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We Are So Tired Writing Contest 2020: SubeVicente's entry

The pitter patter of rain against her window drew a long, sad sigh from Sofia. With her head leaning on her paw, she gazed out through the paned glass at her small garden right outside of her window, wishing that the rain would stop soon. How long had she been cooped up in her father’s manor because of this frustrating rain? It had been for far too long, and it had been even longer since she had been able to walk through her garden. To feel the grass beneath her paws; the wind brush through her fur… The daydream made Sofia sigh yet again as thunder softly rolled across the sky. She hated the rain.

“Lady Sofia, is everything alright?” The voice of her handmaiden, Isabella spoke out from her doorway, and Sofia jolted to sit upright and properly as someone fitting of her royal position.

“Uh, yes, why yes Isabella! I was simply… gazing upon the garden.” Sofia responded as she forced a smile and turned her head to look back out of the window. “The claw beets and hairy radish need this rain for the upcoming dry season, do they not?”

Isabella was a few years Sofia’s senior, and the equine walked further into the room and closed the door gently behind her. When Sofia caught her gaze, the feline could see the devious glint of rebellion in her vibrant, emerald eyes.

“Why yes, they do indeed need the rain…” Isabella started as she whimsically strolled over to where Sofia was seated near the window. “But the rain is important… Hmmm, Do you think that it may be time to check on the green stalks? Surely they could use your attention…”

Sofia gasped and put a paw to her mouth. “Isabella! You know Father has forbidden me to leave the manor whilst it doth rain! I could get wet! And withal… I do not like the rain.”

“Oh Sofia… It is only forbidden if your Father finds out~” She flashed Sofia a sly grin, and then pointed a hoof back towards the door. “Old Thomas decided to take an extended brunch break… He is still laughing in the food hall with Iliana and the other guards.”

Sofia’s face scrunched up in defiance, but quickly she began to soften. She so desperately wanted to go outside, but in the rain? She would get soaked! Her footpaws would get muddy… She felt a hoof rest on her paw sitting on her lap, and looking up she saw Isabella’s warm, smiling face.

“Trust me…”

Isabella was Sofia’s most trusted handmaiden, but above that, her oldest friend. As well, there was something about her smile that made Sofia feel warm and safe… Sofia gulped nervously but nodded. She knew Isabella would not lead her astray. Quietly the door to Sofia’s chambers opened, and tentatively Isabella’s head poked free to make sure the hallway was clear, and then quickly ushered Sofia out. The chair of Old Thomas was empty, and his raucous laughter along with the clatter of cups and the clink of utensils on plates rang out from further down the hall. With silent steps they walked past the food hall to the now empty kitchen, and then past it to the washroom where the soapy bin of water Isabella was previously using to wash dishes sat. With giddy excitement she quickly tied her mane behind her and put her apron into a nearby drawer, and Sofia did the same to her expensive and embellished dress, though Isabella had to assist in taking it off. Sofia breathed a sigh of relief once the overly tight dress was removed; she felt much more comfortable in her own fur!

A soft creak sounded when Isabella opened the utility door that lead from the washroom and into the pleasaunce of her Father’s manor, and immediately the smell of rain and wet earth filled their noses. “Come on!” Isabella urged as she took Sofia by the paw and pulled her outside. Sofia gave a small mewl of dismay as rain water pattered onto her fur, and her paws almost slid through the slippery grass as Isabella pulled her along! Before long, Isabella had Sofia right in front of her personal garden.

“Go on…” Isabella cooed as she pushed Sofia forward, and then took a step back. It took a second, but slowly Sofia’s body began to loosen up, as the water… felt rather nice. She unclenched her paw and held it out, catching some of the cool droplets of rain, and looking up she watched the dull grey clouds roil about above her, with peeks of lighter white appearing higher in the sky. The rain felt refreshing and cool on Sofia’s face. Her mother used to tell her that if you look hard enough, you could see the angels of the Palace flitting in between the clouds with buckets of water, making sure that the world below had water to grow their plants… The rain was important and necessary for the coming of summer and all the fun it held.

Sofia knelt down slowly, and her knees sank into the grass and mud in front of her garden as she gazed at her plants and flowers, and then began to weave her paws among them give them all an inspection. They were all a vibrant green and health, and most of all the plants that would turn into beautiful flowers once the rainy season stopped were budding.

Almost as if greeting Sofia, a Hibiscus she and her mother and planted was beginning to show signs of blooming! It was the last one they had planted together before her mother grew ill… With a paw Sofia reached out and brushed it softly, as she reminisced on better times, and suddenly, like the beautiful flower it was, it bloomed fully and opened to reveal the bright red petals and a soft, sweet fragrance. Sofia gasped, and as if the angels had heard her prayers, the rain slowly stopped. There was a tiny part in the clouds, and a ray of warm sunlight shone through and fell on Sofia and the Hibiscus before passing as quickly as it came. The rain slowly returned, but it could do nothing to hide Sofia’s face as tears streamed down it. She had forgotten the lessons and teachings of her mother; about how important the rain was. How it gave as much life as the bright, warm sun and the cool, shimmering moon. That she should not be sad when it prevented her from playing outside as a little girl, but to be happy that it gave her and other hard working furs more time to spend with their friends. Their families. And most of all, how it allowed their favorite flower to bloom.

“I-Isabella, you remembered… Remembered mother’s words, did you kno-“ Sofia said as she turned to face Isabella, but to her surprise the equine was not there. Confused, Sofia stood up and softly called for Isabella, but no answer was given. The feline wiped her eyes, reached down and gently plucked the newly bloomed flower, and then put it behind an ear before she went in search of her friend. Along the way back to the washroom door, Sofia found herself splashing through a few shallow puddles, picking one or two unusually early unusual pineapples, and giggling softly while batting playfully at ploofballs. Her mood had improved a thousand fold, and she hopes Isabella would be amicable to maybe leaving the manor to explore the nearby creek and woods. Once she got to the door, she was just about to open it when the door swung inward, and Isabella stood on the other side! The equine was surprised and gave a small whinny before putting a hoof on her chest, breathing hard.

“Goodness, there you are! Phew, you startled me… I was looking all over for you! Why are you out here alone, Lady Sofia?” Isabella asked, dressed in her apron and as dry and fire tender. Sofia was stunned.

“What do you mean? You… We went out into the garden together, and you led me to… to…” Sofia trailed off as a warm feeling rushed through her, and a paw went up to touch the Hibiscus flower behind her ear.

“No Lady Sofia, I was in the food hall with Old Thomas cleaning up! The old badger was eating himself silly again! Come on, let us get you cleaned up before your Father sees… I cannot believe you did this, and without me to hoof! You know how much I love going outside while it’s raining…” Isabella went on and on, but Sofia simply smiled, and then looked back outside into the rain before she closed the door.

“You know Isabella… I think I like the rain now, too.”