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Paintie Discussion

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Rate+Check My Paintie >CHESHIRE CAT<
Posted by onichilles
10 Last post by Imoku
5 months, 20 days ago
New Painties for Sale?
Posted by loove
3 Last post by anne216
5 months, 20 days ago
Cozy Comforts Manokit Base
Posted by -MapleShade-
2 Last post by Duskregn
5 months, 21 days ago
Post your WIP Painties here~
Posted by Cymopoleiia
21 Last post by -MapleShade-
5 months, 21 days ago
How to make greyscale bases?
Posted by -MapleShade-
12 Last post by spectral
5 months, 21 days ago
Anyone have a transparent chicken base?
Posted by peachesnscream
2 Last post by Greenscales
5 months, 21 days ago
Paintie question?
Posted by candy_wolf
3 Last post by msjanny
5 months, 23 days ago
Would anyone want this as a paintie?
Posted by Otrovan
17 Last post by Odorokasu
5 months, 26 days ago
How do you Paintie?
Posted by SherryDeer
4 Last post by PlushGiraffe
5 months, 27 days ago
Shifty help!
Posted by meeyontokki
2 Last post by meeyontokki
5 months, 28 days ago
Barbie Cow is free to use
Posted by butchleather
23 Last post by Nebbi
6 months, 2 days ago
Newbie in need of help!
Posted by InkAndBone
11 Last post by SparkleWolf404
6 months, 3 days ago
Paintie Queue
Posted by Eirlili
2 Last post by Eirlili
6 months, 4 days ago
Watch my characters get painties uwu
Posted by Pretty-Pink-Princess
28 Last post by Pretty-Pink-Princess
6 months, 5 days ago
Onsite monster bases?
Posted by Jashin325
8 Last post by rains
6 months, 5 days ago
Posted by Greater-Dog
9 Last post by Greater-Dog
6 months, 5 days ago
Goat Recolor IC
Posted by Relic
5 Last post by Relic
6 months, 7 days ago
Editing on-site items in a paintie? [closed]
Posted by Lie
3 Last post by Lie
6 months, 9 days ago
Thread has been hidden.
Is my Paintie considered "Based on a Character"?
Posted by IssyEmmy
3 Last post by Alewolf
6 months, 12 days ago
Thread has been hidden.
Thread has been hidden.
Chibi Base Question
Posted by Dakota_Skullwolf
3 Last post by TheCobaltBlue
6 months, 18 days ago
Base check?
Posted by Cinderflame
4 Last post by atilla
6 months, 21 days ago
free to use shifty + repainted bases!
Posted by buffalo
139 Last post by meeyontokki
6 months, 21 days ago