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Villager: Ridge



Villager Info

ID: #196451

Name: Ridge

Gender: Male

Location: Dragonsmaw Manor

Born 4 years, 4 months ago

Career: Warrior

Owner: Wandered

Feast Points: 2442

Species: Canine

Color: Jackal

Costume: Blessed Lion Warrior


House: Dragonsmaw Manor House (1354/1835)

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Ridge is infected with Lycanthropy. Changes into a beastly monster after exposure to moonlight or especially frustrating board games. Howling at the moon relieves the symptoms for a little while, but use a Golden Apple for best results.

Ridge looks stunning!

Ridge's very special treasures!


Comments 10

    • Not a bother at all :)
      The easiest ways to deal with the dark damage dealt to the user is having a decent dark damage resistance and lowering the intelligence stat. I have tricks of the trade equipped which has a -10 intelligence stat (overall intelligence is negative xD) and around 900 dark damage and I take zero damage from the recoil

    • Pretty character! (:

    • No problem. Level really doesn't matter much in battles on gives a small boost of hp and allows you use to use more gear(as long as you can craft or buy them). To be tougher craft smithing hammers to get to 150 grade+ on all gear, socket-o-matics for crystal slots and then work on what crystals you want to socket your gear with to suite you battle style. For example my earthen glaive is 154% grade with 4 crystals socketed in it that deal duel elemental damage for a stronger sword of discourse build without the chance of missing ;)

    • It was my pleasure, thank you too!
      I can also recommend the Obsidian Greatsword at level 21, it´s not quite as lethal but has a decent physical damage stat and makes for a nice stand in for that frankly long stretch between levels :)

    • Also another tip for your setup, you will want to get your strength stat higher to do more damage with your earthen glaive. Also when deciding which crystals to socket in your earthen remember to avoid physical damage stat crystals since that will allow the opponent to have a chance to dodge the attack.

      Tip with making socket o matics: You can buy the materials at a discount at the fair exchange. The Secret Ingredient you can buy for 47500 fc per item and the Sketchy Stamp you can get for 970 fc per item.

    • dpXgVhn.png

      That is the setup I use for my villager in the pvp tourney. So far working on getting all my equipment socketed with 4 sockets. I have all my gear at 150% or more grade from my hammers and my earthen glaive has all elemental damage crystals.


      All you need to do to improve is farm Deadlier Monsters for furcoins, break down unused gear for crystal crafting resources, craft upgrade hammers and craft socket o matics.

    • Thank you for the battles!! That glaive is lethal :OO

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