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Help Needed!

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How to use BBCode on the Forums
Posted by ADMIN-Mat
2 Last post by MOD-Thaleia
11 months, 24 days ago
This is Player-Help-Player! [READ ME]
Posted by ADMIN-Mat
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Weapons upgrading?
Posted by Oregoncoast
3 Last post by Oregoncoast
20 hours, 11 minutes ago
Toyhou.se link not working?
Posted by Tyler_
2 Last post by Tyler_
23 hours, 11 minutes ago
Achievments not working?
Posted by KitsuneOfTheSun
3 Last post by KitsuneOfTheSun
1 day, 4 hours ago
I just joined
Posted by Wy0ming
9 Last post by ScribbleCakes
2 days, 18 hours ago
Stormy Peaks build?
Posted by CaligulasPeri
5 Last post by Jakkatten
3 days, 14 hours ago
Warrior elixir questions
Posted by Emerald2000
5 Last post by Lance-C-Bones
6 days, 8 hours ago
Image hosting sites
Posted by Pineapplefox
5 Last post by Pineapplefox
7 days, 4 hours ago
How do I fix off center Villager thumbnail?
Posted by PrayingMantis
2 Last post by Nightrain
8 days, 9 hours ago
Item award?
Posted by lethargiclynx
4 Last post by seafoam852
9 days, 8 hours ago
Getting my 5th villager?
Posted by chicken-fruitsalad
8 Last post by chicken-fruitsalad
11 days, 8 hours ago
Regular Base on Chibi Villager?
Posted by envyofthenight
1 Last post by kankri
11 days, 17 hours ago
'The Tourney'? The heck? [Help please!]
Posted by Qpo
3 Last post by Qpo
12 days, 18 hours ago
a question regarding adoptable species?
Posted by chicken-fruitsalad
2 Last post by chicken-fruitsalad
13 days, 4 hours ago
bases not saving transparent
Posted by Akari
1 Last post by Ivory
13 days, 5 hours ago
Change png to icon?
Posted by arbitraryabsurdity
4 Last post by BeakyBirds
17 days, 6 hours ago
How to set a signature!?
Posted by Matryoshka
3 Last post by alphashadow
18 days, 1 hour ago
What's the currency rate between FC and Aywas BP?
Posted by Monika
9 Last post by Ace
18 days, 7 hours ago
Set as worker button not working??
Posted by ToffeeTheDutchie
1 Last post by Rotsuoy
19 days, 10 hours ago
Posted by sylveonsnowplays
3 Last post by spectral
20 days, 1 hour ago
I can't choose a job for my villager??
Posted by WickerbeastFan
7 Last post by Ivory
20 days, 4 hours ago
Posted by WickerbeastFan
1 Last post by Ivory
20 days, 4 hours ago
Armour Crystal Solace, Fractured, or Warm?
Posted by aabicus
1 Last post by Blakes
20 days, 13 hours ago
costume excludes magical plushie avatar?
Posted by hhonoka
1 Last post by spectral
20 days, 21 hours ago