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Blood under the Moonlight (Open)

7 Jan 2019, 7:44 pm (Edited 23 Jan 2019, 1:05 pm)
(Getting back into this after who knows how long)

-This is going to be a fantasy/medieval Rp

After 3 wars, a famine, and a plague, the land of Somara is in the midst of change. The old world rulers are trying to maintain their grasp on the northern realms of fire and frost while those in the tropical south are form a new government based of the people's electives. Most of the land remains as no man's land aside from the small town and village here and there but now... rumors of ancient ruins have caught the ears of every adventurer looking to make it big.

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Current adventures

7 Jan 2019, 10:04 pm
The moon was high in the sky but the tavern known as The Alluring Vixen was alive and well. All kinds of races were enjoying the large fireplace, the drinks, and the foods. The scent of honey bread filled the air. A female wolf with long white hair and white fur walked into the tavern. She was in some mixture of armor and robes. The weapon she carried on her back seemed to match the strangeness of her outfit as it was a mixture of a sword with serrated blade and a staff. Her body was... rather alluring. Her chest was a bit bigger then most and same was her lower half, making the hourglass figure.

She scanned the area seeing all kinds of people. Humans, Animal Kin, elves, Orcs, the small lizard folk, and some of the beings composed of Aether. This place did seem like a gathering spot for all kinds of like. She walked up to the counter with a hip sway. Behind the main counter was a large male wolf kin. His fur is a dark grey and wore simple clothes along with his hair pulled back. He didn't seem old but more around his 40s and 50s and wore a eye patch over his right eye. Many scars layer different parts of his exposed. body. He looked up from the tankard he was cleaning. "What can I do for you; Miss?" He asked with a voice that matched his gruff and handsome face. "Yes, I need directions to the ruins that rose not too far from here." She said. The tone of her voice was very serious but was only received by a half-hearted chuckle from the battle worn wolf. "Miss, that place was picked clean by others for who knows how long. I can point you to it but I doubt you'll find anything worth any coin." She raised an eyebrow at the wolf. "I'm not looking for value but history. Now... if you please. I would like to know where it is." To her, history was it's own reward but also, she felt others stare at her; even if it was one or two. The battle worn wolf sighed. "Alright, it's at the base of the nearby hill but the entrance was blocked by a rock slide. Other adventurers have found a way in through the side of the mountain. That's where you'll find your way in." He explained, going back to cleaning a tankard. "Now, would you like anything to drink?" He asked with a smile.
8 Jan 2019, 2:06 pm
"This is a dumb idea. Stupid, idiotic, foolish."
"Shh. Shut your beak. My mind needs to be clear."
Robin stood at the entrance of the tavern, seemingly talking to himself.
"Boy, do I hate your guts."
"The feeling's mutual," he murmured as he pushed the door open and slipped inside.
In the night time, there was a sense of common being in this little tavern, and Robin squirmed a bit. He didn't want to be seen alone, but had little choice.
He sat down at a small booth close to the bar table, and listened to different conversations, eventually tuning into the talks of two wolves.
"There's our ticket," he said quietly.
"She's kinda pretty, huh?"
"Don't make it weird, parasite."
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8 Jan 2019, 2:12 pm
One of the small lizard folk ran over and sat next to Robin. "You're not from around here are ya?" They asked. "Looking for the ruins, I presume? Well, Let me tell you something; friend. That place is going to be picked clean." The small lizard folk laughed and took a big drink of what they had in his tankard before cleaning their mouth with their tongue.
8 Jan 2019, 2:45 pm
Robin raised his eyes and glanced over at the lizard folk.
"That's no matter to me. Has anybody found out why these ruins sprouted up, or are they all just too busy looting it?"
He wasn't looking for riches; they could be pick pocketed from anybody.
"I think there's more than coin to be found there. Maybe it's just a hunch. But I'm desperate to find some kind of... Hmm... Cure for this problem I have."
"That was rude of you."
Robin ignored the snarky bird spirit in his head, and tapped the table.
"I might as well exhaust my resources at this point. And who knows, maybe I will find something worthwhile.'
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If you don't know me, I like birds. Mostly chickens. Chickens.
8 Jan 2019, 3:12 pm
"Some say it was all the blood split over the last few decades from all the wars or maybe the Demon Pestilence awoken it. Who knows. What everyone does know, that there are ancient riches buried in them. That white wolf is asking about them. That's what they others are saying that have their ears to them and not their eyes." The lizard folk bellowed a laugh again along with another long drink from his tankard.
