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Welcome Spring Writing Contest

2 Apr 2019, 9:14 pm (Edited 2 Apr 2019, 9:37 pm)
This thread is for the Welcome Spring 2019 Writing Contest entries only, please do not reserve posts!

If you have any questions, please post them in the Welcome Spring Writing Contest Discussion Thread!

Welcome one, welcome all! Spring is a time of new beginnings, and with it, the staff is happy to bring you the new and improved Welcome Spring Writing Contest! We’ve asked the userbase for feedback on how to improve this contest, and have tried to add these revamps to create a better experience for all entering writers.

We are still collecting feedback on how to improve this contest, if you have a comment, please feel free to post it in the Welcome Spring Discussion Thread, along with any other questions or concerns!


Entries must follow one or more of these given prompts,

- Displaying pride and/or appreciation for Olde Foxbury
- Spring and its effects on your villager(s)
- An “impromptu music concert”
- A prank played on/by one of your villagers, or a joke told by/to one of your villagers.

These more specific prompts were implemented based on player feedback, but are meant to be vague to not stifle creativity. If you have an idea but are unsure if it fits the prompt, you are free to post it in the discussion thread, or PM MOD-Pseudonym directly if you feel it needs to be kept confidential.


1. Any entries must be written by you. Plagiarism of any kind is against contest and site rules.
2. Using other people's characters is permitted as long as you have permission. Furvilla’s mayors are allowed in entries!
3. Entries must be situated in the Furvilla universe, but may take place outside of designated/specified villages. Characters that would require a primordial shifty are not allowed, meaning no humans, but any character that would pass on a regular or galactic Shifty is allowed.
4. All Furvilla rules regarding content allowed on site must be followed, no exceptions. No shocking or disturbing content, sexual situations, etc.
5. Entries must be at least 500 - 2000 words in length to qualify, word count can reach, but not exceed 3000 words in length. (Rule edited based on user feedback!)
6. Unlimited entries are allowed but each player can only win once.

Once you have your entry ready to go, either post it in this thread directly or post a link to a Google Doc! Make sure you have the sharing options set to “anyone with this link may view” if you use a Google Doc, or we won't be able to view and judge it!


3 Winners will receive the prizes listed below!

- Entry will be featured in a special section of the Knowledge Base
- Contributor Trophy
- 1000 FD
- Any 3 Pet Boxes

End Date: 11:59 PM on May 1st.

