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User Suggestion Discussion

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Important Forum Rules! Please Read!
Posted by Staff
1 Last post by Admin-Wisteria
10 months, 10 days ago
Things to Know!
Posted by Admin-Wisteria
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select multiple/all items in inventory
Posted by Rhenarra
1 Last post by Connor_Murphy
17 hours, 8 minutes ago
Select Warrior Preset
Posted by GuardianOfTheSand
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Career Costumes
Posted by GuardianOfTheSand
1 Last post by Silver58
7 days, 23 hours ago
Please make FDE pets RTB from Day One
Posted by Aviva
17 Last post by Sublime-Sketches
8 days, 23 hours ago
Automatic Subscribing
Posted by Ajune_Raptor
3 Last post by Feenix
9 days, 2 hours ago
A way of Organizing Learned Recipes
Posted by littleredridinghorde
1 Last post by Cliquebait
11 days, 5 hours ago
Potion Shelf Feature
Posted by sciencesparrow
3 Last post by RunningWild
12 days, 11 hours ago
Being able to rearrange things in your stall.
Posted by FeralPunkBoy
4 Last post by caramelcrow
16 days, 2 hours ago
maybe add a dark mode
Posted by Alexsal979
7 Last post by RunningWild
26 days, 2 hours ago
Fix the Guinea Pig Base's Anatomy
Posted by Kensium
5 Last post by Kensium
1 month, 4 days ago
Forum thread bump button
Posted by SpacePanther
14 Last post by SerenityStarla
1 month, 6 days ago
Thread has been hidden.
Increased chance of finding monthly seed pets?
Posted by twoducks
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Bring back 100 Breedings per day!
Posted by StormWendjule
2 Last post by Switchi
1 month, 11 days ago
Eating Plants And Other Ideas
Posted by GuardianOfTheSand
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Raid Bosses
Posted by TavixTheDragon
5 Last post by -TheBananaCat-
1 month, 13 days ago
Serpent's Pot - QoL
Posted by Capers
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Re-vamped Doctor career: How about buffs?
Posted by Aviva
2 Last post by Aviva
1 month, 21 days ago
Making jobs less of a mess.
Posted by Susan
6 Last post by nonbinary-been
1 month, 29 days ago
Have Item Names in Your Stall Link to Stall Search
Posted by StrayChowChow
1 Last post by AnnaDragonShadow
2 months, 1 hour ago
Bee Keeping Career
Posted by sciencesparrow
5 Last post by Breezeyheart
2 months, 1 day ago
Active Worker Cooldown
Posted by IrishRascal
3 Last post by Switchi
2 months, 8 days ago
Mass selecting things to put in the Serpent's Pot.
Posted by FeralPunkBoy
2 Last post by Korua
2 months, 16 days ago