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Vista Rules

Welcome, these rules are here to help you in the process of making, submitting, and receiving your Custom Vista! If your Vista submission conforms to all of these rules and you receive a rejection for it, or if you just need some clarification on a rule, please e-mail the Paintie/Vista Admin at [email protected] or click the “Contact Us” button down below to receive help with your Vista.

Global Rules

Rule 1

Forum Vistas may not contain any of the following Prohibited Content.

  • Nipples (This includes the implication of nipples under clothing or fur, or detailed shading implying nipples)
  • Accessories: Bondage gear (including bondage rope and bondage chain), sex toys, paddles, gags, handcuffs, crops, floggers, collars with leashes, harnesses, and diapers.
  • Bulges to imply genitalia, outlines of genitalia under clothing or fur, animal-style genital sheaths, or a flushed appearance in the genital area used to imply arousal.
  • Visual representations of any of the following: Derogatory terms, fetish terminology, hate speech, slurs, or porn labels/names (because of this rule, words in a non-English language will be rejected if the user has not supplied correct proof of translation so that we can confirm it is not profanity or inappropriate. Proof should be PMed to Admin-Mat)
  • Religious and Political iconography.
  • Depictions of any form of drugs and/or alcohol.
*In some cases harnesses or muzzles are allowed, but only on animals that would normally wear them such as sled dogs, service animals, or horses. However, the accessory must match the type that real-life animals wear, and not resemble fetish gear or be paired with anything that could imply fetish use.*

Furvilla staff reserves the right to determine if a combination of otherwise permitted material would break this rule. While the items on your Paintie may not appear on the list here, they may still fall under this rule depending on their use and/or other items they are paired with if they are deemed sexual/inappropriate in nature or able to be interpreted as such.

Rule 2

Do not design Vistas using any materials that do not belong to you.

Vistas cannot include content that was not made for or by the user. This includes, but is not limited to: Backgrounds from websites, texture overlays, premium or downloaded fonts, or photos (even if taken by the user).
Vistas should not use copyrighted content/characters of any kind (even if the art is completely your own)

Rule 3

Provide the proper permissions for art commissioned offsite.

Artwork not specifically commissioned on site for use as a Vista must provide the artist’s permission when submitted (permissions must be PMed to Admin-Mat).

*Proof of permissions needs to include the artist seeing the image in question and giving specific permission for the user to upload it onto Furvilla. This will also need to include the artist acknowledging that Vistas cost USD, and that Furvilla retains the rights to host that image.*