19 Apr 2019, 3:27 pm
The first wisp of spring waltzed through Neamhaí’s den just after dawn, tracing light floral scents across the entrance before dipping back into the streets of the village. It then weaved its way around to Siren and Forrestt's home. Siren immediately woke up, and, upon feeling that it was finally springtime, awoke Forrestt. Plenty of plants were blooming, and the same light floral fragrance that had been left at Neamhaí’s entrance awoke Biene, who thought that they would tell Forrestt so that he could start growing even more plants. Leannan, who pretended they could hibernate but really just spent most of their time in their den through the winter, caught wind of the wisp of spring and thought that this first day of spring weather would be a good day to visit their friends. Pumpkin awoke from their hanging perch when the wind whistled into their cave.
A group of the villages congregated in the center of Dragon’s Maw Manor and began to talk excitedly about their plans for spring.
“I plan to forage for many exotic plants and seeds for Forrestt!” Pumpkin said to Neamhaí when they asked what their plans were. “And of course to explore further out now that the days are longer and it is easier to keep warm. What about you, Neamhaí?”
Neamhaí responded, “I’m not sure yet but I’m sure the items you come back with will provide me with inspiration.”
Biene, who hadn’t been able to get Forrestt off their mind, sought him out. “Are you excited to be able to grow even more plants?” they asked.
“I sure am, but first Goldie has to make me some more herbalist’s pots!”
“Well, I can definitely gather up a decent amount of wood so that she can!” Biene said. They had always had a love for plants, but weren’t very good at growing them.
Forrestt, knowing this about Biene, asked, “Would you mind if I went on one of your explorations with you and told you about all the plants and seeds we could find?”
Biene smiled big. “I would love that! I’m so excited!”
Leannan had overheard this after finally finding their friends, and thought that would be a fun adventure. “Is it okay if I come along?” they asked.
“Yeah, of course! I’m gonna invite Pumpkin and Neamhaí, too!” Forrestt walked over to where Pumpkin and Neamhaí were discussing all the things that Neamhaí wanted to make with materials for explorations. “Hey guys! Leannan, Biene, and I are going to go on an exploration and I’m going to teach them about plants! Do you guys wanna come?” Forrestt asked. He was excited to go on his first exploration and see all the things that the explorers usually found.
“Sure!” Siren and Neamhaí responded.
They all made sure they had everything they needed and then met back in the center of Dragon’s Maw Manor. “Who’s going to lead this exploration?” Neamhaí asked.
“I was thinking maybe I could? But if Leannan or Biene want to, I’m fine with that!” Pumpkin offered.
“No, it’s okay, you can lead the exploration!” Leannan said and Biene nodded along. Bien wanted to focus more on what Forrestt had to say than on leading an exploration and collecting items.
“Okay, let’s go!” Pumpkin said.
One of the first things they came across was an Angry Root Seed. “This seed is pretty common, and it grows relatively fast!” Forrestt explained, picking up the seed. Then they came across an Eyeris Seed. “This one is less common, but yields beautiful plants!” He handed the seed to one of the explorers.
“What’s this one?” Biene asked, holding up a green seed that had what looked like a mouth.
“That’s a Venus Fly Trap Seed! It’s about as common as the Angry Root Seed, but it’s a very interesting plant. They’re carnivorous!”
“That’s wild!” Leannan exclaimed.
They didn’t come across any new seeds for awhile, mostly finding Angry Root Seeds, but suddenly, Forrestt stopped in his tracks.
“Guys! Come look at this!” Forrestt stood over a reddish-brown seed. “These are very rare! This is called a Mouth Bean Seed and it’s called that because the flower has a mouth! When you’re exploring, make sure you look out for these guys!”
They explored a little longer before Pumpkin led them back to Dragon’s Maw Manor. Then Forrestt invited everyone to watch him plant the seeds.
“Some of these germinate longer than others, but you’re welcome to come back any time to see how they’re doing!”
“Thank you so much for educating us on seeds!” Leannan said.
“I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ll definitely come check up on them!” Biene declared. The others nodded. Forrestt grinned. He was proud of himself for being able to teach the others about seeds and was excited to continue teaching them about the plants as they sprouted.
They were all glad that spring was finally upon them.
22 Apr 2019, 2:22 pm
Theme: Pranks/Jokes
Word Count: 1493


With the windows wide open letting in the warm spring breeze the singing of the returning songbirds filled the air, and Aria the vixen hummed to herself while melting an assortment of sweets over the hearth. Stirring the wooden spoons in each of the simmering pots she licked her lips imagining how her treats would end up. Turning her attention to a bowl of apples in water she drying off each apple, and driving wooden sticks into the cores.

Her ears twitched from the nearby footfalls. Glancing over to the wide open door awaiting her mystery visitors. A lavender furred bunny accompanied linked her arms with an over towering panda bear bring with them the delicate scent of the local wildflowers.

“Oh, Esja and Bjorn, hey.” She turned back to work in front of her.

“Aria, you um you’re not busy are you?” Esja the bunny soft-spoken as ever, but without an ounce timidity.

Driving the last stick into the last apple the fox urged them to continue.

“Aye, we’ve a favor to ask of ye’ lass,” Bjorn said.

“Oh me? Yeah, I guess I’m having alright day, how about you guys?” She teased with a playful swish of her tail. Still she wondered what would bring both a big burly bear, and a petite benevolent bunny to her.

Esja let out an awkward chuckle. “Oh sorry, it was pretty rude of us. It’s just we’re at our wit’s end, we need your help,”

“You want me to cater something.” Aria’s tone rose high at the end of her sentence along with the corners of her lips. She snickered.

“Nay, nothing of the sort. This is about Djuri, the lad is wreaking havoc across the village, He must be stopped. We all tire of his jests.” Motioning his free arm sweeping across the air Bjorn let out a huff.

“Huh? Is this because he’s been pulling all of those pranks on everyone?” Retrieving the pots from the hearth Aria set them besides the apples, and began preparing a large tray. “Those were sort of funny though.” Recalling the string of random pranks she from scaring people to misplaced belongings.

“At first, a little bit they were, but it’s just too much now. We’re all a little tired of it,” Esja said

“Wow, that must be pretty unBEARable, huh? Ooh That must be a HAREy situation, you guys are in.” Gritting her teeth and snickering Aria looked to them for amused approval. Pointing her snout up she crossed her arms, “I see I’m wasted on you,”

“They’re not as great as ye’ think they are lassie,”

“Hmph whatever-“ Dunking the apples into the hot gooey filled pots coating them in a shiny glaze, and letting them dry on the tray. “-If it’s such a problem, just go tell Elska. He always listens to her,”

“Aye that is true, but tis not that simple,”

“Revenge, I’m sorry, but we need to get back at him.” Esja let her ears fold back almost ashamed.

