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It's Too Hecking Hot 2019: Soggy Sand Beast

The scorching summer sun was high in the sky over the land of Furvilla, pounding its rays of light and heat down on any fool brave enough to venture outside on this day. There's quite a few brave people, because everyone loves coming out to roast in the sun while they proceeded in their summer related activities.

A Gembound and Gem Raptor made their way down a dirt path, out from Dragonsmaw and towards the beach border of Oceandome. The Gem Raptor named Vedrak was carrying a decent sized basket in his paws and had a content expression as he walked down the path. The Gembound, Zynide, looked quiet the opposite. The sun was making him feel miserable. He almost regrets agreeing to come along with Vedrak.

Letting out an exhausted sigh, Zynide turned to look at Vedrak as he continued to walk. "Are you ever going to tell me why exactly you are dragging me out in this forsaken heat? We've been walking for hours. If I get any more sun my fur might set fire." Zynide asked with a clear tone of annoyance and exhaustion. "And what is in that basket? Why won't you tell me?"

Vedrak glanced at Zynide for only a moment before looking forward down the path again. There were so many trees on the path...Trees, trees, more trees. One could hardly tell what was even ahead besides more trees. "Is secret, I told you. Stop the asking." Vedrak's feathers ruffled up, glowing briefly. As his feathers flattened again, the glowing stopped.

"I'll stop asking when you tell me." Zynide's ears flattened back and a hiss escaped his mouth. "Give me the basket!" Zynide yelled before leaping at Vedrak like a cat pouncing on prey. Vedrak darted forward however, causing Zynide to land on the dry dirt path. Vedrak ran down the path away from Zynide, kicking up dust and laughing to himself. Zynide's fur puffed up like an angry cat and he got back on his feet before running after Vedrak.

"HEY! WAIT! DON'T MAKE ME RUN, IT'S TOO HOT FOR THIS!" Zynide exclaimed almost frantically as he tried to catch up to Vedrak. The Gem Raptor only laughed louder and ran faster away from Zynide.

"YOU MADE ME RUN, NOT I MAKE YOU!" Vedrak yelled back to the Gembound before he reached the end of the forest and left the dirt the path, now running on a grassy patch and the beach in sight ahead.

"FALSE! THIS WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF YOU WEREN'T BEING ALL SECRETIVE! YOUR FAULT!" Zynide nearly tripped over his own tail and snapped a branch off a tree as he passed the last one. A look of confusion formed on his face once he saw the beach. He didn't even know they were so close to Oceandome till now. The salty smell of the ocean near by hit him and he found it almost repulsive. "WH...WHY...Why are we here?" Zynide started to slow down as he neared the sand that connected with the grass. He was breathing heavily and feeling a bit dizzy at this point.

Vedrak had already made it near the edge of the ocean and was no longer running. He didn't even appear to be tired. He turned to face the direction Zynide was in with a grin on his face and the basket still clutched in his paws, his tail swaying back and forth. "Nice change of scenery? Might be fun." Vedrak walked circles around a spot on the sand before he stopped and put down the basket, taking a small sheet off the top of it which he then placed out across the sand.

"But Oceandome is too bright and sunny! What are you doing over there?" Zynide slowly made his way over to Vedrak, a bit wobbly as he walked. The feeling of sand under his paws was awful. He hated walking on anything dirt related though, really. But sand was just so...Gritty. He almost wishes he had shoes now.

Vedrak plopped down on the sheet and opened the basket before pulling out a couple of sandwiches. "I heard about a big picnic but you no like crowds so I make us one instead." He held out one of the sandwiches towards Zynide. "Plus I heard ants with swords that burn are there, no want. Set fire not sound fun. And the stabbing, also bad."

Zynide focused his eyes on the sandwich for a moment before staring Vedrak dead in the eyes. "You dragged me out to this foul sandy land in the burning heat to eat a sandwich?" Zynide narrowed an eye at him before he slowly sat down and grabbed the sandwich from Vedrak. "Please never do this again."

Vedrak snickered at Zynide's reaction. "Come on, no being so cranky. You need get out more, yes? Besides being out at midnight in creepy dark alley." Vedrak leaned closer to Zynide then nipped one of his ears.

"HEY! I am not your lunch." Zynide said then bonked him on the snout before taking a bite out of his sandwich. "I am not happy, but I am still eating this." Vedrak stuck his tongue out at Zynide before inching away and taking a bit out of his own sandwich. Zynide started to feel better after running now that he was sitting down.

