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Villager: Angeleina


Villager Info

ID: #39923

Name: Angeleina

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 10 days ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Angeleina

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight

Costume: Royal


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 16 Nov 2017, 8:01 pm

Likes: 72 ♥

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Angeleina looks stunning!


Light Angel Painties 1-4 by Ro
Light Angel Paintie 5 by genie
Light Angel Paintie 6 by Goji
Light Angel Paintie 7 by Issac
Light Angel Paintie 8 by Hamichu
Light Angel Paintie 9 by Puck
Dark Angel Paintie 10 by Ro
Dark Angel Paintie 11 by Ro
Light Angel Paintie 12 by Ro

Pixels by Abaddon

20 - she/her
HwSpdYO.gif NzlbcYJ.gif

Angel is my sona <3

She is half angel half Nymph with a pink fawn coat and white wings on her lower back, her hair is really light blonde, and her favorite colors are Robin and Bright pink.
She has an average, bordering on small chest but some hips and a butt to spare. *wink*
She's shy and sweet and cares about her friends, usually putting everyone else before herself. Once you get to know her though, she can get a little crazy <3

She has two sides to her, Angel and Dark Angel. She will never be evil,
but her Dark side is quite sarcastic, lusty and sassy.

MILDLY Yandere. Very Mild.

Art by Ro

BEST Friends! <3


(The other Floof is Poe)


Comments 60

    • i was not meant to be rude, im just not used to these type of art style and i just dont know where to look at when i do ;;;

    • I like the design but this paintie is a little bit "over detailed" ;;

    • WOW your paintie is so adorable-- I'm jealous!

  • Comment has been hidden

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Geez angleina how come ur mom let's you have TWO pages of painties holy cow das toomuch

    • Thank you so much~! ; V ; < 3
      Angeleina is really gorgeous as well-- I remember seeing her throughout beta and swooning over all her painties!
      Definitely a fan of all of your villagers, tbh! They're all so bright and pink, I love it!

    • Aaa sankyuu uwu I've always adored Angel, such a cutie! And her paintie collection is legendary omg *Q* ♡

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