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Villager: China Sparkles



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ID: #42847

Name: China Sparkles

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Evangeline

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 16 Jun 2017, 12:14 am

Likes: 130 ♥

Tags: cran

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Absolutely amazing paintie and icon by @Deo. Show some love and commission her you won't be disappointed! Paintie 1.

Amazing and totally cute Paintie by Tailgatescutebooty . Another fantastic artist people should look up for amazing art! Paintie 2.
Made possible by one of the sweetest guys ever <3

Just an absolutely fantastic and amazing pantie by Toadie from Aywas Paintie 3

I cannot believe how adorable this paintie is! Thank you to my pretty amazing almost husband and the positively awesome artist Cran ! Paintie 4

This paintie is so elegant, and pretty! She is the queen of your heart, and you know it! Art, by the amazing artist @Misty-paws ! Paintie 5

The childlike wonder of this paintie is too cute! Art by the always impressive buffalo Paintie 6

Nicknames: Nina, Tornado, Grandma (Real funny story), Sparkles, Skittles, Rain, mom.

A little about her: China is made of a substance that is a mix of goo and bubbles. To the touch she feels smooth, but isn't sticky and leaves no residue, unless she wants to. Then she can make her body as liquidy or sticky as she wants. When she wants to she can take in air and can float.

China has recently under went bariatric surgery for health reasons. She has always been sickly even as a child and her fear of going to the doctors didn't help. Which made things worse, if she had listen and went before thing got so bad she might not of needed to get so many surgeries. Her family kept pushing though and eventually she went. Which lead to finding out how sick she really was. It took a doctor to literally tell her, she was gonna die young, for her to finally realize how bad things were. Which lead to four surgeries in under a year's time.

On a happier note China is getting healthier. She is more active, has more energy and her family is happy that eventually she might get to live like a normal person, and to show the world how sweet and loving she is. Since before she couldn't be around many people for fear of getting sick.

Height: 5'5
Gender: Female
Age: Physically adult, but mentally a child
Body Frame: Before surgery heavyset, current body heavy, but still losing weight. Curvy
Main body color: Light brown almost white. Very pale. She is unable to go out into the sun for long without getting sick.
Fur Color accents: Gradient brown ending in the same brown color as her hair
Hair Color: Dark brown. Though loves to dye her hair. Currently has pastel rainbow streaks on the left side of her hair close to her bangs.
Hair Style: Shoulder length hair. Generally left down, but sometimes she braids it, or does it in a half up, half down, ponytail, pigtails
Eye Color: Dark Green
Scars: Small scars on both her arms. Coming from her being stupid trying to stop a dog fight. Some small scars on her forehead from chicken pox as a child. Three small scars on her stomach from laparoscopic surgery with a forth one being an inch long. Two long scars, one that is a few inches long from inside her bellybutton, to just a few inches above. The other is several inches long. Starting a couple of inches above the other long scar. Ending just below her chest. In the center, the inch long scar crosses it. Going left to right while the other scar goes up and down.
Cloven hoof Color: Whitish tan
Eye Color: Dark green
Horn Color: Gradient of light brown almost white to the dark brown of her hair
Extra: Has light colored freckles going across her nose and the upper part of her cheeks. Also has a few freckles around her body. Always wear her dark brown glasses


Amazing artwork and original design by Charingo. Another great artist you should look up for awesome art!

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