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User ID: #83770
Username: NPC-Polaria
Rank: NPC
Gender: Female
Last Online: 8 Nov 2019, 1:58 pm
Registered: 5 Jan 2017, 5:33 pm

Profile description

Polar Bear | She/Her | Widowed | Bisexual

Polaria has been the mayor of Tigereye Peak for around 25 years now, she used to be married and a traveler.

Polaria met her husband in high school and they married quickly after, raising children together. After her children were grown up her husband promised to visit all villages with her and take pictures together. At around 50 years old they finally went on their tour to visit all the villages, but they only got to visit Olde Foxbury and Quetzal Palace until a monster made way to Tigereye Peak. Feeling guilty for being on vacation while the village was under attack, she told her husband they couldn't finish the tour and had to return to Tigereye Peak, but she promised to resign after the elections so they could finish the tour together. Sadly, her husband passed away from a heart attack before the elections came.

Polaria grieved the death of her husband and held a beautiful funeral for him. Her children had moved to Dragonsmaw Manor and brought pictures to the funeral of themselves in Dragonsmaw Manor holding the pictures of their mother and father. Polaria became determined to stay the mayor of Tigereye Peak and serve the people as best as she can for the remainder of her life, although she still dreams of visiting Oceandome and Dragonsmaw Manor one day.

Polaria's children had started raising children of their own in Dragonsmaw Manor, who then ironically moved back to Tigereye Peak. Her grandchildren now visit her from time to time for cookies and chocolate milk or to help her with any chores. Her grandchildren are around 20 years old now.

Life in Tigereye Peak is mostly quiet aside from the yearly festival. In these quiet times Polaria mostly tends to her people and bakes cookies in her spare time. She loves new visitors and won't shy away from telling them about the good old days, like most old ladies do.

Beloved Friends and Fellow Mayors
Mayor Ana
Mayor Minstrel
Mayor Octavia
Mayor Chester

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    • I give her hugs!

    • Best mayor. Sweet old granny. <3

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    • thanks for the candy Grams~ much admiration regarding your story! *salutes*

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