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Villager: Luka



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ID: #80027

Name: Luka

Gender: Non-Binary

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 3 years, 7 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: Ais_linn

Species: Cat

Color: Sand


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 14 Jul 2016, 1:32 pm

Likes: 13 ♥

Tags: cat doctor glasses plant herbalist plants sand cat ais_linn akuro101 flamefrost101

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Luka looks stunning!

Luka's very special treasures!


Luka Kijika | They/ He/ She | 22

- Herbalist -

"H.. hello?" the little cat speaks in a whisper as you approach, through a jungle of strange unnamed foliage. They are tending to seedlings in a greenhouse, but seem to shy away as you approach. There are plants everywhere, and the place has a peaceful, quiet atmosphere. from somewhere, soft, calming sounds are playing.

No one would know it, but this shy, almost mute herbalist was once an excellent warrior.

Luka has always been a quiet cat, preferring to play by themselves among the clouds than explore with the other Quetzal palace youth.
Nobody expected Luka to pick up a weapon- and nobody thought they'd be so good. With only a dragon tooth and some old reed, Luka fought off monsters with a calm fury, and never said a word about it.
Until one day, Luka lost a battle.

No big deal, right? Everyone loses sometimes.
Except - the rare dashfly didn't give up there. Early in the morning, in the small hours where most of Quetzal palace is sleeping (apart from those odd-eyed villagers with glowing eyes and queer markings, and voices like electronic glitching. Those ones no one talks about)
The dashfly came back.

It woke the world with a piercing screech, causing the furries of Quetzal palace to rise from their cloudy slumber and flee in mass panic.
This was no ordinary attack, this was revenge.

Luka, woken by his mother's cry, took up their dragon tooth knife and stood.
The rare dashfly headed straight for Luka.
Where had this sudden strength come from? It had gone berserk! Luka tried all she could, but the monster was too strong, too fast, too angry.
And Unknown to Luka, their little toddler sister was awake and nearby, free from her mother's grasp.

Luka noticed too late.

The monster, satisfied with the wreck it caused, flew into the starlight.

Where Luka's sister's body lay, a singular daffodil seed , soft in the silent mourning of the village, rested itself, and grew. . .

Nowadays, Luka hardly talks of their family. After all, no one ever knew what became of their parents. They prefer plants to other furries, an exception being Asteria, the alchemist with whom he works closely.

❤️- Sweaters, Plants, Winter, Fairies, Hot chocolate, Clouds, Relaxation music

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Comments 3

    • Chester gave his own smile in return, watching with interest as Luka spoke of the plants, curious as to how the cat was able to understand the plant so easily. Chester faintly knew than some plants were at least slightly sentient-the living in Dragonsmaw Manor had proven that to be quite true-but he had never observed this in anything besides the horrid plants of his home village. Luka made it seem almost obvious. Chester perked his ears up at the thought of a diner, but then decided against going to it. He wasn't that hungry anyways, and plus the greenhouse was very peaceful. Serene even. "I th-think I'll stay here, th-thank you," Chester said, walking over to Luka. Sitting down near them, he asked, "Wh-what's your favorite p-plant here?"

    • Chester looked around, observing the jungle of a greenhouse. At the question, Chester gave a small laugh and shrugged. "W-well, t-to be honest, y-yes," he admitted. "I-I've j-just arrived h-here, and s-since I've never b-been t-to Quetzal P-Palace before, I h-have no idea where t-to g-go even f-for a m-meal. But then I j-just saw this p-place, and it s-seemed, I-I don't know, s-sort of calming..." Chester looked around again, seeming to relax a bit, but then his ears snapped up and he stared at Luka. "I-I'm sorry, d-did I d-disturb y-you?" he asked worriedly.

    • Chester blinks his brown eyes and gives a nervous smile. "H-hey th-there!" he stutters, giving a small wave with a rounded hoof.
      (I swear Luka is so precious, both the paintie and their sad backstory are very well done!)

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