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Villager: Igneous

Gabriel the Angel


Villager Info

ID: #373601

Name: Igneous

Gender: female??????????

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 months, 14 days ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Morphie

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCash House

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Igneous looks stunning!

Igneous's very special treasures!


the fearless warrior
level 20
Igne responds to any and all interactions in character. They love to chat!


Comments 11

    • "Hello!" Mia waves her paw, smiling. She is holding a silver cage in her left paw, with a yellow glowing butterfly inside.

    • (I would be very much interested yep~ )

      Rhyme's smile drops, "Ah... nonono... that won't do... you see.." he gestures to his leeches, "My kids are... lets say the glutton kind... Just a finger won't do. Naturally I'd prefer to work with the whole corpse, but since you're very much alive. There's hardly anything else I can do."

    • **Late reply I'm sorry! (T^T)ᕗ**

      "Oh!" Rhyme smiles, "I would just need a few samples. I often work with dead bait... but how does amputating an arm or leg off sound to you?" He seems fairly excited as he continues thinking, "Ah... an entire subspecies that won't be repelled to poison... such a discovery that I could make...!"

    • Rhyme makes a sigh of defeat, "NOW you tell me that? Jeez..." He crosses his arms while listening to Igneous, "Some things are better left unsaid. Anyyway, your species sound interesting.... From my research, at least from what I have managed, every living being requires blood." He puts his hand to hold his chin as if in deep though, "The idea of a specie's blood being undrinkable by my beautiful children.." with a smile at the though of an idea he adds, "Mind helping me with some experiments? Your blood could create a whole new generation where my children could drink your kind and many others! It'll be amazing!"

      Rhyme seems... oddly too happy and excited over the idea.

    • "No need to fight. I have enough problems to deal with than to add another corpse the pile." Rhyme gently holds up a leech, "My child here already fed from them this morning, but they really did not seem to enjoy their breakfast. It breaks my heart." Rhyme sighs and lowers the leech, "Back to the main subject, no I have not heard of you. I rarely read the newspaper these days if you appeared there." With a smile he adds, "I really haven't seen anything like you. What is your blood like?"

    • "What am I you ask...? Hmm..." Rhyme tilts his head a bit in deep though, "Hm... that's a hard one... I was once alive just like everyone else." He crosses his arm, "I'm simply a walking hive for my dear children. They need me now more than ever." He quickly shakes his head, "I fee like I have just confused you a bit more. Forgive me for that you... uh..." He motions his hand near Igneous, "You. What are you? Can my children even feed off you?"

    • "No, not really, I use my magic more for traveling... gardening..."

    • "It's my magic," Tor says, smiling. "Azrael animated me through her shadow, and it's like my heart."

    • "Yeah... I'm fine... I like your fur pattern."
      Tor nods.

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