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Villager: Scout

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ID: #75892

Name: Scout

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: jennawing

Species: Fox

Color: Marble


House: FurCash House

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Likes: 305 ♥

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edit: paintie reuploaded thanks whoever reported her i hope you're happy :)
note: she had a wickerbeast tail previously lmao i just realized. but still man it's been 3 months since she was uploaded

arctic fox | female | asexual
· loner (content with being one though)
· distant, cold, wary of strangers (so basically everyone)
· wanders around northern canada and alaska
· has no permanent home
· always cold, the poor child. but will not survive any heat or warmth :(

· hair resembles a galaxy/the night sky
· none of her accessories are mandatory, but hat and scarf+badge are preferred
· star badge is a tribute to cap


weebly page · reference sheet · accessories
reference and accessories by kitsurie

art by hunniebuzz

character + paintie + header art by me, design by kitsurie


Comments 133

    • This page is amazing TwT ♥

    • Thank you for your comment!! Q D Q I really love your paintie, she's gorgeous! The hair especially is so nice. I love the design!

    • Wow what a cute painty. the design overall is so cute.
      I like the color blue and especially her hair <3
      it reminds me of an early and clear sky with stars.
      Its so beautiful <3

    • I absolutely have to comment; this is so beautiful, I adore your colouring and how nicely you did the hair. Your style is so cute!

    • So cute, love the colors!

    • Okay! And I made the code actually, my friend got me a base and I did some heavy editing until I was happy with the result.

    • ohh i remember you from instagram too

    • How did you design the page like this? Its adorable!

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