8 Jan 2019, 5:17 pm
The small hybrid hopped into the tavern, it was clear why she was on all fours. A large gash covered her lifted right hind leg, she had almost fallen prey to a larger animal. Not today though, not just yet. Peach weakly hopped towards the bar before whimpering slightly. There were just so many big and loud creatures, so much that it caused her little bunny heart to beat even faster than usual. The fact that quite so many were predators didn’t help.
With a strained groan she hopped onto a bar stool before panting, this place was obviously designed with larger creatures in mind.
“u-um excuse me?” Peaches asked softly.
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2j4pxsg.png by my buddy MariahKat
8 Jan 2019, 5:42 pm
The battle worn wolf and the female white wolf looked next to them at the small creature. "Well, I don't see many small creatures aside from the lizard folk that come through here. What can I do for you, little one?" The battle worn wolf asked. The female white wolf backed away and looked around the tavern before leaning against a support beam.
8 Jan 2019, 6:03 pm
A tall asian black bear calmly walked into the crowded bar. He usually didn't like these kinds of places but he'd caught wind of ruins appearing nearby. Cecil had strolled over to bar near the door and sat on a short stool next to a small rabbit-like hybrid. Instead of asking someone where the ruins were he decided to stay quiet and listen to what the others around him had to say. He heard plenty of conversations he didn't care about but one or two about the ruins. Of course someone said something about the ruins not having anything worth coin left but he didn't care. Cecil had enough coin to live off of and was looking for something other than that.
8 Jan 2019, 6:09 pm
The battle worn wolf looked over to the new visitor. "Well, hello there. The chill in the wind must pick up. Quite a few of travelers just walked in as well. Must've seen them on the road." He sighed. "It is getting closer to winter. Anyway, sorry for rambling. What can I get ya?" He asked with a smile. The female white wolf eyed the new visitors; sizing them up.
8 Jan 2019, 6:29 pm
"Hm? Oh, just water is fine..." Cecil responded, turning to the wolf behind the counter. He brushed off some dust that happened to get into his fur while he stood outside. He risked a quick glance down to the small creature beside him and another to the curvy white wolf leaning nearby. With a small huff he turned back in front of him and went back to eavesdropping on patrons around the bar.
8 Jan 2019, 7:04 pm
The whispers where of the ruins nearby and the white wolf. Soon, the battle worn wolf came by and gave him a large tankard to Cecil. "There you are. If you need anything else, just holler or... well... just come up to me. Can't really holler over this crowd." He chuckled before heading back to the counter. A human ranger sat down next to Cecil. "So... stopping by for some rest or going to the ruins?" They asked.
8 Jan 2019, 7:32 pm
"Just stopping for a rest..." Cecil lied, grabbing the drink in front of him. He kept to himself most of the time and didn't really like these kind of crowded, loud, busy places. "On my way through town..." He continued, wanting to walk all the way back to his home and go back to sleep. He continued to drink, sit, and keep to himself.
8 Jan 2019, 7:41 pm
Conversation around the tavern soon turned all into the ruins. Robin figured he would tail behind somebody to the ruins without their knowledge, as he really didn't want to try getting there himself and face potential danger.
"Thanks for the information," he said to the lizard folk. "But regardless, I will seek out this... 'Demon Pestilence' as you say. Maybe we can find out some way to aid the reconstruction of Somara, then we'll- I mean... I'll really be something."
"Are we a we now? Awww, you really do think of me."
"Shh. Wait, no, not you," he says, realizing it would seem he was shushing the lizard.
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8 Jan 2019, 7:43 pm
"Oh please. Everyone is here for the ruins. You're missing a great chance for something magical." The human ranger said, pointing at him. "Haven't you heard? Some found riches beyond imagination, some found ruins that turned out to be a armory of sorts and another found out that the ruins they explored was nothing but a bathhouse. How can you not resist the chance or finding something amazing. Either way, you get a story. Either a tale of glories or the punchline to your next joke." They went on with a smile.
8 Jan 2019, 7:46 pm
"Uh..." The small lizard folk nodded to Robin then hopped down and went over to the fireplace. The white wolf looked around some more, adjusting herself. She reached down into her shirt and pulled out a amulet with a emerald in the center of it. She looked over it again before quickly slipping it back under her shirt.
8 Jan 2019, 8:13 pm
