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Rules last updated 30 April 2019:
  • Questions regarding off-site trading should be directed to a moderator.

Site Rules

Infraction System

Your account will be given an infraction each time you break a rule. Click here for further information on infractions. Click here to view your account infractions.

Global rules

Software and media is covered under copyright law, which means you can’t post any cracked software. You also can’t post links to pirated movies, games, or other content, as this is illegal too.
Don’t post pirated software or media.

Art and writing, among other things, are covered under copyright law. Don’t post content that doesn’t belong to you without the permission of the creator, even if you say you didn’t make it.
Don’t post copyrighted content you don’t have permission to use.

We do not permit plagiarism, defined as taking credit for art, writing, or other content that you did not create.
Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

Doxxing is defined as posting the personal information of others, including their real name, address, location, IP address, school, real life photographs, or anything that may compromise their privacy. This is not allowed.
Don't post the personal details of other players (doxxing).

We do not allow players to ask for the passwords or login information of other players for any website. It is also disallowed to direct players to fake login pages for the purpose of stealing their login information.
Don’t attempt to steal the usernames or passwords of other players (phishing) for any website.

We do not permit users to post anything that can damage another user’s computer, including viruses, malicious software, spyware, etc.
Don’t post or link to viruses or software that can harm a user’s computer.

Pedophilia is not a subject appropriate for Furvilla. We do not permit players to discuss this.
Do not discuss pedophilia in any form.

Furvilla will immediately report pedophiliac behavior to the police if we see any adults asking for minors’ personal information or disrespecting the privacy wishes of a minor.
Preying on minors and other pedophiliac behavior is strictly forbidden.

Don't post frightening or sickening content. Frightening content is defined as graphic real life photographs or photo-realistic artwork indistinguishable from a photograph depicting violence toward humans or animals.
Don't post frightening or sickening content.

Any discussion regarding Beta activity is strictly forbidden by the TOS. Distribution of this information only serves to incite drama and will not be permitted.
Exceptions are remade threads for sales, roleplays, knowledge base & guides, and site resources.
Don't repost Beta content to incite drama.

Inappropriate or controversial content

Absolutely no pornographic or sexual content, explicit or implicit: Furvilla is a PG-13 game. We do not allow artwork that displays sex, nipples, genitals of any kind, the implication of genitals in clothing, bodily fluids, sex toys or sex gear, or any other content that Furvilla Staff may find unacceptable. This applies to written work as well. Do not solicit sexual interactions or share contact information with that intent.
Nothing sexual, it's a PG-13 site.

Players may not encourage others to break the drug and alcohol laws of their residency. Do not discuss or encourage illegal or underage use of drugs or drinking. Players may not solicit for any alcohol or drugs on Furvilla.
Do not discuss or encourage illegal use of drugs or alcohol on Furvilla, or attempt to solicit drugs or alcohol.

Topics about politics and religion tend to cause fights on forums where many people have many different viewpoints. If you would like to discuss these, keep it to a private message.
Do not post topics about politics or religion.

Avoid posting flashing images that could easily cause an epileptic seizure, a jumpscare or any poor taste joke meant to frighten users or make them feel sick, they aren’t funny. Also please don't make posts that can spoil the content of a movie, show or game without a proper warning.
Don't post untagged spoilers, seizure-causing content or jumpscares.

Furvilla is an English website run by English-speaking staff, and for that reason we only allow players to communicate in English. Please do not post content in foreign languages as we would be unable to moderate that content. You are still permitted to name your villagers after a non-English word provided it is not obscene.
English only on Furvilla, please!

No discussions about staff actions: if a user is banned or a thread is closed and you would like to talk about it, please contact a staff member privately. It’s the quickest way to receive a response and prevents misinformation. We guarantee to treat you without bias and we're here to help the game we love. Also, sharing staff correspondence is not allowed.
To inquire about staff actions, ask us directly and keep our chats confidential!

We do not tolerate players interacting with staff members in an overly rude, aggressive, or vulgar manner in support e-mails, private messages, or forums.
Communication with staff members must be civil and not overly vulgar or aggressive.

