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Villager: Solarcrest Bronzefeather



Villager Info

ID: #91622

Name: Solarcrest Bronzefeather

Gender: Female

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 3 years, 10 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: MarsinOz

Species: Big Cat

Color: Warrior Princess


House: FurCash House

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Solarcrest Bronzefeather is a shy and retiring Griffin in public, but out in the Wilds, she is the greatest Warrior of her generation.

During the Great Tournament of May 2017, Solarcrest Bronzefeather took a break from fighting and played with a little plushy she had won while Exploring. To her great surprise, the magic of the plushy engulfed her in an aura of golden light. When she could see again, she had transformed into a Warrior Princess Big Cat!!

Comments 8

    • I can stop haunting the tourney for a while like the ghost of max valor long past to make it slightly less painful. :"D I'm mostly doing it to see if I can climb out of accidental elo hell + pass time between charge restores!

    • step 1: roll a couple high-damaging accessories

      step 2: build speed

      step 3: crylaugh

    • You mean the light trinket? I'm right with you on that one! I got the fire trinket...it's.......interesting.
      Mimics themselves are a gamble...90% the time I just get rusted equipment and tears. :l

      If I could finally get a regular heal amulet I'd honestly be happy. (Or thorns amulet. I'd squee)

      For a day or so anyway. :P

    • Lmao! sounds nice. I have a rather unstable build called "Hope & Pray" x3

      though mostly I go to the pvp tourney to weapons test for pve. (saves candy and charges!) Its really interesting tinkering around with the stats.

    • It really was! great counter to my build :)

    • its from the light trinket! its amazing if you can get your hands on one, a super rare drop from mimics only if i remember right

    • Thank you! <3
      Good fights, also!

    • Solarcrest is super strong! Good fight!

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