“Mm, and ye’re just the one to put him in his place,”

“Ahh, so this makes a lot more sense now. Yeah I guess I was pretty good at that before.” Nodding she’d never forget when she went around painting everyone’s windows.

“So ye’ll do it?”

Sprinkling on chopped nuts to the coated apples Aria shook her head, “While I’m flattered you thought of me, I don’t know. He really hasn’t gotten to me.”

Offering a small grin Aria shrugged. She understood where they were coming from, but from what she heard the pranks didn’t seem drastic. Annoying, but harmless. Wiping the edge of one of the pots with the spoon she took a big lick. Regretting her decision to indulge she bared her teeth in disgust. “What the-“ Her hackles raised from the base of her tail to the base of her neck. “-He didn’t.” Growling she rushed over to her jars of sugar and salt.

“What’s wrong?” Esja asked sneaking a taste from the pots. “Ugh that’s so salty,”

Tasting the two white powders from the jars Aria’s tail rose stiff. “He did!” He switched the labels, and instead of using sugar she used salt, for the entire recipe. All the candied apples ruined. If she tried, she could salvage the apples at most.

Spotting a tin off to the side only a few villagers enjoyed those delicacies. Narrowing her eyes a malicious toothy grin appeared, “You guys have a deal.” She would get her payback. They would all get their payback. She would end his reign of terror today.

“Oh thanks so much, er I mean sorry.” The bunny twiddled her paws together.

“Just tell him to visit me later.” Eyeing the ruined apples Aria fetched a knife from her utensil drawer.

“Aye.” The panda waited at the doorway satisfied.

Watching the pair leave she dumped the apples back into the bowl with water to wash them off. “You messed with the wrong fox this time Djuri,”

Eyeing the tray of assorted candied apples from coated with chopped nuts to plain and glistening to drizzled and decorated. Aria sipped from her cup a twinkle of mischief and pride glinted in her eyes. So unassuming. So tempting. The perfect constructed ambush. Biting her tongue she needed to hide her guilt, and stop her lips from curling.

A sudden knocked interrupted her thoughts, and the hyena in question, Djuri, waltzed in snickering to himself. “I heard you wanted to see me,”

“Definitely, I just wanted to surprise Elska with some yummy apples,”

“Did…Did you use sugar in those.” He pointed to the tray on the counter.

“Oh don’t worry I figured it out after the first ruined batch,”

“No hard feelings, right?”

“No, of course not-“ She waved her paw. “-I was wondering when you were gonna get me.” Letting out a chuckle she tried to stop her tail from zipping from side to side. “So I kinda wanted your help. Could you maybe, if it’s not too much of a hassle, please taste test these apples for me. Which ones would you think she’d like best?” Letting her ears droop she mustered up a puppy eyed expression feigning it all.

Djuri narrowed his eyes unsure whether to believe her or not. Eyeing the apples with suspicion he sniffed them, but they didn’t smell off. “I don’t know,”

“Ohh just imagine how happy she’ll be. She’ll walk around with a really big smile, and she’ll be in such a good mood too.”

His eyes lit up. Yes, he would love that. Seeing her smile always made his day. “Alright.” He picked up an apple at random, and bit into its side. Crisp and sweet and refreshing just as an apple should be. Nodding he took a bigger bite. A bit nutty, and a little salty. A sudden crunch caused him to slow his chewing. “Kinda tangy.” Another jarring crunch, and he saw the core carved out from the apple. Instead of the expected core in the center of the fruit a sticky gooey salty filling with whole roasted bugs.

Dropping the apple in disgust he tried to spit out the remaining mouthful. “Why would you do that?” He used his claws to scrape the taste off his tongue.

Walking to his side she ran her paw across his shoulders before flicking one of his ears. “Because I was minding my own business is why, but really this is just the beginning. This is from everybody really, if you don’t stop I’ll have you looking over your shoulder at every little noise.” She slapped her paws together. “When will I get you again and again.” Picking up her cup she held it out of his reach. “Sure you can try to get me back, but do you remember how long it took to get rid of that vinegar stench out?” She shook her head while sucking her teeth.

Inching the cup towards him, “So you stop everything, I’ll leave you alone,”

Glaring at the carved out wooden cup he reached and chugged from it. “Wait what?” He choked on the drink the moment he saw the crowd waiting outside.

