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CSS Rules Clarifcations

CSS Rules Guide
By: MOD-Piko

Site Rules:

Note: Failure to follow these rules may result in your profile CSS being removed, modified, or disabled.

This post was made to clarify what "The latter includes but is not limited to" is referring to. These answers were compiled by users asking questions about specific parts of the layout.

Note: Failure to follow these rules may result in your profile CSS being removed, modified, or disabled.

The following items must remain visible and cannot be hidden:
  • all town shields (both the big one and the ones next to usernames)
    • Larger shield may be resized or the image changed as long as text with the town name is still visible
    • The only exception is the little one by your own username since it's considered redundant on your own profile page when the other one is visible

  • comments
    • usernames and avatars of comment posters
    • Comments can be disabled in User Settings, but not hidden using css
    • Individual comments can be hidden using the “hide” button found in each comment, but not hidden using css
    • The report comment link cannot be hidden as it's included in site functionality

  • header and footer
    • This includes the search bar, logos, images, navigation, links, copyright, and social media buttons
    • The Furvilla logo image in the header only can be edited or changed completely, as long as there is some kind of image there and the link remains functional. A blank space is not allowed.
    • The Furvilla logo image can be changed into an animated gif as long as it is following every other rule and is not high-contrast. It can be animated with a CSS animation but only with a hover.
    • Navigation bar colors and the list of links (Town Hall and Commerce buttons) can be changed as long as all links remain functional and legible

  • .right-column widgets (user panel and active villager)
    • Game information (username, avatar, currency, etc.)
    • Changing the opacity of the right widgets is fine as long as they are visible and hover to full opacity
    • The right column widgets can be hidden as long as its obvious where they are located and reveal in full on hover (IE: Hovering over the name of the widget makes it appear completely)
    • You can disable More Villagers and Recent Activity in User Settings, but you can't hide them using css

  • .fa link buttons (transfer currency, menagerie, block, etc.)
    • You can disable messages and friend requests in user settings, but you can't remove any of the buttons using css
    • Link buttons can be modified as long as they're still visible and at least 16px by 16px

  • user info (user ID, username, gender, etc.)
    • Online status can be disabled in user settings, but not hidden using css

  • villagers list on main user profile
    • Icons can be resized, or animated subtly or slowly with a hover, but not changed or manipulated to show a different image. For rotations, the fastest we will allow is one complete rotation per second.
    • Villager names and careers can be removed from the main user profile, but not from villager profiles

  • villager images/painties
    • These images cannot be hidden, resized, overlayed, animated, or changed in any way (animated includes animating them only on mouse-over. No form of CSS animation is allowed. The reason CSS animations of Painties/Villagers are banned across the board is because users will point to the minor ones when obtrusive ones are removed and what may seem non-obtrusive to one person might not to another and vice versa. So a clear concise decision needed to be made. Sorry it's not as fun.)

  • villager info on villager profiles

  • career link on villager profiles
    • The replacing picture needs to stay 100px by 100px like the original career image

  • minipets (animals)
    • Minipets can be moved around the page and animated unobtrusively and slowly and slowly with a hover but not modified or hidden. You may hide the play counter but not the minipet’s name (if there is one)

  • paintie info box
    • Info box and it's functionality should still be in tact and not hidden (including paintie "block" button, This is tied to H3, so that cannot be hidden)

  • villager background banner
    • You are more than welcome to hide or change this image which appears behind the paintie/villager image. You cannot animate it in any way (CSS animations or gif).

  • trophies
    • Cannot be hidden using CSS as they are considered a part of gameplay, however you may hide them using the checkbox is "Edit Profile"

  • Assorted Animated Objects
    • Objects cannot be created and made to move around the page

Other Important Clarifications:
  • Page Backgrounds
    • As stated in the site rules, no backgrounds can be animated in any way whether it is with an animated gif or CSS animation

  • CSS Animations
    • Any CSS animation that is allowed needs to use a hover to be activated. The only exception to this rule is the village shield on your profile that can use a CSS animation without a hover as long as it follows our other rules.