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ID: #690

Name: Hazard

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 8 days ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: N0b0dy

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: FurCash House

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Purchase Price: 16,500 Gems

I'm known to write way too much. My friends call my posts "essays".
But feel free to sit down, relax, and read the story of my fursona!

818125_E56.gif Meet Hazard!

Hazard started out as my neopets fursona, a chimera monster.
I was sixteen when I first made her. I just wanted a fursona, too.
Everyone else I was friends with had one to roleplay and draw.
At first I didn't know what kind of chimera to make her. It was bad.
So she was this weird rabbit fox bird thing and looked like a griffin.
(Mostly because she was a baby eyrie. Now she is a hallo acara...)
Around age nineteen I did some soul searching and remade her.
I became more spiritually involved with my native american tribe.
So I based her on my four totems spirits: fox, crow, snake, and moth.
(Specifically Fennec Fox, Fish Crow, King Snake, and Sphinx Moth.)

For the sake of character, I made my chimera fursona an experiment.
She was part of a science research program on breeding chimeras.
The scientists had several chimera experiments of different species.
Hazard was experiment number six, and was pronounced a failure.
At first the scientists were fascinated that she survived, unlike most.
Her wings were a disappointment, but her static ability was of interest.
However, as she grew, they realized her mind was severely unbalanced.
She would be all sweet, then suddenly vicious. Which was dangerous.
But since she was a research opportunity, the scientists kept her alive.
They just put her on the backburner away from most other experiments.
Mostly she was kept alive to take samples and to test her life expectancy.
But eventually, with help from an experiment named Malice, she escaped.
I'm creating both Hazard and Malice on Furvilla as shifties! ID 690 and 920!

Crows are my favorite animals, and Fish Crows are my most favorite.
They're tiny crows with fringes that live along the coast and eat fish!
I live along the Pacific coast and would happily live off of fish, too!
So I relate immensely to the fish crow and I would love to be one.
Whenever I see any kind of crow, I am spiritually fulfilled and awed.
To see a crow perching on a telephone wire makes me feel blessed.
Corvidae are among the most intelligent birds, and I value intellect.
They are wise, and pass on their knowledge to future generations.
I always do my best to earn their trust, so their babies will like me.
Apparently the romans taught their pet crows to talk to sell wares!
And crows are one of the animals that use tools and make up games.
There are so many aspects of corvidae that absolutely fascinate me.
A crow would be an informative, but mischievous, spiritual guardian.
My fursona has crowlike talons on her fox toes, and vestigial wings.
That means her wings are not functional. Just part of her heritage.

As far as foxes, they are another animal that I relate to quite easily.
Foxes are often solitary animals, and are often particularly cautious.
This has given them the reputation as being "crafty" or "cowardly".
I hate taking risks. I'm a shut-in that prefers seclusion over crowds.
I'm not sure I relate to the fox when it comes to partnerships, though.
Foxes tend to mate with multiple partners, but have one life partner.
I don't think that I am the type to choose only a single person forever.
That sounds romantic, but I'd probably want more than one lifebond.
Regardless, foxes are admirable as opportunists and survivalists, too.
And they're beautiful. My favorite fox species is the little Fennec Fox.
I first saw and met one at the Washington DC zoo when I was fourteen.
It had been illegally imported and was found sick after eating M&Ms.
The zoo took it in since it had been a pet and wouldn't fare in the wild.
My heart melted and I fell in love with it. I would like to legally raise one.
The fennec is the core body of my chimera fursona, since it's the biggest.
It's a lot easier to give the biggest animal aspects of the other totems.
Fennec foxes are still pretty small. But a small fursona suits me very well.

As far as snakes, the third totem I chose for my fursona, I just like them.
I've thought a lot about snakes over my life, as I am year of the serpent.
I don't follow the Chinese Zodiac beliefs, but I respect and admire them.
I've always adored all types of mythology, even the modern religions.
It makes me feel like I am part of a fantasy fable to read my Zodiac sign.
The snake is also a symbol of intelligence and wit. Guess that's my theme!
They're amazing and beautiful creatures that are very comfortable friends.
I know a python that's very cuddly (she doesn't tighten, either). So soft!
My favorite snake is the kingsnake. It eats other snakes! Isn't that amazing?
Cannibalism is generally frowned upon, but it makes me think they're cool.
King works perfectly as a name for a species that overpowers its brethren!
Not as in a caring castle King, but as in the king of the wild. The alpha snake!
I'm definitely not an alpha. I'm more of a loner that helps and then wanders.
But the snake is an animal that seems to hold the secret answers to life itself.
My fursona has venomous snake fangs, leg scales, and a lilac forked tongue!
She may be tiny and fluffy, but she's actually well equipped for self defense.
Most of the time she is harmlessly playful, but if cornered she's still snakelike!

The last animal that is part of my fursona is the sphinx moth. They're beautiful.
I love how fuzzy their chitin scales are, and their antennae are so big and fluffy!
I'm kind of obsessed with Lepidoptera. I have been since I was a small child.
When I was ten someone asked me what animal I would be, and I said butterfly.
To me, the words butterfly and moth are interchangeable. I know the difference!
My life has always been cyclic, from my habits to the things that chance occur.
And I'm delicate in my health and body type but work hard to survive, like them.
During college, I wrote an essay, about fifteen pages, on butterflies and moths.
You probably know that butterflies are said to have evolved from moth ancestors.
But did you know they bleed yellow? Or that each type only eats specific foods?
Or that their genitals are like locks and keys so they only breed with their match?
Or that they collect solar energy through their scales and can't move without it?
My fursona's fur actually has chitin strands mixed in that collect solar energy.
That is why her fur tends to flicker with static electricity that can shock or stun!
She also has the sphinx moth antennae, because I couldn't pass up adding those!

Soon I will be redesigning Hazard again, so that she looks more realistic.
In the past I, and others, have always drawn her mostly like a fennec fox.
But I want to make the other totem aspects better represented in her design.
So she will look less foxlike in her anatomy, and more like a chimera monster.
At least, that is my intention. I won't be able to help still drawing her as a fluffball!
She's too adorable to take seriously. If she were real I wouldn't be scared of her.
She may be a "monster" but she's rather pathetic compared to other chimeras!



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