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Villager: Ichigo



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ID: #7788

Name: Ichigo

Gender: Androgyne

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 6 days ago

Career: Alchemist

Owner: N0b0dy

Species: Big Cat

Color: Tiger


House: Quetzal Palace House (1/50)

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Full Name: Ichigo Kinan Mao
Nicknames: Chi, Berry, Brat
Artistic Alias: FOOL

Totem Spirit: Griffin
Zodiac Element: Air
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Strawberry
Favorite Animal: Tiger

Chi immigrated from China to Japan at a young age and was adopted by the well respected Miyabi family. As with the other two adoptive children, she was allowed to help in choosing a new name. It was not unexpected that the five year old promptly demanded to be named after her favorite food. Unfortunately, her confrontational attitude did not wear away with age. She became known as the brat of the family, especially due to her mischievous pranks. However, her sweet and generous personality tempered her annoying habits.

Her two adoptive siblings are Kain, the eldest brother, and Lilith, the older sister. Both of her siblings are mixed heritage children, and they struggle with their foreign appearances, as well as physical disabilities, whereas Chi was able to easily fit into school environments. In fact, it became clear that Chi was intellectually gifted, despite her short attention span and penchant for trouble. Her favorite subjects in school were science and mathematics, and she was given a home chemistry set as a gift so that she could explore her interests.

When she was in elementary school, however, tragedy struck her idyllic household. Their beloved adoptive guardian died unexpectedly of a heart failure, and Kain, only seventeen at the time, was expected to become head of the household. Lilith had never trusted the change in circumstances that came with being adopted, and she was only ever close to Kain. Whereas Kain and Chi were very close to their guardian, and took his death particularly hard. With assistance from the Miyabi family lawyer and a court appointed legal guardian, they were able to make it through the last year until Kain could officially become the legal master of their estate. Now the three siblings live alone, with occasional help hired through resources left behind for them.

As she entered her teenaged years, she was not particularly rebellious, like the angsty Lilith became. Perhaps this was because Chi had been causing minor amounts of trouble all her life! Yet her views on authority and rule sets were always loose, and when she discovered graffiti and parkour, she began to make secret expeditions into the city to draw pretty pictures on abandoned buildings and walls under her tagline: FOOL! So far no one has discovered that Chi is the person behind these strange symbols and images, but she is amused and delighted when her art receives public attention.

Prior to learning about parkour, she had never been particularly athletic like her sister, nor particularly sedentary like her brother. Now, in order to reach better locations for her artistic hobby, she trains in gymnastics and practices yoga on a daily basis. Most aspects of education or modern life have no interest to her, but she approaches the art of free running with the same dedication that she has given to her beloved field of chemistry. Her siblings regard this change in her activity with wariness, because they know her well enough that they are sure she is up to something that could cause her to get hurt. Since they have no proof, they can only encourage her to be healthy and safe.

On a personal basis, although she has many friends from school, Chi has no one in her life that she is close to other than her brother and sister. Although she loves Lilith, her older sister finds Chi a nuisance and ignores her. Her closest bond is with her brother, and he spoils her with affection when he is not buried in a book or a garden. Chi aspires to one day have a girlfriend that she can bring home to meet her siblings. Generally she has no fear or any lack of self confidence, but when it comes to romance Chi doesn't have any idea where to start.

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