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MalGV's MiniPet/Item/Original Species Wishlist

24 Mar 2019, 9:08 pm (Edited 6 Nov 2019, 3:43 pm)
Hey all. This is just my public wishlist for anyone who doesn't have real cash or FD to offer me for commissions. I'm mostly interested in MiniPets, but I'll also take a few other items. You can view all below.

If you have something you want to offer me for art, don't post here; just post your offer here at My Art Shop, or here at My Paintie Shop, or send me a PM.



2741-arctic-worgon.png 2962-bell-baby-fuzzy-mini-moo.png 4317-blooming-cargon.png 4446-blossom-origameow.png 2267-blossom-pawsum.png 455-blue-doge.png 2657-green-sandhopper.png 2866-calico-dunk.png 4252-cerulean-sea-bunny.png 3761-day-light-firefly.png 4041-decorated-dromedary-calf.png 2699-diamond-bauble-crab.png 3153-eighties-vintage-silkie-chicken.png 2709-floret-topifairy.png 636-foxfire-kitsune.png 4445-gilded-origameow.png 2255-iridescent-lobata.png 1763-jeweled-mechanical-dragon.png 387-koi-kirin.png 2500-mantis-shrimplet.png 3016-opulent-peacock.png 2910-opal-carat-cat.png 4331-pale-dusk-lovebirds.png 3143-plush-sea-cuttlefish.png 4327-rainbow-prism-puffer.png 435-sorcerer-witchy.png 2743-soul-eater-worgon.png 2105-speckled-hognose.png 2653-star-mandarinfish.png 3420-sugar-sparkle-crested-pup.png 3286-sunrise-dragonfly.png 2250-tropical-enefant.png 604-tropical-angelfish.png 3480-tundra-mini-mammoth.png 4318-vigilant-cargon.png 4561-fancy-gold-glishy.png 4562-space-sparkle-glishy.png 4551-palace-cloud-lil-tapir.png 4857-wild-rodendrake.png 5108-rose-beak-pirglet.png 5185-hallow-moon-lykoi.png 5175-nebula-barn-owl.png




3353-galactic-shifty-morphing-potion.png 2779-hallowed-potion.png



4837-magic-midnight-shifty-sticker.png 4835-magic-galactic-shifty-sticker.png 4833-magic-red-tail-hawk-sticker.png



None for now.



5137-graffiti-costume.png 5136-feral-costume.png


Original Species

Very rarely, I will accept characters or an original species design as payment for art. Species with certain priced-Traits/Tiers would coincide with my art prices, in fairness. Feel free to offer up your species; if I turn you down, it is NOT because I think your design is "bad" or anything like that. It just may not be what I am looking for. I prefer Ferals and not Anthros.


Items on this list are removed as I attain them.