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Villager: Misika



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ID: #986

Name: Misika

Gender: Female

Location: Oceandome

Born 4 years, 2 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Minkey55

Feast Points: 425

Species: Bear

Color: Asian Black


House: FurCash House

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Approved: 26 Jan 2017, 4:55 pm

Likes: 20 ♥

Tags: hair bandage bear unique ring hurt locket scrubs vet duo eyes

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Misika looks stunning!

Misika's very special treasures!


Misika: Animal Husbandry

Please do not ask me to sell Misika.
She is my Sona and will NEVER be for sale.
No matter what you offer.

Long before joining FV I almost lost my Sona.
I made her in an old anime style RP world. It was fruit baskets meets west setting.
so we had Animals of myth and legend rather than a zodiac.
We had Bear, coyote, raven, wolf, fox, raccoon, buffalo, winged serpent and a couple more I cant remember.
I had Misika, the Bear, and her twin sister, Juta, the raccoon.
The Racoon was the same as the cat of the Chinese zodiac. She was left out as the coyote tricked her.
We had been RPing for about 3-4 months doing great, we were at I think 70-80 pages worth of RP. I had gotten artwork made, filled out an extensive character bio sheet and worked out how, not only her but her sister, interacted with the world and other people.
Now when I was due to go away on a work placement for 2 weeks with no internet. (the horror of not having a mobile at that point) I simply let them know and my characters were summoned home for some reason.
When I came back the thread was locked and a new one had been made.
Not a real big thing the place we were using often glitched and you'd have to make a new one.
I opened it up and all the characters were still there. The artwork was saved and so where the Bios...but someone had taken both my characters. I then realized not only myself but a few others had been pushed out as well.
I contacted the person who had made the thread as was told simply.
"Oh well my friends saw how much fun it was and they wanted to join in. So I gave them the pick of characters and you'll just have to take whats left."
When I tried to explain that I had already spent time, and real money on making the character my own she simply said. "It's my story. My characters. you are no longer welcome." and then blocked me.
After talking over with a Mod of the sight he ruled that the images and character design were mine alone and she would need to remove the images and character description from the board.
Sadly it was her story idea and although she could claim that all the things everyone added belonged to them not her.
They also looked into all the other ones that were posted in the first lot and found she had stolen all the others characters too.
The thread was soon locked for art thief, as she refused to remove the images, and she deleted the original so all the history we had was lost.
Still, I had my characters back.

Misika is now one of my most loved characters, and her sister is still around. though at the moment she's a DAD ^^

Misikia compulsively sends holiday cards for every occasion. Through the mail. Hand-written. There's a heartfelt message in each one, if she finds you important in her life in some way she will think of ANYTHING nice to write in those cards. She has a huge box of pretty cards, too! If you're a REALLY special person, she'll send you one of those pop-up cards that sing.

Avatar.gif " I'll get to you as soon as i finish this chapter"

Fursona <3
Paintie by Elly


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    • "O-oh golly! That is a really flattering picture!" (Aaaah oh my goodness i love it! <3 would it be alright if i added the picture to his Toyhouse?)

    • I read that as Misako

    • This paintie is lovely~

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