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Villager: Kawi

little dude


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ID: #78193

Name: Kawi

Gender: nb

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 1 month ago

Career: Construction Worker

Owner: joybare

Species: Red Panda

Color: Natural


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 12 Jun 2018, 11:27 am

Likes: 29 ♥

Tags: neon red panda joybare glowstick

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Kawi is infected with Zombipathy. Eating brains relieves symptoms for a time, but comes with memories of the brain's former life. Your doctor recommends adding hot sauce for extra flavor, but a Golden Apple a day will send the Zombipathy away.

Kawi's very special treasure!


oh just a funky little panda
fullsize: x
old paintie for historic purposes....: x
by Falorie
by deerSkullz
by Blues

Comments 25

    • my gym teacher never let us use the butt scooters because they were so dangerous

    • dang

    • is this comic sans

    • I remember the races on those scooter things where 50% of the class had to go to the nurse because either they bumped into someone, their fingers got ran over, or they fell over. Other than that this is an amazing painite! Love there glasses.

    • when we had butt scooters like those we'd go as fast as we could and crash into the tarp that separated the gym. our gym teacher would yell @ us for it but it was a fun time

    • I'm so happy to see that my favorite paintie got uploaded!! :'D

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