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Villager: Huebie

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ID: #95866

Name: Huebie

Gender: Huebie

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: Kirurik

Genus: Shifty

Color: Midnight


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (155/155)

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Approved: 23 Jan 2017, 1:37 am

Likes: 13 ♥

Tags: huebie potato dragon

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Latin: Capsicum Annuum Draco

Huebie is the name of the male variation of a Potato Dragon. Female Potato Dragons are called Hildrie and tend to be less outgoing than the males. This Huebie is at the Whelp Stage of life.

Biological Gender Differences: Males have no horns,more markings,fuller mane,no pouch and a longer nose.

Information: They live in holes under the ground where the pores on their body act much like a sponge sucking up water and nutrients. However if you were to drop a Potato Dragon into the water it would simply sink to the bottom head first and drown. Potato Dragons are mostly known for their habit of coming over to ones house and drinking out the orange juice carton and leaving a small drop for the houses owner.

Biology: A Potato Dragon is a type of ground dwelling dragon. Despite having wings they are unable to fly where about they are mostly used for flipping dirty behind themselves. Unlike most dragons a Huebie does not have scales but open pores on it's body that act as a sponge.

However should it rain it causes a Potato Dragon to swell to an unnatural size until it drys out.
Potato Dragons also have no natural enemies due to thier ability to inflate and the fact that they are poisonous from feeding off soil.

Paintie and Huebie/Hildrie/Potato Dragon Species by myself.

Should you wish to own a Potato Dragon please contact me.

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