She gestured to open windows, and there stood a number of furred villagers with furious expressions glaring at him. “Obviously, fans,”

Averting his gaze, Djuri, nodded returning the cup. “Yeah, sorry everyone.” He shuffled out with his tails tucked underneath him. He learned his lesson at least for a good while.

Ensuring he was out of earshot Aria laughed. Turning to the windows she grinned, “You guys are good, I wouldn’t have thought of that.” Picking up the tray she offered them. “Now who wants some apples?” Wagging her tail at the group groans.

I'm a little wolf inside a girl

22 Apr 2019, 3:50 pm
Theme: Easter/Egg painting
Word Count: 920

Kujo's First Easter

There was an almost rapid knocking and clawing at Kujo’s door, and it continued to get louder until he got up out of bed and opened the door. “What is it?!” He snapped out as soon as he opened the door. The one knocking and scratching was Ryuu, his fellow Bagbean friend. Ryuu was holding bags of paintbrushes, paint, and fake eggs.
“Hey, Kujo!” Ryuu started.
“It’s Easter!” Ryuu said excitedly as he let himself in on his own. Kujo sighed before shutting the door loudly.
“So what?” He said as he went and plopped himself on his couch. Ryuu went up to Kujo’s kitchen table and started to take the eggs and supplies out of the bags he had brought. Kujo watched him irritatedly from the couch.
“I’m not painting eggs with you.”
“Yes you are!”
“No I’m not.” Kujo almost yelled.
Ryuu pouted, and continued to set up the eggs anyway. He put each egg in an egg holder, and laid out paper towels around them. He got two jars from the kitchen and filled them with water, making sure not to spill them on the way back to the table. He then set down the different sized paintbrushes, each one a different color of the rainbow, and put down the paint next to them. Kujo was messing with his paws as he stared at Ryuu setting the table up joyfully.
“It’s all done!” Ryuu shouted at him from the kitchen.
“Come on!” He yelled in a joyous tone as he sat down one of the kitchen chairs.
Kujo sighed, getting up reluctantly from the couch. He walked to the kitchen table,? and pulled one of the chairs out, proceeding to plop himself down. He looked back and forth at the eggs, the paintbrushes, the paint, and the jars of water.
“Um..” Kujo mumbled.
“I’ve never done this before..” He admitted as he picked up a paintbrush and dipped it in blue paint.
“NO!!” Ryuu suddenly screamed, making Kujo jump.
“Wh-What is it??”
“YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!” Ryuu yelled as he jumped out of his seat and trotted over to Kujo’s side of the table. He took Kujo’s brush and wiped it down on a paper towel.
“You have to put it in water first!” He said as he dipped the paint in water, and then into the blue paint.
Kujo groaned, taking the paintbrush from him.
“I knew that..” He mumbled.
Ryuu laughed as he waltzed back to his seat. He sat down, picking up the biggest paintbrush on his side, dipping it in water, and then smothered green paint on it. He started to paint his first egg, starting with small stroked on the bottom to represent grass.
Kujo watched him closely before painting some scribbles onto his own egg.
“Now you’re gettin’ it!” Ryuu was beaming, happy that Kujo was playing along with him.
Kujo kept scribbling on his egg, making random shapes and patterns here and there.

Time went by, and before Kujo knew it, he had painted all of his eggs. He looked at them all displayed in a row, and admired his work. It was sloppy, but he didn’t see them as such.
Ryuu finished up his last egg, which was painted to look like dragon scales. He displayed all of his in a row as well, and took note of how much better his looked compared to Kujo’s. He giggled, and then ran into the kitchen to open up one of the cupboard. He took out big purple Easter baskets, and ran back to the kitchen tables with them. Kujo was shocked to see him run back with these, as he had no memory of them being in there.
“Don’t worry!” Ryuu started.
“I hid them there when you were asleep one day!”
Kujo growled, almost walking up to slap Ryuu out of anger. But he held it in, and just shrugged it off. This surprised Ryuu, but he kept on going along with it.
“What’re the baskets for?” Kujo finally asked as he examined them over.
“Photo props!” Ryuu said with a large smile on his face as he shoved one of the baskets into Kujo’s paws.
“Here, put your eggs in them!” Ryuu said as he set his basket on the table, and starting to set his eggs up nicely in the basket. Kujo followed along with him, and after a few minutes, they had their baskets all ready and set up!

