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Dealing with nausea?

2 Mar 2019, 1:05 pm
Does anyone have advice on dealing with nausea? I have it nearly every day and most if not all day. I take TUMS but they don't help much. I don't know why I have it, I do run a nearly constant low grade fever though. I've been to the doctors many many times and took many runs of antibiotics but it never helped and doctors sorta gave up on trying when they couldn't figure it out. It's been about four years I think?
I'd love advice on how other people deal with nausea, I could google it but there's so many things that come up and I'd just like to know what people have done personally that works for them. Thank you.

3 Mar 2019, 9:45 am
Have you tried mylanta or pepto? I have stomach issues, but it's from 15+ years of untreated acid reflux. My stomach goes out of whack often and those two can help.

Have you tried to see if there are foods that trigger your nausea? I would suggest a food journal for a week and see if there's any similarities in food\ingredients on the days your nausea act up. I had to start keeping track of my eating habits since I have very random food sensitivity and allergies. I recently realized that oatmeal throws me into a long sneezing fit, and I've been eating it every morning for years, as an example.
3 Mar 2019, 10:07 am
sciencesparrow You may want to ask your doctors for a prescription of Zofran or Phenergan. Those both help with nausea.

And the same as Malibu said. If you notice something makes you feel more nauseas after eating than other times, cut that one food out of your diet for one week and see if it helps. (Common foods are dairy, wheat, gluten, and highly acidic foods like tomato or citrus.) Just make sure you are still getting your nutrients another way (like if you cut out dairy, drink coconut or almond milk instead to keep getting calcium.)
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Starla | Etsy | TH

3 Mar 2019, 10:13 am
Do you ever get dizzy with your nausea?