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Types of fabric not to use?

27 Mar 2019, 10:20 am
Now I'm unsure if anyone's ever done this before, google search turned up nothin', but I'll go ahead an' ask anyway!
For furring, fleecing, covering the foam base of a fursuit head, I've heard millions of suggestions for types of faux fur or fleece. Because for most folks, the purpose of a fursuit is to look... Soft, I suppose!
But I'm makin' a fursuit for a critter who I'd like to have a rough skin, think like shark skin.

I was wondering about using this rough fabric I already have, since it's the colour I want and I have a lot of it, but I was thinkin' to myself, "Now, Chomps, ol' friend. You've asked peeps about paper maché heads and they advised you against it. Surely this fabric has at least one downside to using it".

So that's what I'm asking about! I can't describe the fabric, so I'll ask this instead:

What are the types of fabric you absolutely cannot/must not/should not use for making a fursuit head?
Because they tear easily, because they absorb the humidity, because they don't let the foam breath, help a bold first-time fursuit maker!

(Note: if you'd like to suggest links to sites that sell (cheap) fabric that feels like shark skin, go ahead! That is much appreciated! But please, sites based on europe only! Unfortunately, most times, here, things I order from the Americas get stuck in customs and I have to pay their value or more to get them out!)
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30 Jul 2019, 4:25 pm
Hello maybe I haven’t made many Fursuits but I definitly have made some Plushies.
Bad materials:
-an obvious one is felt, it can quickly make your fursuit look old and very used because it deteriorates quickly trough wear.
-some vinyls don’t let air trough, so even if it may give you your desired leathery look, you’ll probably not be able to breath since they smell awful and don’t let any air to your head
Rough materials:
-frottage the stuff your towels are made out of
-plush fabric with scales stuck to it
Any fabric made from wool