyes caught. She stared at it, and gave the hyena a "You're lucky I don't have time for this." look, and sprinted after the squirrel.

"H-hey! That was mine!" The hyena whined, chasing after the both of them.

The goose chase went on for awhile, but Saoirse finally had gotten the hyena off her tail, and had found the squirrel. She panted, as the squirrel backed up against a bunch of pine trees, pointing his pathetic pine needle excuse for a sword at her. She snorted, and continued to walk up to the squirrel, smelling the hyena's scent back in the air.

*No. Not that dork again.* She scanned the bushes, and saw the pair of bronze eyes stare at her. She made some kind of face at them, and looked back at the squirrel, noticing it was pulling on a tiny crystal that was lodged in some ice. It shot them both a "Don't even think about it." look.

She stared it down for a bit, and eventually lunged at it, getting a "HEY!" from the hyena who also leaped out. The squirrel glared at them, and ripped the crystal out of the ice, making it crack at almost lightspeed.

It scampered away from the ice, as the weight of the two foolish creatures landed on it, tearing a hole into it, to which they fell into it, getting a screech from the hyena.

It walked over to the hole staring at them for a bit. "Ahahahaha! Suckers!" It scurried off from the hole, leaving the two to helplessly fall down.

Saoirse thudded into the ground, as the hyena landed right after her with an "Oof!' noise. She stared down her snout at him, as the pathetic animal scrambled around, before finally getting back up. Saoirse snorted, and looked around. They appeared to be in some kind of cave.

The hyena glanced at her for a bit, and covered his mouth. "No! Did I hurt you? You're bleeding! Oh, please don't kill me! I didn't mean to-" Saoirse picked up a flimsy crystal, and snapped it in two, glaring coldy at the hyena, who covered his mouth, and stared at her with slit pupils.

She walked off into the cave, as some glow-in-the-dark mushrooms lit the way. A few crystals glittered on the walls. It wasn't long before she could hear the hyena's pawsteps on the rocky floor.

"L-look! I'm sorry! I- I didn't mean anything, I swear, and-" Saoirse shot him another glare to shut him up. "I'm sorry . . ." he whispered, mimicing the same whisper Saoirse heard in the forest last week.

As they trudged through the cave, they stared seeing lit torches on the wall. Saoirse grabbed one of them, and held them out, the crystals glittering with the red light. There had to be life around here; and there was.

There were many cells of creatures compulsively pacing in circles, scratching on the floors, or staring expressionlessly at the wall, while drooling.

It was quite creepy, actually.

But then . . . Saoirse heard something. It sounded like the growl of another animal. She looked around, pointing the torch in different directions,

"Did you hear that?" He whispered.

She looked around a bit longer, not noticing anything. She sighed, and continued to lead the way, as the crystals got denser. She pointed her torch around a few more times, and jumped in surprise seeing the silhouette of a dragon that appeared out of seemingly nowhere.

He cackled a little, holding out his front talons. "Oh?" He echoed. "Visitors?" He approached them, staring at them with pupilless eyes.
"I haven't had those for awhile." Saoirse flinched as he examined her fur.

"Mhm. Fresh pickings," he rasped. The hyena gave him a terrified expression.

"No!" He barked.

"Fresh pickings." The dragon said, as a quetzalcoatl crawled out of the shadows with some kind of club. "Fresh . . . souls . . ."

The quetzalcoatl lunged at them. And all Saoirse saw after that was pitch black.

She woke up in some kind of small chamber. It looked sort of like an abalone shell. She rubbed her temples, sideglancing to see if the hyena was there. He was. He was pacing in tight circles, whimpering, and quivering.

She examined him for a bit, and then looked out the entrance of the chamber, noticing tons of other animals in them. Infront of the entrance were some kind of metal bars, until it hit her.

They were being held prisoner.

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