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Bug Report

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Report minor errors here
Posted by Owner-Quinn
53 Last post by Grechtinjuarez
20 hours, 37 minutes ago
About the Bug Report Forum
Posted by Owner-Quinn
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oops! all males!
Posted by FloWolF
1 Last post by FloWolF
15 hours, 40 minutes ago
Posted by snowysaur
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edit: its supposed to be like that
Posted by Grechtinjuarez
5 Last post by msjanny
4 days, 15 hours ago
Snowflake Fairy Bug
Posted by katethemarten
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Plushies overload
Posted by Zjero
3 Last post by MillyCreation
14 days, 3 hours ago
Solved! - Setting 3rd Villager Career
Posted by Lunalily22
4 Last post by Lunalily22
14 days, 10 hours ago
Switched back to original village while offline?
Posted by Remi-kitty
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Daily Wheel...Its just...broke....
Posted by Coyote_luck
15 Last post by Nana-chan
26 days, 3 hours ago
Cannot accept Transfer?
Posted by Brittdub
3 Last post by ManicWolf
26 days, 22 hours ago
Grand Power Crystal Broke My Weapon
Posted by bluestar415
2 Last post by bluestar415
28 days, 23 hours ago
fixed - Donating Dinoby Gives no leaves
Posted by Shadowfox
4 Last post by Owner-Quinn
30 days, 8 hours ago
Broken Villager Profile
Posted by HalloweenBatRat
2 Last post by HalloweenBatRat
1 month, 7 hours ago
Attention: oddly named costumed villagers
Posted by Owner-Quinn
1 Last post by Switchi
1 month, 13 days ago
fixed - Confused could use help please
Posted by Bluphenoix223
10 Last post by Owner-Quinn
1 month, 14 days ago
fixed - Button Book Collection Count
Posted by msjanny
3 Last post by Owner-Quinn
1 month, 14 days ago
fixed - Can't reject repair request
Posted by Samael
1 Last post by Owner-Quinn
1 month, 14 days ago
Fixed - Star Fairy Buff Not Working
Posted by Steelwolf
7 Last post by Owner-Quinn
1 month, 19 days ago
No new Post Oak Leaves after donating?
Posted by gerbilfluff
2 Last post by gerbilfluff
2 months, 5 days ago
Blacksmith scrapping logs are inaccurate
Posted by msjanny
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I always have a notification listed but nothing
Posted by Gimeurcookie
4 Last post by Gimeurcookie
3 months, 28 days ago
Issue: Displaying code instead of interface
Posted by Aviva
5 Last post by Aviva
4 months, 6 days ago
Quickstock failing to sell items
Posted by Aviva
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Villagers not forgetting career progress
Posted by Zephyros
12 Last post by Mindscape
6 months, 13 days ago