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Paintie Discussion

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Resizing Guild [We'll resize for free.]
Posted by Rotsuoy
1515 Last post by candlelite
11 hours, 6 minutes ago
Official PRIMORDIAL SHIFTY Paintie Check Thread
Posted by Admin-Mat
36 Last post by MarbleHYBRID
5 days, 2 hours ago
Smoothed Chibi Bases
Posted by kroevolkture
39 Last post by junebugthetrainer
14 days, 19 hours ago
Festival Chibi Paintie Check Thread
Posted by Admin-Mat
16 Last post by Doomy
25 days, 17 hours ago
Go From Undead to Zombie!
Posted by Staff
141 Last post by AdminAssistant
29 days, 20 hours ago
Official Paintie Check Thread
Posted by Staff
878 Last post by MOD-Skulldiggery
3 months, 26 days ago
Paintie Resource Thread 2.5
Posted by MOD-Skulldiggery
3 Last post by MOD-Skulldiggery
1 year, 1 month ago
Paintie Grayscale Bases
Posted by Admin-Mat
0 No posts yet.
Paintie Limbo; Show Them Off While We Wait!
Posted by cannibal
1104 Last post by Alienbicc
1 hour, 21 minutes ago
Anyone have tips on how to make a decent pantie??
Posted by Honeybee
5 Last post by Steampunk_Llama
1 day, 2 hours ago
Pls visit my son
Posted by MarbleHYBRID
13 Last post by MarbleHYBRID
1 day, 4 hours ago
Paintie Question
Posted by Pupdragon
9 Last post by kankri
1 day, 11 hours ago
Answered, ty!
Posted by Afflated_artist
6 Last post by Afflated_artist
1 day, 15 hours ago
My active is kinda tiny?
Posted by sciencesparrow
2 Last post by sciencesparrow
1 day, 15 hours ago
Question Regarding Paintie Rules
Posted by floof
1 Last post by atilla
2 days, 18 hours ago
How do I move my paintie to a different villager?
Posted by Oregoncoast
4 Last post by floof
2 days, 19 hours ago
4 days and my gembound paintie is still in limbo
Posted by Vaporwavess
6 Last post by Alekzy
4 days, 23 hours ago
Giving old villagers a fresh coat of paintie!
Posted by -Sylva-
14 Last post by 4
5 days, 10 hours ago
Helped, thanks!
Posted by Snickerdoodle
4 Last post by atilla
6 days, 7 hours ago
Post your WIP Painties here~
Posted by Cymopoleiia
9 Last post by Alekzy
6 days, 8 hours ago
Snow dragon paintie help
Posted by FrootLoopDingus
8 Last post by PlushGiraffe
6 days, 18 hours ago
Watch my characters get painties uwu
Posted by Pretty-Pink-Princess
14 Last post by VaniBlu
8 days, 9 hours ago
free lil paintie piercing studs
Posted by evyrgreen
0 No posts yet.
Transparent bases?
Posted by CrystalWolf89
9 Last post by StrayChowChow
9 days, 16 hours ago
Free Chibi Vraptor and Gemraptor Base
Posted by CottonCandyFloof
37 Last post by CottonCandyFloof
12 days, 14 hours ago