Off in the distance, a pair of beady orange eyes watched them from the surface of the ocean. The creature soon popped their slimy blue and green head out. They had what could only be described as rabbit ears on their rounded head, except it wasn't ears. The creature sprayed out water from their mouth and began to swim towards the shore, looking very fixated on the two on the beach. They let out a quiet squeak from their mouth which caused Zynide's ears to perk up and he turned to look towards the water. By the time he looked, it was already too late. The creature dived under and was gone from view.

"Hey...Did you hear something, Vee?" Zynide looked at the Gem Raptor who was too busy stuffing the rest of his sandwich in his mouth. Vedrak shook his head as he chewed to tell him no, and Zynide just shrugged and resumed eating.

When Vedrak had finished off his sandwich he started digging through the basket, pulling out a few other things like extra sandwiches, chips, soda, and ect. Just normal picnic things. Before he managed to get out everything, a yellow, green, and very soggy paw reached out of the sand and slapped Vedrak on the tail. The Gem Raptor let out a panicked trilling sound before he quickly turned to look. The paw was already gone. He looked at Zynide and hissed at him. "Not funny!"

Zynide squinted at Vedrak as he swallowed the last of his sandwich. "What? I didn't do anything." The basket behind Vedrak started to move before the same paw appeared from the sand yet again and reached in to the basket, grabbing a sandwich and pulling it into the sand. Zynide's eyes widened and he practically knocked Vedrak over as he crawled over to the basket. "...Alright, what the heck did you put in my food?" Zynide asked as he lifted the basket up and looked at the sand. There wasn't even a hole left behind in the sand.

"W-what? I didn't! Don't accuse me of things!" Vedrak scowled at the Gembound. "What you even doing?" Vedrak tilted his head to the side as he watched Zynide look the basket over before putting it down.

"Uh...I'm sorry. I just thought I saw something. Thought I was hallucinating. Though maybe it's just the heat messing with me, yeah?" Zynide frowned before he went back to his spot, but he then grinned at Vedrak. "Or maybe I did see something. Let's just finish eating, alright?"

Vedrak huffed before grinning back. "Something had grabbed tail, so might you have seen?" The paw from before reaches out of the sand yet again and grabs a bag of chips that Vedrak had just been reaching for. When Vedrak feels the bag slip away he turns his head to look and sees the bag get pulled under the sand. "Okay, goodbye chips."

"What?" Zynide cracked up at what Vedrak said. "Are you telling them bye before you eat them?"

"No, they ran away." Vedrak pointed at the sand with a confused look and Zynide stared at where he pointed.

"So something is stealing the food!" The moment Zynide said that, the paw appeared and grabbed another bag of chips and dragged it down. "WAIT! Ah-" Zynide grabbed the last sandwich and placed it near the edge of the sheet. "I'm going to catch it."

Vedrak watched Zynide with a fascinated look. "What if bites you? Am not a doctor. I never hear of food stealing sand beasts." Vedrak stayed still as he watched, as did Zynide.

The paw is back, and it grabs that sandwich. Zynide's eyes light up and he grabs the slippery paw before it can get away with the sandwich. He almost lost his grip as it tried to pull away and he dug his claws in, causing the creature to stick his head out of the sand and make a high pitched scream in horror. "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?!" Zynide pulled them out of the sand fully and on to the sheet. It was a very plump, colorful Nudragon. He kept screaming and started wiggling around on the sheet even after Zynide let his paw go.

"IT'S A BIG SQUISHY!" Vedrak pokes the Nudragon and he stopped screaming, but now opened his mouth widely and tried to chomp on to Vedrak's paw. He missed, however. This made him start screaming again as he tried to scoot away.

Zynide grabbed the Nudragon and held him in the air. "It's a Nudragon, I think. I read about them once but I've never seen one. I had no idea they could dig in the sand and steal food...And be so loud! Please be quiet, you soggy beast!" Bleen blinked and went quiet, but then bit down on Zynide's wrist. "Hehaha, you have no teeth, you kn- AH, HEY!" Bleen had started to lick Zynide, his tongue is what was sharp. Zynide put him back down and the Nudragon made a deflated squeaky sigh.

"Do think it even ate all that?" Vedrak questioned as he scooted towards the Nudragon. Bleen rolled over and Vedrak patted the Nudragon on the belly. Bleen stuck out his tongue and squeaked as Vedrak patted him.