Hate speech

Absolutely no use of slurs, discriminatory speech or images: Do not use words that are commonly known to disparage certain groups of people. You may not post anything that promotes hatred or discrimination against the following classes: gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, race, ethnic origin. It's not okay to mock people for their gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc - so even if it's a joke, people can be hurt, and we take it seriously.
Don't say anything discriminatory, not even as a joke.

Do not personally attack another player or Staff Member: Do not use profanity against another person, name and shame someone, post public black lists, levy insults against another, or otherwise behave in a way that attacks another player. Absolutely no threats of violence against another user, jokingly or not.
Be nice to others, even if you don't like them.


Don't try to exploit the game via glitches, tricking other players (scamming) or hacks. Third party programs are allowed as long as they don't play the game for you (such as bots). If you're unsure about whether a tool is okay or not, contact us!
Don't try to cheat the system or other players, you'll lose.


Players are permitted to have one account on Furvilla. Sharing, selling/trading, or borrowing accounts is also not allowed; your privilege to use Furvilla is non-transferrable. If your account is banned and you make a new one, you’ll receive heavier infractions.
To appeal a ban, you should only contact us at [email protected].
One account per person. We don't allow sharing accounts or selling/trading them!

Don't sell, or attempt to sell, your account, items, villagers, or any other Furvilla content (this does not include Painties) for real money. If you want to sell a Paintie that's already on a villager, you must remove the Paintie from that villager and have the buyer re-upload it. (updated text)
The only things you can sell for real money are Painties you own.

Players may not trade their Furvilla content for another game's content if that game does not permit off-site trading or is currently in beta testing. In addition, players may not trade to a game or website that allows the sales or trade of its content for real life money. Further details regarding this rule can be found here. If there are any questions regarding off-site trading, please contact a moderator.
Off-site trading is only allowed if the other website permits it, it is not in beta testing, and if it does not allow real life money trading.

Backseat moderation

We understand that you'd like to help keep the game under control but it's better to use the report feature, as the staff has better tools to handle issues. Also, telling users that they are breaking the rules may make you look condescending in their eyes and make you a target.
Report issues rather than acting like a moderator.

Players may not use the reports function to file false reports about others. Players may not file multiple reports on the same issue, or contact multiple moderators, to have another moderator review the report when a report has already been resolved. Escalation of a report may only be done by contacting Admin-Mat .
Do not abuse the report function.


Please do not use the CSS functions to: change the game information shown on your profile or villager's profile, overlay a fake image over your villager as if a Paintie were accepted with that image, hide or obscure game info or text or otherwise make the page unduly difficult to navigate.
The latter includes but is not limited to: upside down text, quickly spinning or bouncing images, backgrounds that are too similar to the text colour, and high-contrast or animated background. We only allow spinning or bouncing images if they are made with a :hover. The only exception to this is with the village shield on the profile’s page. If you are unsure if your profile is against the rules, please pm a moderator about it.

For further information and explanation of the rule, please review this.

Don't tamper with the site's navigation or game components.

Forum and chat rules


We don't like spam. Every thread must have some discussion value, to maintain a level of quality and uniqueness for each topic in the boards. Threads with the sole purpose to increase your post counter are not allowed either. Also, please don't open threads directed at users but message them directly instead. Lastly, refrain from advertising other games or services; while discussing them is fine, "hunting" for users is forbidden.
Open meaningful threads, don't direct them at a user, don't try to "boost" your post counter and don't advertise other services!

Bumping your own threads (posting in them to make them appear at the top of the thread list) is allowed at most once a day for each topic. Forcibly keeping threads on the front page will annoy users that aren’t interested.

Threads located in the Commerce forums are exempt from this rule and may be bumped once a day, or whenever they have been pushed off of the first page of the forum they are on.

One bump a day per thread max. If your thread is in the Commerce forums it may be bumped when not on the first page.

Players may not make clickbait sales threads containing "emergency", "urgent" or any similar words in the title. You are more than welcomed to explain why you need the money in the thread, but please allow other players to determine for themselves if this is an emergency or not.
Clickbait sales threads are not allowed on Furvilla.


