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It's Too Hecking Hot 2019: Fireworks on the Beach from Space

It had seen this world before, from a comet that passed this place every three hundred years. This strange planet, so green and filled with life. For centuries this being had simply observed this strange place that billions of living things called home. It loved watching from afar; those few centuries feeling like mere moments to the celestial being.
All of that changed, however, when its comet started to die and melt. Without the freezing ball of gas to shelter it from celestial elements, the being had to leave. The beautiful planet it passed by hadn’t been too far off, but without protection the creature only had the small bit of ice left to carry with it to the planet. It took the chance to come to this world, and luckily its dive from space was met with a splash. It’s ever shrinking ball of ice kept it afloat in a mass of liquid.
Was this what others called an ‘ocean’? It had heard the others of its kind talking about this place and how they had learned about it and those that lived within its near endless depths.
The ‘ocean’ stung its skin; it was aware that it couldn’t stay here. The elders expressed how dangerous the beings in this ‘ocean’ were and it didn’t want to be stranded unable to defend itself. But how could something that looked so beautiful be so deadly? Wide, curious eyes took in its surroundings. Within the ripples of the black mass, it could see the stars. A reflection of its home within this seemingly endless source of cold, stinging liquid gave the being a sense calm.
With the ice keeping it afloat, the celestial creature used its wing like legs to propel itself through the liquid, which was easier than originally thought. Color started to fill the sky, and the being paused, looking upward in awe of the beauty that was this solar system’s star. It had only seen this star from its comet, but here on this planet it looked so much more… Significant and full of life. Even more so than it had just floating as a giant ball of burning gases in the middle of nine lonely, lifeless planets. It had never seen colors like these, alone, yes, but never blended together in such a spectacular fashion that almost seemed to gently glide across the sky as dawn approached. The sight alone was enough to take the creature’s breath away, losing itself in the moment as the stars disappeared and the sky turned from brilliant violets and reds to a calming blue.
With light now guiding its way, the being started to paddle itself in the direction of the rising sun, hoping that if it followed the great ball of fire, it would eventually reach what he hoped would be solid masses. What did the elders call it again? Land? Yes, land. It clung to the tiny ball, trying to keep afloat. As the ice completely disappeared, the creature was unable to keep its head above water and sank into the abyss. Unable to catch a breath, it watched as the sun rippled away, it closed its eyes accepting its cruel fate, the colors of the morning sky being its last thought as it faded away...

