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User ID: #105805
Username: CrimsonRose
Gender: Female
Registered: 9 Oct 2017, 7:27 pm

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Z9SAIIJ.gifLucy Z9SAIIJ.gif28 Z9SAIIJ.gif Cheshire Cat Z9SAIIJ.gif Pisces Z9SAIIJ.gifPrincess of Crimson Hearts Z9SAIIJ.gif
Z9SAIIJ.gifGothic geekZ9SAIIJ.gif
Z9SAIIJ.gif Alice in wonderland and halloween lover Z9SAIIJ.gif


SwIdprP.pngsxhGeFJ.png mtkB8cv.pngrrKwrSd.pngWTNQoEN.pngb9XQLId.png


SwIdprP.pngAsk me something!b9XQLId.png

Time: FV +3

If I don't respond it means I'm offline or my internet went down.




I don't talk very much and due to bad experiences in other games, specially with no-nice (toxic) people sometimes I prefer not to interact so I'm sorry if I decide not to talk or not to accept friend request, sometimes I don't know what to say either and I feel like I bother if I do u.u , these and some other reasons including my anxiety problems but anyways I try to open to occacionally talk with nice people and chill. Also if there is something you find wrong or something I say that bothers you please PM me, I'm not good at explaining some things and sometimes it may be misundertood, my apologies if that happens.

I DON'T accept random friend requests , only with people I've had previous interactions and I feel comfortable with. Sometimes I just don't feel comfortable with some people :c.


♡ Special thanks to all the people who have helped me in any way with their kindness, they are a bless! ♡


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    • Monika no problem and glad to help, I'll see If I get some more to sell later n_n

    • Thanks for the cheap candies to raise my points up!

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