Please do not derail threads: Do not come into a thread and abruptly change the topic. While natural evolution of a discussion from the original subject toward a new one is allowed and encouraged, players should not come into a thread and disrupt the current topic.
Don't change the subject of a thread.

Don't post with the intent to stir a fight between users, nor post with the intent to bait a staff member. Certain subjects are easily misinterpreted and, while they’re not forbidden, they are likely to create drama if presented in a certain tone or context. In addition, staff are here to protect players and keep the game running smoothly, and should not be distracted from their duties with baiting posts.
No flame baiting or baiting staff members!

Please do not post misleading thread titles: The thread title you choose should be related to the content within. This is especially important if you have a question, as a topic of "Help" doesn't provide information as to what your problem is. Be descriptive and accurate.
Avoid misleading titles.

Avoid gravedigging unnecessary threads: You are welcome to resurrect a discussion if it is pertinent to the current climate of topic. This means that resurrecting a discussion about your favorite costume is okay, but not one that is about a news post from two years ago.
Don't necropost, users find that silly.

Please do not post duplicate threads: Do not "cross-post" or place your topic in more than one forum board. Please choose only one board, and place your topic in it only one time.
No duplicate threads or cross-posting.

Don't share sensitive information such as your address, phone number, credit card information, etc. Also, email addresses, instant messengers, and links to your offsite web pages are at your own risk. Be careful with what information you post about yourself.
Don't post your contact information carelessly, it's dangerous!

Do not criticise a legitimate, allowed gameplay technique: Oftentimes, players criticize gameplay that does not break rules, such as sniping, buying low and selling high, or other methods of play. Please do not start threads or make comments that criticize players for utilizing allowed gameplay methods that you do not agree with.
Live and let live. Don't hate on an unorthodox, legitimate playing strategy.

Please do not use excessive caps or decorative icons: these text functions can be useful when they're used sparingly, but they should be used in moderation. Avoid full caps thread titles or paragraphs in caps, and limit the amount of decorative text symbols you use in threads and their titles.
Keep your Caps Lock and emojis under control!

While swearing is not against the rules and there are global and personal word filters, please let your posts have a minimum of decency. A message riddled with cuss words or overly graphic descriptions is no good.
Leave excessive obscenity out.

Do not post threads with the intention of telling players you want to harm yourself or commit suicide. Discussion of healthy coping strategies is accepted, but opening a thread to state the desire to harm oneself is not.
Do not post self-harm or suicide baiting threads.

Furvilla does not permit players to beg others for free things, nor to severely lowball others by offering a tiny amount in exchange for a very valuable item.
Do not solicit free content from other players, or offer a pittance for valuable content (no begging).

This is extremely important: the staff is here to help users. From time to time, there are situations in which some players disagree with our decisions. Users that try to copy questionable behavior while slightly altering the part of it that led to an infraction will not be tolerated, even if the purpose is to jokingly tease staff and users. That's because usually these "chains" lead to absurd public arguments that help no one. Whether it's to act witty or to express dissent, please don't try to work around a rule.
Don't try to bypass rules or imitate behaviors that led to infractions. We can see through that!

Avatar and signature

Don't use inappropriate content in your avatar (even if cropped) and signature. Also, the signature can't be wider than 504 pixels and taller than 300 pixels. Remember that users will see it every time you post so pick something easy on the eyes!
Keep it reasonably sized and safe for work.


Do not flood the chat room: This is defined as posting multiple messages in a row, where you or your friends are the only ones posting, in a very quick amount of time.
No flooding, it's not cool.

Do not post solicitations or advertisements: This includes links to your trades or sales, or asking if players want to purchase something from you. If you are offering something for free, this does not apply. Please use the forums to advertise your deals. Also, please don't link to external chats.
No advertisements, please.

Roleplaying is wonderful, but it doesn't suit a large chatroom full of people who want to talk about Furvilla. Roleplaying is better suited for the forums or private messaging, as it can disrupt the flow of conversation. However, short first person messages used sparingly are allowed.
Roleplaying is better elsewhere.