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New Daily Wheel Feature!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 18 Oct 2020, 3:58 pm


Hi, all! I am super excited to announce a new Daily Feature to Furvilla, The Daily Wheel!

Daily Spin & New Openables

Every day, you will be able to try your luck spinning the wheel once. Each wheel outcome will award you with a special openable.


Inside these openables, you will find an animal, weapon, outfit, keepsake, stamp, food... the list goes on and on! Many brand new, recolored and exclusive items have been added to The Daily Wheel. So many, we think it will take quite some time for you to collect everything.

A NEW Furvilla NPC

Meet Regi, our eccentric, eclectic, overly optimistic and hyperactive resident wheel-keeper. They are simply obsessed with randomness, and just adore surprises.

Items Galore!

Here are just a few of my personal favorite items, just to give you a little taste of what you may find...


Oh, and um, between you and me, I think that maybe the star section miiight be rigged a bit. Regi assures me that that spot is extra special and worth the patience, but time will tell, eh?

And Finally...

Before I go, I'd like to take small moment to thank each of the staff members who contributed to this project with item and NPC ideas, testing, de-bugging, artwork and coding. MOD-Shroomy in particular gave extreme effort and care in meeting my deadlines and demands. Thank you each for your hard work.

As for the rest of you - get spinning!
- Aspen -

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    • Wanted ta add m'thanks along with evfurryone elses... Been spinnin' since it started... Opened up the 1st one I got... an artisan's box... cute well-loved seal heh... then dicided that as m'howliday 'treat' I'll wait till Xmas ta open all the rest'a the wheel boxes an already it's taken great willpower ta not open what I got so far... hope I can hold out till Xmas heh :P

    • So what do I do with these things?

    • What a fun new daily, I love it! And I already managed to forget to spin yesterday. xD
      But seriously, thanks to everyone that contributed, so many new items. ^^

    • can we please have a link to the wheel on the daily login page ;m;
      I'm gonna miss so many days of this because i have to hunt down the page each time rip

    • Real talk did anyone else just spend like 15 minutes for real crying over Reg? I love them so so so much...

    • Now this is adorable (Regi), fun (The wheel), interesting (mystery boxes!!), and excruciating (I want to have everything!!!). Thank you. :}

    • It's another one of those My Little Pony characters. o.O

    • Froggy umbrella?? Gay af rainbow hoodie?? Dang dude I'm gonna simp.

    • Regi looks pretty cyoot, is there gonna be a wheel link on the dailes page?
      Or maybe another notification just like the daily reminders?
      BTW: I got a button capsule! yay! ^_^

    • I love this so much! ;w; Regi is adorable, they're a Saiga antelope I'm guessing? I got Black Rose Seeds from my box, I'll have to make another fancy plant drink so I can grow them into the cute keepsake. <3