"...Oh yeah, look at it. It for sure ate it all. I think it needs to lay of the snacks." Zynide leaned down to look at Bleen closely. Bleen squirted water on Zynide's face in response and made a sound like a giggle as he rolled away from Vedrak. "You little sh-" Zynide shook his head to get the water off the best he could. "How does something with no bones even move on land like this?"

Bleen went quiet and side eyed Zynide before opening his mouth like a big grin. He had no idea what that question meant even but he let out a squeak.

"Why is it cute...You need to go back in the water." Zynide stood up and reached down towards Bleen. Bleen stared at him nervously before wiggling his legs at him, letting Zynide pick him up. "Eygh, slimy..." Zynide started walking to the water with Bleen in his grasp. The Nudragon was wagging his tail like an excited puppy. Vedrak got up and followed.

"Today not go well as planned." Vedrak scratched at one ear and stared at Bleen. "Dirty food muncher." Vedrak stuck his tongue out at Bleen and the Nudragon did the same in return.

"Well, first of all you didn't tell me what we were doing. Might have went better, hm?" Zynide slowly placed Bleen down at the edge of the water and Bleen splashed the water with his legs while looking up at the two of them. "But it's okay, I got to see a rare creature." Zynide knelt down and put his paw on Bleen's head which caused the Nudragon to squeak happily, still continuing to splash water.

"You do like rare things, it true, very..." Vedrak turned his snout skyward in thought. "Might you keep?" He asked and looked back to the two of them.

"Keep?...What? The Nudragon? No, I can't just take a wild animal home, silly." Zynide patted Bleen on the side. "Go on now, shoo. No more food for you." Bleen whined when he heard the phase about no more food. The worst thing he had ever heard, for sure. He stopped splashing and wiggled a bit before scooting deeper in to the water. "Oh, don't pout. I'm sure you can steal food from someone else later." Zynide smiled and Bleen squeaked loudly before squirting water at Zynide yet again before he vanished in to the water.

"Really?" Zynide shook the water off his face yet again and laughed. "I can't tell if that means it hates me or likes me." Zynide faced Vedrak now that the Nudragon had left. "Can we go home now? Or at least somewhere cooler?"

"Want walk to Tigereye next?" Vedrak smirked and his ears perked upwards.

"WHAT?! NO! Please, no. That is way too far away. That could take weeks! I'd die." Zynide cringes at the thought and swiftly turns away and heads over towards the remains of what was once a picnic and starts to pick up everything.

"Aw, was joke!" Vedrak runs over and starts to help pick up everything. "Am sorry. Uh, we can go place that cooler and not far away!"

Zynide grabs the last sandwich that was used to lure Bleen out. He then tosses it to the edge of the water and instantly Bleen leaps up out of the sand like a majestic fish and inhales the sandwich in one gulp before going back out in the ocean. Zynide let out a snort before chuckling. "Huh, that worked? Crazy thing..."

"What?" Vedrak looked towards the ocean then went back to picking up everything. He grabbed what Zynide had then shoved it in the basket along with the sheet. "Did I miss something?"

"Ah, no, nothing. Don't worry about it. Let's go now." Zynide grabbed the basket from Vedrak before grabbing Vedrak's arm and pulling him along. "By the way...I don't hate crowds, what made you think that?"

Vedrak yelped as he was tugged along before he managed to catch up to Zynide's walking pace. "That was late response, but my bad. I just...Assumed it."

"Well, you assumed wrong! Actually, inviting more people to the beach would have been fun~ Though, I guess we could just wait till the Oceandome fest..." Zynide let go of Vedrak's arm then shrugged. "That should be soon, right? I've never been, but i have heard of it."

"I, uhm, I have no idea! Never went either." Vedrak chirped and swished his tail. "But maybe we can go then?"

"We could, and we should, even if it is a million degrees out." Zynide crossed his arms as he walked. "Though I should tell you, I, uh, I don't know how to swim."

"You don't!? Well, I'll teach you! It easy, not worry." Vedrak nudged his arm at Zynide's side. "But worry about later, now we go home."

"Well, thanks for not laughing, because the last person I told laughed at me." Zynide responded sheepishly.

The two of them continued on rambling about who knows what as they made their way home. It was sunset by the time they made it back, and it was still way too hot out. That's just how summer be. Meanwhile, back at the beach, a certain Nudragon awaits his next unsuspecting victims...No food in Oceandome shall ever escape his wrath.