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Username: Surgeon
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:24 pm

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I'm Aiva, but call me Maxie.

I've been around since beta and still (somewhat) active to this day. I'm currently developing my series, The Kirai Effect, outside of FV. My current interests are Pokemon, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts, and Minecraft.

My main goal is complete my toybox, as well as my sticker album, keepsake cabinet, and fashion chest!
May try to complete my stamp collection and armoury, but they're not priorities atm

Old username - Davin
Changed on August 28th, 2020

DeviantArt | Toyhouse | Twitter
Wishlist | Art Shop

List of painties I need to update:
- Klaus
- Nicholas
- Umbra
- Aiva(?)
- Cyrus(?)
- Sylas
- Audrey
- Anubis (+Primal Morph Potion)
- Carmen
- Blitz (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Prototype
- Felix (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Rain(?)
- Hypnos (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Gembound(?)
- Kaycie (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Apollo (+Primal Morph Potion?)
- Heimguppe(?)

Base code by snowflakeartist

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    • TeninoFoxxe
      The only spoiler I'm gonna give is I think Mark was better at the game than Jack :0
      I can shut my mouth now!

    • AAAA Mark and Jack are my baes <3 love them both to bits and pieces!! I'm yet to watch Jack play (currently watching his Uncharted 4 series) but I'll be watching his Until Dawn series next!!

    • TeninoFoxxe They were originally gonna be my OCs, but since I got too addicted to Until Dawn (thanks to Markiplier and Jacksepticeye), I decided to make them as they are.

      @spectrebear IKR? Chris is my baby! ;o;

    • Also I love how all your Villagers are named after the characters hahaha x3

    • Oh man I love Until Dawn too <3 Only just recently got into it, played it with my boyfriend and also watched Markiplier play it :) Such a good game!! I want more!!

    • whispers UNTIL DAWNNNNN

      man do i love that game

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