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Villager Sales

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Posted by MOD-Piko
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Bump Rule Changed for Commerce Forums!
Posted by MOD-Kaleo
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Villager Sales - Tips and Tricks
Posted by Admin-Mat
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Selling Leviathan Velociraptor
Posted by Pozemi20
4 Last post by Pozemi20
34 minutes, 29 seconds ago
Villager Quitting Sale! 300FD FDE Chibis & More!
Posted by RedlaSunShowers029
112 Last post by cute
2 hours, 9 minutes ago
Selling Villagers - open (+ Free villagers!)
Posted by Zjero
127 Last post by Zjero
17 hours, 13 minutes ago
S | Low 6 digit villagers, W } DV/FR
Posted by Parsnips
2 Last post by Parsnips
1 day, 2 hours ago
Selling Villagers! Painties, 5-Digits, + More!
Posted by Snerd
16 Last post by Snerd
1 day, 6 hours ago
[S] 5-Digits, 2 Painties, & Misc [W] FD/DV/Art
Posted by Arkiger
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[S] two 5-digit [W] FR
Posted by Pendulum
10 Last post by Pendulum
2 days, 12 hours ago
[t] #6969 for dappervolk
Posted by nerd
2 Last post by nerd
3 days, 8 hours ago
Posted by BasicSwamp
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[s] items, maybe villagers
Posted by Kodex
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[S] 4-Digit Villager
Posted by grantaire
1 Last post by grantaire
4 days, 20 hours ago
[s] 5digit villager [w] fr
Posted by hershey
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Posted by Chess-Exists
13 Last post by NewAlpha
5 days, 3 hours ago
Posted by StrayChowChow
4 Last post by Oregoncoast
5 days, 9 hours ago
[W] DV [T] 3 digits, 4 digits, etc
Posted by mauve
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Chibi Mistletoe Dragon for trade!
Posted by StarfireNebula
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Trading Snuffle! (Open)
Posted by Fishythetvfreak
2 Last post by Fishythetvfreak
7 days, 10 hours ago
Selling a 6 digit Shifty
Posted by Spiritual
4 Last post by Spiritual
9 days, 40 minutes ago
Out of Stock (for now)
Posted by candycorncanine
65 Last post by marco0408
9 days, 7 hours ago
[S] 5 and 6 digit villagers [W] FR
Posted by Rythen
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[s]elling villager #53 for dv/fr
Posted by jeanie
1 Last post by jeanie
10 days, 8 hours ago
Giving Away Villagers!
Posted by fox_with_a_Fedora
13 Last post by StarfireNebula
10 days, 9 hours ago