A young girl stumbled into the tavern, she held a basket filled with pretty, sparkly, and vibrant fabric, also laying on her arms was a fancy unfinished dress. She found her way to the nearest empty seat. The set the basket down onto the table and pulled out some of the fabric from the basket, she set the dress down on the table next to the basket, she pulled up a section of the dress and held the piece of fabric next to the part of the dress, she slid the hand that was holding the scrap of fabric so she was holding the part of the dress to. She grabbed a needle with white thread in it. She poked it through the dress then moved it over and pulled it through the piece of fabric, repeating that until the strip of fabric was fully connected to the rest of the dress. She set the dress back down on the table, she looked at the other people in the tavern. Waiting for something to happen, tapping her fingers on the table top.
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8 Jan 2019, 8:22 pm
A fox-folk male walked over and sat next to her. "Now, what brings someone like you here?" He asked with a devious smile. He was dressed like a ranger of sorts but with much dark clothes.
8 Jan 2019, 8:48 pm (Edited 8 Jan 2019, 8:50 pm)
The rabbit stiffened slightly, two wolves so close and the male looked fierce as well.
"Well.... I need alcohol preferably the rubbing kind.. Oh, and some leafy greens." Peaches answered evenly.
Her tiny heart raced, that was not helping her situation at all. Averting her eyes she dug into a small pouch tied to her chest. After a bit of searching she placed a pearl on the counter.
"I-is this enough? I think I lost the others in the chase... Stupid raven.."
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2j4pxsg.png by my buddy MariahKat
8 Jan 2019, 9:02 pm
"Oh, that's quite ok." He leaned over the counter and looked the small creature over. "Oh, did the wild life get you?" He asked, noticing the gash. He lifted the small creature up and took her behind the counter to a small table. Despite his battle worn body and the voice to match, he was gentle with how he carried the small creature. He cleaned their wound and wrapped it in light bandages. "You can keep the pearl." He smiled. "I don't have much use for gem stones." He said before finding a small cup, filling it with water, and handing it to them.
8 Jan 2019, 9:03 pm (Edited 8 Jan 2019, 9:03 pm)
"Hm? Oh, well I was trying to make something but I can't think well in silence, I was also out of ideas so I brought my stuff from my shop to over here so I could get some ideas from peoples clothes and it wouldn't be so quiet" She explained, trying to make it as short as possible, unlike how she would normally spend five minutes talking. The first thing she did when talking to anyone was examine their outfit for ideas. She looked him up and down quickly, she pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket, as well as a pencil. She quickly drew something onto the paper then folded it, afterwards sliding it back into her pocket "sorry about that" Trie looked back at him.
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8 Jan 2019, 9:22 pm
"Oh... have you seen anything that has caught your eye?" He smiled and leaned in. The smell of mead filled his breath. The battle worn looked over his shoulder and noticed the fox-kin messing with a human with fox ears. "Sorry, excuse me for a moment." He said to the small creature before watching the fox-kin; watching for the tale tale signs.
8 Jan 2019, 9:23 pm
Even though her heart raced with fear while being picked up Peach remained still.
"T-there was a mob of ravens, I think they were angry... And took it out on me... I end up as the punching bag a lot..." Peaches explained while looking down.
despite the wolf showing no foul intent and being gentle, waves of fear filled her. Instinct told her to kick him and run but, she avoided this by not looking at him... Out of site out of mind.
"Well what do you like?" The rabbit hybrid asked.
She placed items from her pouch on the table.
A few polished rocks, an odd looking old key, some foreign flower, a scorpion tail and a scroll covered in odd characters were placed into the table.
totally not tiny wyverns in a trench coat. why would you think that? carry on. nothing to see here.
2j4pxsg.png by my buddy MariahKat
8 Jan 2019, 9:31 pm
"I- uh, well" She got out of her seat to get away "your outfit was particularly inspiring for something I was trying to make so I took some of the elements of your outfit and put it in a design I was working on, I.. I really hope you don't- erk- mind" she cringed at the smell of the alcohol, she tried not to gag to be polite. She grabbed the basket of fabric and the unfinished dress. Backing up slowly
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8 Jan 2019, 9:35 pm (Edited 8 Jan 2019, 9:35 pm)
Cecil tried his best to stay out of others business but he couldn't help but look over as the rabbit creature dumped random items onto the table. Curiosity got the better of him and he surveyed the table and a few odd things. Cecil had to remind himself that staring was rude and wondered to himself if he should go try and find those ruins on his own instead of asking someone for directions.