Ryuu took both of the baskets and set them neatly on the table. He took all of the supplies and put them in the sink.
“Come on, Kujo! It’s photo time!”
Kujo groaned, but walked over to Ryuu who was sitting behind the baskets. They sat there together, Ryuu with his arms over Kujo. Ryuu took out his phone, and started taking cute pictures of them.
They did different poses, and made different faces. In some of the images, they even held the eggs out!
Once all was said and done, they cleaned up, and sat down on the couch together.
Kujo was going through the pictures on Ryuu’s phone as Ryuu started to drift off to sleep. He laid his head on Kujo’s shoulder, and fell soundly to sleep.
Kujo blushed and smiled as he looked happily at the photos. He then turned the phone off, set it on the side table, laid back, and fall asleep alongside Ryuu.
This would be Kujo’s first real Easter, and needless to say, he ended up enjoying it thoroughly.

Nightwools Semi-Open Species Thread
25 Apr 2019, 9:54 pm
Snowfall opened his door to the warm spring day. Spring had always been his favorite time of year, as it helped all the flowers bloom. As he was tending his garden, and planting the newest seeds, he heard a bird chirping softly. Glancing over his shoulder, to see if he could see the bird, he instead spied Wingsstar making her way towards him. "Greetings Wingsstar, How are you this fine day? " he called out.

Wingsstar smiled sweetly at Snowfall, " I'm wonderful, looking forward to seeing all the babies this spring." Wingsstar drew up beside Snowfall and stopped, then she leaned in closer and whispered," You'll never guess what I heard. "

Snowfall patted the dirt down softly over the last seedling, before turning to Wingsstar. "So tell me what is it you've heard that has brought you this way."

Wingsstar glanced shyly at Snowfall, " I heard that there were several newborns in old Foxberry, and I was wondering if you would care to travel there and see them with me."

Snowfall glanced at Wingsstar, " If you will give me just a minute or two to clean up, then I would be honored to escort you to old Foxberry." Having said that Snowfall turned towards his door. He quickly went inside and washed his hands and as he was headed back out, a thought occurred to him. Not giving it a second thought, he quickly grabbed his flute and tucked it into his side pouch he always wore. Then went back out side and turned towards Wingsstar, " Shall we go."

The two headed off to old Foxberry chatting freely along the way. They talked about the flowers, and the babies that spring was sure to bring, As they wound there way to the new born babies there talk turned to a quiet whisper, not wanting to disturb any newborns.

Wingsstar let out an excited shriek all of a sudden as her eyes spied the adorable babies. She had always loved animals and babies were always the most adorable. Snowfall seeing how happy Wingsstar was slowly pulled out his flute. He started blowing on his flute softly playing a calm melody. Wingsstar hearing the music playing, turned with eyes of love, towards Snowfall. She softly started to sing a song.

"New things always come in spring, babies, and flowers and all of them things." "Spring is the time of rebirth and growth, and awaking for some, and its the season I love the most. " She sang. As she continued singing softly she noticed a few others had showed up, some were even playing other instruments. The music flowed throughout old Foxberry, as the day slowly turned to evening.

Snowfall brought the music slowly to and end, before turning to Wingsstar. "That was the most lovely singing I have ever heard," he stated. Then turning to the group that had gathered he spoke again , " Thank you all for coming and playing to, I didn't expect to turn this into a music festival but I think we all played really well togeather."

Wingsstar smiled softly at Snowfall, " I think we did as well, look even the little babies have went back to sleep." "I think maybe we should be heading home now though," and with that she placed her arm around Snowfall. The two took a bow and then headed towards home, each lost in there own thoughts. For Snowfall a thought of how easy it was for love to bloom in spring just as his seedlings would bloom.
26 Apr 2019, 12:10 pm (Edited 27 Apr 2019, 1:27 pm)
Theme: spring and its affect on villagers
Wordcount: 966

