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Lorelei's Amethystine Swap Shop

15 Apr 2019, 8:00 pm

At the edge of town, just before you enter the bustling village of Olde Foxbury, sits a fiery-haired Fox and all of their wares. As you approach, they smile and hold up a paw in a friendly greeting


"Hello friend, lovely day isn't it? Though I do prefer this nice little spot of shade, this gorgeous equipment really shines in the sunlight but I've never needed flashy gimmicks to attract customers. All I have to do is offer up honest trades, unlike certain traveling salesman...None of that shady business in my little shop."


Making a Trade

- Trading equipment made from Amethystine Enigma Recipe only.
- One trade per User (for now, limit may increase or be lifted in the future)
- Item Upgrade Ticket required.
- Even trades only, any upgrades will still need to be made through NPC-Traveler.
- Any socketed crystals WILL NOT be returned. Please use NPC-Traveler to have crystals un-socketed before making your trade.

Once you have read the points above, to make a trade you simply need to send a trade to NPC-Lorelei with your Item Upgrade Ticket and the piece of Amethystine equipment that you are looking to trade! Please be sure to include the item that you are seeking in the Trade Subject.

If you have any questions or anything please feel free to post here. Happy trading!

13 May 2019, 9:20 am
Maybe an odd question, but might I ask if you have any guidance on how to find A Foxy Friend rock buddy, like you happen to have? I have yet to find one in the Stalls or through experimenting with the Serpent's Pot, and I've searched for quite a while.

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nifty icon by dedenne
22 Aug 2019, 12:32 pm
what kind of plushies do u hv i rlly like the majic ones<3
Daisy Page
22 Aug 2019, 12:46 pm
Lorelei is an NPC, she isn't gonna have plushies like a regular player but only what is offered in the thread
22 Aug 2019, 4:19 pm
ooooooohhhhh....okie that is confusing
Daisy Page
25 Jan 2020, 2:13 pm
Hi NPC-Lorelei .
I just sent a Amethystine Zweihander to be swapped for an amethystie buckler.
Thank you
1 Feb 2020, 10:46 pm
Hi NPC-Lorelei !
I sent an Amethystine Zweihander to be swapped for an Amethystine Scythe.