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User ID: #133974
Username: tragtags
Gender: gender is a lie
Last Online: 22 Apr 2021, 10:55 pm
Registered: 23 May 2019, 10:45 pm

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Status: aaand nevermind another friend turned out to be toxic. not like we wanted to be happy or something

public service announcement:
hi! we're the ragtag system! we used to go by morphie before we realised we were plural. we're still not too sure what we have, we think it's osdd, but cant say since we don't yet have a diagnosis.
we're a traumagenic system, there's about seven of us in here, each formed by a separate trauma (yikes) and we're all here to stay. if you have any questions for us, feel free to comment on our profile or pm us!
all of us share the same body, but all of us see ourselves as some form of inhuman being, some of us have forms that were given to us by morphie, others of us chose those forms, like 404 and ain. although we do look like our character counterparts, please remember we are not! if that makes sense. not all of us have character counterparts, since we were formed after morphie realised we're plural.
if you think endogenic systems are the same as traumagenic systems, please don't engage with us. its extremely invalidating. we have endured trauma to make us this way, and don't appreciate people glorifying it.



if you made it this far our discord is tragtags#8128
please say that aloud as "t ragtag s" not "t ragtags" or "trags"


all of us:
Morphie (he/they)
T (he/him)
Credna (any pronouns)
Ain (He/they)
Rowan (he/him)
Paradox (it/its)
Anhiero (he/him)
404 (it/its)
Vanessa (she/her and fae/faer)
420 eni/enis/eniself (enigma)
Neznan (Still figuring it out.)

anos who have visited us:
/p/flare fairy/skunk/moblin fairy/scarf fairy/bethany/the chex mix fairy/shadow fairy/pride fairy/plague doctor fairy/pirate fairy/sludgy kitty fairy/gold fairy/feline fairy/glitchy fairy/m0rphinA f4iry/shy fairy/the kintsugi/pretty odd fairy/spooky/faun fairy/chemical fairy/arcade ganon fairy/google translate fairy/ukrudtsplante fairy/blue bomber fairy/green faairy/other anon/umbre fairy/coral fairy/

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    • Thank you so much! <3 Itsuki is my favorite character :o

    • i don't know actually. i got pegg from kaidacresto's monthly adopts. there was like 15 "long/tall bois" in total? unfortunately kaida has been inactive for some time now.
      i could maybe link you the thread? not sure what good it would do.
      i'm sorry

    • Lols and i myself am just hoarding steel bars XD
      (I am actually trying to get my Smithy the diamond trophy and refined steel takes 2 min to make and it only takes a minute to infuse it so takes me to my goal faster yeee

    • Thank you ♡

    • I shall start a trade

    • Yeeee if you would be willing to sell me some!
      I myself am hoarding

    • ack, i'm sorry! i removed it i didn't realise that wasn't good- >~<

    • Alright, just thought I'd ask. You might see me buying it from you at some point in time as well...

    • Hello! You have a Well Loved Skunk Plush in your stall.... *starts drooling* It's the only one missing from my collection. Would you trade for it by any chance? You can check out my stall for things, and perhaps I can do a headshot like this if nothing caught your eye. I price these sketches at around 50k FC, so it would work out perfectly. I'd prefer if you chose item(s) from my stall that added up to equal value though. It's very possible that you're not interested in trading as well, and if this is the case, just let me know!

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