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Breeding FD Pets

8 Nov 2018, 2:25 pm
Okay, I'm slightly confused about breeding fd pets. Is it so you're not able to breed them after the month that they're released in....or? If someone could explain to me how it works that would be super duper lovely.
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9 Nov 2018, 5:28 am
Since March of this year, the monthly FD shop pets are exclusively breedable only in the month they are released in. They have a 5(?) day cooldown, and you have the chance of opening up any of the four rarities from the FD box, or just purchasing the SR outright.
After the month is over, all of these pets become sterile and will not be re-released. It's important to note that all pets become sterile at the same time, regardless if they are acquired the first day of the month or the last of it. (This is often why the giving tree starts to be dumped with FD pets a few days before the month's end, if the cooldown bumps the next breeding to the 2nd or later of the following month)
For best results and the highest chance of collecting the full set, or just the one you want in particular, I'd advise you to purchase in the first few days of the month, and hope the rng bless you with at least one of the rare or very rare outcomes to make into a stud. Otherwise there are often users that will rent out their r/sr stud or offer breeding services for free. Make sure to breed as soon as the cooldown ends (though time of day doesn't matter, just as long as it's before rollover), and with the highest rarity of stud you have available (and also remember that rare and super rare give the same odds for offspring). If you have the means to, move to QP and/or invest in breeding potions and change any male you sire into another female to expand your harem and get the most possible breedings, since only the highest rarity between the two parents is counted for odds, and there's no inbreeding penalty.

Alternatively, if you have the cash to blow and just want all the outcomes, just open a couple dozen boxes, the rarity percentages are much better than breeding's .5% nonsenses ;p

That was probably way longer than it needed to be, but hope some of it helps you out!
10 Nov 2018, 4:04 am
answrs Thank you very much for explaining the process to me. It seems then that the older the fd pets are (lets say january fd pets) the rarer they are to obtain? Therefore you'll most likely have to resort to buying a mystery bag and have awesome luck to get whatever one you're wanting?
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10 Nov 2018, 4:23 am
It really depends, cliche a phrase it may be. Originally, FD pets had eternal regular cooldown like any other pet, so they're easy to get ahold of. For a while they switched to breeding charges and long cooldowns, where say a common can only be bred 5 times before going sterile. Feburary 2018 they decided it was a grand idea to make them sterile straight out of the box, to which saying the userbase was displeased is a major understatement. After that we switched to the current system, and it seems here to stay.

In addition, a set that had a cool outcome or was cute or had something special about it is actually easier to find (as common/uncommon at least) than unpopular ones, since much more were bought and thus bred and castoffs were thus flooded into the economy when harems stopped breeding at the end of the month.

So when you're talking now-sterile pets, yeah it's pretty much a straight line graph on prices going back through time, recent betting lower, older higher, the usual deal. Charge pets are an anomaly, since they only breed a few times, but it also introduces new, charged pets to the economy. (Always double check when you're in stalls, since there's usually a pretty decent difference in price between used up and viable pets. Good way to get a discount if you're just tossing in the menagerie, not so much if you want to breed. ;p)
10 Nov 2018, 4:26 am (Edited 10 Nov 2018, 4:31 am)
it's actually since March of last year I think... but yeah, what answrs said. Opening a couple of dozen boxes is stupid expensive sometimes especially if the RNG on here is being a complete piece of shit, which it is, 90% of the time... =____= I've spent 8000+ FD on a specific species in certain months and didn't manage to even get one stupid SR from the boxes and then maybe bred like 1 SR out of easily 300-400 breeding attempts with a rare/SR stud (there was maybe even 2 months from March last year up till now, where I didn't breed a single SR in a whole month of 300-400 breeds as well). (and for breeding I meant like 1 SR out of the 3 species I bred so I end up with stuff missing in my collection anyway despite spending a shitload on boxes and breeding potions, unless I get lucky enough to buy them off someone who lucked out for a good price)...

it's honestly so obnoxious how bad RNG is and the doctor/AH revamp couldn't come any sooner... =/ at least with that in place, the odds would improve somewhat.

Usually older doesn't necessarily mean rarer, sometimes species that are more... desirable? can come available for cheap especially if numerous people are having good luck with boxes, some months, idk it does seem like a collective sum of users just have bad luck and are all seeking the same thing, in which case, said pet does become elusive, then there are just pets that are ugly and people forget even exist lol, and they're just somewhat non-existent because not many people bought them, it's really random and hard to predict. & sometimes when a dedicated player gets fed up/disillusioned, you might find them selling their collection for pretty cheap so you could always look out of liquidation sales.
10 Nov 2018, 4:27 am
answrs Yeah I'm looking into collecting the minipets in to complete my menagerie collection. It does kind of suck though that it requires both a male and a female to collect one though sadly. I'm looking into just collecting one of each, do you think I should even bother at this point trying to complete it or is it basically a lost cause since it will take years unless I want a hole in my pocket?
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10 Nov 2018, 4:35 am
You can definitely just collect one of each, it's less stressful that way, there are some users actually doing that which makes more sense than what I'm doing... even if I do get lucky with a pair of SRs, RNG being RNG will make sure the SR I breed is of the same gender as the one I already have hahahaha... like thx RNG, at least it's a SR though so can't complain?

but if you did that, the tally on your menagerie page just wouldn't add up but I don't think it bothers very many users.
10 Nov 2018, 4:36 am
there's always the possibility (expensive as it may be, but not as much as paying upfront tbh) of hallowed potioning say, a rare to the super rare, or even uc to sr. (potion increases rarity of pet by one level and costs 500fd to brew plus some pumpkin guts)
you can also just go for on e of each pet, enough I know the feeling of wanting all or nothing.

To be entirely honest, it's not the FD pets that will give you issue, it's the old festival ones like the dreaded decorated snowpets and serpents. Without the potion, I think someone estimated with the absolute stupid hatch percentage there were less than 100 sr feathered serpents on the entire site.
10 Nov 2018, 4:39 am
Also yeah, listen to Growlithe over me. They actually know what they're doing with AH. :p
10 Nov 2018, 4:39 am (Edited 10 Nov 2018, 4:42 am)
Growlithe Yeah, it would be cool if they could change it so once it's in the menagerie it doesn't show the gender or at least that it doesn't matter so collectors don't have to get 2 of each. I suppose I will just go along with getting 1 minipet of each rarity within that breed/animal.

answrs So basically win site contests and wish for those. oof unless they don't allow it?
smile, it looks lovely on you ♥
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