Dark clumps of fur fell to the ground as a black and blue fairy wolf brushed his fur. A large smile like a child’s after being given a fistful of candy, spread across his face. His fur, the indication of the changing seasons, either it grew thicker or began to shed. Shedding meant that it was warming up, spring is here! A lovely time indeed, the cycle of life would begin anew. That meant there would be babies! So many BABIES!
“Spring is here!” Jacob sang out happily as he fluttered out of his tree house.
a chorus of birdsong entered his twitching ears as he basked in the growing warmth. Reaching into his bag he tore a paw full of shed fur free and tossed it into the wind. He repeated this action until nothing, but air remained in the bag. One clump already found its purpose as a blue bird worked the soft material into its nest. The fairy wolf’s smile widened, almost unsettlingly wide. Almost manic.
With a happy bark, Jacob settled onto a nearby branch to examine it. Scars covered the twisted old branch; one might even think it dead if it weren’t for the tiny bits of green emerging. There he stood, smiling widely as he surveyed the area from the mighty ancient tree. That is until something caused his heart to skip several beats. A set of claws pressed delicate flower buds into the ground as a bat-like wyvern frolicked.
Now ordinarily, he loved seeing creatures enjoy dancing around the environment. However, this creature and all its kind caused waves of dread to flow through his body. These creatures usually demolished the environment wherever they went, sending off waves of hunger and an overwhelming primal rage. Jacob whimpered as he watched Joey hop through the tall grass, leaving a trail of somewhat withered plants in her wake. Draining life by just existing.
A squeal erupted from the grass, causing both Jacob and Joey to stare in that direction. Jacob’s heart sank as he noticed a hungry gaze in Joey’s eyes as she trotted toward the squealing. A rabbit darted out of the grass to save her children, seconds before a set of jaws closed around her. Joey happily crunched on the rabbit while Jacob shuddered. He heard the mother rabbit let out a cry before squishing and crunching of the meat and bones overwhelmed him. He would be sure her death was not in vain.
The fairy wolf fluttered out of the tree toward the squealing baby rabbits. The crunching had stopped, he needed to act quickly. He planted himself between the wyvern and rabbits.
“hey, I wanted those!” Joey called out indignantly.
The wyvern crouched down while approaching the fairy.
Joey sat down to consider her next action, it seemed too easy to just shove the fairy aside. Jacob trembled as he watched the wyvern think, trying to recall when things didn’t go badly. Visions of violent conquest flashed through his mind; he could not recall a situation that ended well for the other party.
No! he would stand his ground, she had absolutely no right to extinguish new life. Even if it was instinct, she could eat so many other things! Rocks, fruit, dirt, bones, fish in the stream and even trash, he had seen her eat them all. There were plenty of other food sources for her but, no, she wanted these defenseless little baby rabbits!
Joey weighed her options, either she would get a snack and upset the fairy, or he would cast a sleeping spell. If she ate the baby rabbits he would sulk, meaning he wouldn’t boost the mood of other toys. That would mean they would mope about and be sooo boring. A sleeping spell sounded nice, it would to any insomniac. If she didn’t get the babies his spirits would remain high, boosting the spirits of other toys and he was likely to show others the bunnies. A nap and a happy fairy sounded much better than an upset fairy besides, if he thinks he triumphed over her it would boost his confidence! He really needed that but, she would not hesitate to smack him back down.
The wyvern stood on all fours and began to dig her claws into the ground. Showtime! With a snarl she barreled toward the shivering fairy wolf. Squeezing his eyes shut and digging his feet into the ground the fairy began to prepare the sleep spell. Flashes of torn up bodies flashed through his mind, no, he wouldn’t let her.
A sharp pain tore through his torso as a burst of magic engulfed the wyvern. Blood pounded in his ears as he desperately crouched over the rabbit nest, fighting the urge to run as claws effortlessly tore through the flesh of his back. Eventually, the blows began to slow down.
I… I must protect them
After what felt like hours Jacob noticed something, while his back did burn the awful tearing had stopped. He glanced down at the pink, little, hairless rabbits, sighing in relief that not even one of them was hurt. He…. He did it! Pride swelled in his chest when he saw a dozing wyvern. No one was hurt, no one needed to be hurt. He had done no harm and prevented harm.
With a weak smile he wrapped his arms around the nest of mewling rabbits. Safe, they were all safe. He silently thanked that somehow his wings hadn’t been torn in that flurry of scratches, honestly, it was a miracle his wings were untouched. Fairy dust, a lucky thing and his wings were absolutely covered I it.
I wonder if I have the right formula for these babies.
me, tiny wyverns in a trenchcoat!?? no, that's silly
icon art by annecahi
1 May 2019, 10:37 pm
Petals are a Flower's Memories
Prompts: Spring and its effects on your villager(s) & an “impromptu music concert
Words: 1,004
Entry Link
1 May 2019, 11:35 pm (Edited 1 May 2019, 11:49 pm)
Seasons Ever Changing, Ever Staying
Word body count contains about 2446 words.
The prompt I used is Spring and its effects on your villagers.
Read here.
1 May 2019, 11:55 pm
Monster of Spring
Words: 753
Prompt: spring and its effects on your villagers