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Villager: Cirrus Dazzlemint

Ivy Willowwhisper


Villager Info

ID: #371533

Name: Cirrus Dazzlemint

Gender: Unspecified

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 3 months, 26 days ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Oregoncoast

Species: Horse

Color: Unicorn


House: Quetzal Palace House (218/250)

Career (View All)

Cirrus Dazzlemint's very special treasures!


Well, as it appears no one wants levelled warriors, at least the lower levels, I'm gonna use this one c= might as well keep levelling them up!

Trying different names to see if one clicks as their id number's bothering me

Keeping: https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/unicorn-names.php

Solstice Sassy Crystal Merry Tryne Chanter Dryade Willow
Caraway Catflip
Lark Whifflehorn
Robin Pearsand
Magpie Carrotwhisper
Nightfall Prettymoon
Robin Whitepuff
Cirrus Driftnewt
Raine Lilywhistle
Moonbeam Dazzlemint
Axis Almondvale
Some of these are pretty cute too:

Carrot Willowsage
Maple Limefeather
Tempest Woodstem
Topaz Cloudytwill
Celeste Mistyclover
Peridot Cinnamonstem
Posey Wrinklemeadow
Lemony Mossyriver
Rhodie Goldenwind
Faye Willowpebbles

Happy Pumpkinbell
Thistle Crystalsand
Meridian Applespring
Kyra Sandynoodles
Cloud Rainbowthorn
Sunny Betterrose
Twilight Mossyleaf

If I don't get a name from these, something's off with me...

Raine Gigglesage
Dandelion Mistyfoot
Birch Bumbletail
Flax Rainbowflame
Light Whiffleclove
Pandora Melody Merrystone
Sea Cloudbloom
Marina Windyglow
Thistle Driftwhistle
Fern Islemoon
Sundew Sandywings
Pluma Parsleysand
Bumble Raindust

Lion Form Ring drop 3:09 pm site time

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