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Villager: Amerelle Berilla

Villager Info

ID: #89339

Name: Amerelle Berilla

Gender: Female

Location: Quetzal Palace

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Explorer

Owner: Amerelle

Species: Dragon

Color: Black


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 18 Jul 2016, 11:30 pm

Likes: 171 ♥

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Fire Sorceress Amerelle Berilla, Mistress of Flames.
General to the element of fire.

Cares deeply for Naxther

Loves: Fire, warm places, sleeping in, and Naxther.
Likes: Burning things, good food, easygoing relaxed people and her pet "dog" Boo..
Dislikes: Gossip, laziness, boredom, the cold, snobby personalities and rudeness.

She is strong, stubborn, easily distracted and absentminded. Cares deeply for her close friends, is kind, loyal and trustworthy. It takes time for her to fully open up and trust others, once a bond is made though, it's close to impossible to break. Am uses powerful fire magic and is also a skilled swordsmen. Very easy going and relaxed, loosing her "cool" during battle is a rare sight.


Comments 43

    • Absolutely beautiful specimen of our species! Your scales are wonderful. Sadly I lack scales completely! And that dog....? I hope he doesn't bite because I'd like to pet him!

    • *starts to buzz by, sees the puppy and flies away to avoid being eaten*

    • This is really neat.

    • This is super amazing. <3

    • So badass I can't even

    • Sorry to not get back to you sooner, we have had a lot going on in life here, however Vanitas wishes to thank you ever so kindly on your lovely comment; he wished to also say that your dog is lovely and you have a nice tail.

      -the rabbit bows , wings flapping to ready himself for departure-

    • Nice everything you have~ And Nice Dogge! Such a cute lil fella

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