A morning walk on the beach wasn‘t how Micah wanted to spend his first few hours awake. Tired groaning and light complaining came from the harpy eagle, who was a little more than displeased that he had to awaken at such an hour. Narza, his vampire bat boyfriend, insisted that he go out with him for a while, so he did, but not without complaining. “Oh come on Micah. It’s a beautiful morning!” The bat chuckled while his companion sighed dramatically, shaking his head. “Narza, you know that I much prefer the somber, fulfilling darkness of a moonless night over the harsh burn of the morning sun.” Of course Micah had to be a bit over the top in explaining his nocturnal habits to his lover.
A spectral hand ran through his feathers as the eagle sighed and cast his brilliant white eyes to the glittering waves. The sound of the water washing ashore and receding was calming. The Spectrel nearly wanted sit and drown himself in his thoughts to the sound. “Beautiful isn’t it?” Narza chimed, gaining Micah’s attention as he wrapped gentle arms around the bird’s middle. “It has its perks.” A chuckle finally escaped Micah, his retort being that of play.
Narza rolled his vibrant green eyes, a grin on his face as he started to walk off once more. The sand felt nice between his toes. It was almost soft in texture, with little to no shells or rocks to bite at the bottoms of his feet. He’d dipped his feet in the water once or twice on his walk. It was a pleasant temperature, not too hot, not too cold. The summer waves could get so hot sometimes, and accompanied by the smoldering sand of the afternoon, it wasn’t the same as coming in the morning and getting the comfort of cold sand and warm waters. Besides, how else was Narza supposed to watch the colors of the sky and sea change with the sunrise? Sunset was a different showing of brilliance entirely, but sunrise was always his favorite, despite being a vampire bat. Sometimes he thought Micah was more nocturnal than he was.
“Hey Narza, come here.” Micah’s voice broke through the bat’s thoughts and he looked to his boyfriend, who was kneeling over something in the water. Curious to what he found, Narza walked over. Micah stood, turning to the other, in his arms he was holding a small creature. A gasp came from the ba, hands coming up to cover his mouth in shock. “Is it…?” Micah asked, unable to finish his question in fear for the worst of this small being he found washed up on shore. “Umm.. I don’t know Mimi.” Of course the necromancer was never sure as to whether or not something was dead at first site unless it was a grizzly scene where it was obvious. Carefully, he took the creature from Micah and held it just above the ground, chest laying against his arm. A soft hand patted it’s back, just like one would when burping a baby. Nothing… He did it again. A pause, and the being started to stir, choking up water and coughing to get a breath. “That’s it, breathe.” By now Micah was looking silently over Narza’s shoulder, and an audible sigh of relief came from him.
The creature’s breaths started to regulate, and its start blue eyes opened. At first the initial daze was still in effect, but as it regained more consciousness, it looked around. The first thing it saw were two unknown figures. The being wriggled out of the grasp of the one holding it, falling to the sand. It tried to escape, spreading wing like arms and legs and flapping them as hard as it could, but in an attempt to take flight like it had in space, it found itself grounded. Eyed widened as it realized it was trapped on solid ground and unable to get away, in its panic it gave small cries that almost sounded like small chirps from a baby bird. The monochrome one said something that it didn’t understand, and the other replied. What would happen to it? A blue hand came towards the creature, and it braced for the worst. What it didn’t expect was for the touch on its head to be soft.
“It’s okay, you’re safe.” Narza’s soft voice reassured the creature as he pet its head. “Bar, I dunno if it can understand us…” “I know Mimi, but where did it come from?” Narza could tell the small creature wasn’t supposed to be a water dwelling, or anything it looked as if was trying to fly. This intrigued the young bat, and he glanced to his boyfriend. Despite Micah being of a bird like species, he too was flightless. “I think you two would get along Micah.” He joked, a teasing grin forming on his face. At Micah’s laughter, the being started to relax, even climbing onto Narza’s shoulder. “Looks like it likes you more Nar.” Micah retorted, still laughing. It was rare to get a smile, let alone a laugh out of Micah, so this instance was something Narza wanted to remember.

The summer sun continued to shine and the now trio, with a few complaints of course, spent their time on the beach. Narza collected shells for their new friend, the creature they found on the beach. Micah had decided to call it Melan, short for Melancholy, as it seemed all alone and the reality of its situation seemed rather somber, to say the least. Well, Melan was having the time of its life, learning from these two. It had already been shown sand, sea shells, and even a crab. Everything was so exciting! The chirps the small creature emitted were no longer of fear, but of excitement. Everything the bat showed it was so new and so amazing. Nothing compared to it in the lonesome of space. If it could, Melan, as it had now accepted as a name, wanted to stay forever.
Dusk was upon them now, and now it was Micah’s time to shine. Outside of the near insufferable smolder of the summer afternoon, was the comfortable warmth of the evening. He showed Melan the glow of the strange type of plankton as the waves rolled in and out. Even showed it constellations in the sky that the being who lived in the stars had never seen. Wide eyes that twinkle just like the celestial lights stared at the sky in awe. Before it could take its eyes off the stars, a whistle sounded and a pop before an explosion of color filled the space it had been looking. “Fireworks!” Micah stated excitedly. Another boom, and more colors shimmered in the darkness. Fascinating! Greens, reds and blues lit the sky in a spectacular fashion that Melan had only seen in nebulas, but these… They seemed so alive!
Pop! Booom! Crackle! The fireworks made a show Melan had never seen before. It was magnificent to watch the lights, some colors it had never seen before, light up the sky in a fiery explosion of amazing colors and shapes. If this was what this planet had in store for it, Melan wanted to stay for as long as it could. These things.. Fireworks? Were magnificent, they took its breath away more than traveling the stars ever would.