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Villager Sales

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Posted by MOD-Piko
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Bump Rule Changed for Commerce Forums!
Posted by MOD-Kaleo
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Villager Sales - Tips and Tricks
Posted by Admin-Mat
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2 Shifties for Sale!
Posted by Bayek
2 Last post by Rigbybestie
10 hours, 26 minutes ago
buying gore painties
Posted by daddyy
20 Last post by tenlittlesoldierboys
19 hours, 30 minutes ago
[S/T] Paintied Villagers
Posted by Imoku
65 Last post by Imoku
22 hours, 57 minutes ago
Selling villagers
Posted by Moon_Star
31 Last post by Moon_Star
1 day, 3 hours ago
Selling/Trading Paintied Villager
Posted by MorbidPuppy
1 Last post by MorbidPuppy
1 day, 12 hours ago
[S] 5-Digit Villager #98888 [W] FR
Posted by Gaius
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[ s ] reaper cat + gembound (w/extra)
Posted by Bulbasaur
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[s] 10x 5-digit villagers (FD/FR)
Posted by kaz
54 Last post by kaz
2 days, 1 hour ago
Selling painted villagers + Free Villagers
Posted by Alucard
150 Last post by Alucard
2 days, 5 hours ago
[LF] Villager ID# for my Birthday! <3
Posted by SerenityStarla
1 Last post by SerenityStarla
2 days, 5 hours ago
[S] 5 Digit
Posted by ShayCat
1 Last post by ShayCat
3 days, 6 hours ago
[S] Angelic Costume Fox [W] FD Or FC
Posted by Aaronn
1 Last post by Aaronn
3 days, 6 hours ago
Selling Villagers
Posted by Turnivis
15 Last post by Turnivis
3 days, 12 hours ago
Selling Villagers (Costume/Chibi)
Posted by Aibrean
113 Last post by Aibrean
4 days, 7 hours ago
Thread has been hidden.
[S] Costumed Villagers
Posted by Alone
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[S] Lilac Rose Gembound
Posted by DreamingHeart
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[s] #245096 Reaper Canine
Posted by Saeran
5 Last post by Saeran
6 days, 19 hours ago
[S] diver + 4 digit w painties
Posted by Calanthe
16 Last post by Puck
8 days, 11 hours ago
[S] Big cat Herbalist/AH [w] FC/FD
Posted by Switchi
14 Last post by Switchi
8 days, 11 hours ago
[w] villagers with painties
Posted by daddyy
11 Last post by Alucard
9 days, 10 hours ago
5 + 6 digit villagers for fr gems
Posted by Kelvin
5 Last post by Nicosetsu
11 days, 6 hours ago