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Too Heckin' Hot Writing Contest

1 Jul 2019, 10:08 pm (Edited 2 Jul 2019, 2:40 pm)
This thread is for the Too Heckin' Hot Writing Contest entries only, please do not reserve posts or submit incomplete entries 8)

If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments, please post them in the Too Heckin' Hot Writing Contest Discussion Thread!

A heat wave is grabbing the world in a headlock, but humanity pulls through. In spite of the hardships, we defiantly attend our barbecues, plunge bravely into the pools and oceans that tempt us, and bask in the soft glow of fireworks that outshine the stars above... except for writers. Ha, we don't go outside. So fire up those air conditioners and make sure to stay hydrated, time to get ready for the Too Heckin' Hot Writing Contest!


Entries must follow one or more of these given prompts,

-The squad takes a break and goes to the beach (The Beach Episode)
-Watching fireworks with a 'friend'.
-It came from space...

These more specific prompts are made to provide some inspiration for you intrepid writers, but are meant to be vague to not stifle creativity. If you have an idea but are unsure if it fits the prompt, you are free to post it in the discussion thread, or PM MOD-Pseudonym directly if you feel it needs to be kept confidential.


1. Any entries must be written by you. Plagiarism of any kind is against contest and site rules.
2. Using other people's characters is permitted as long as you have permission. Furvilla’s mayors are allowed in entries!
3. Entries must be situated in the Furvilla universe, but may take place outside of designated/specified villages. This includes any villager which would pass on any of our three Shifty colors.
4. All Furvilla rules regarding content allowed on site must be followed, no exceptions. No shocking or disturbing content, sexual situations, etc.
5. Entries must be at least 500 - 2000 words in length to qualify, word count can reach, but not exceed 3000 words in length.
6. Unlimited entries are allowed but each player can only win once.

Once you have your entry ready to go, either post it in this thread directly or post a link to a Google Doc! Make sure you have the sharing options set to “anyone with this link may view” if you use a Google Doc, or we won't be able to view and judge it!


3 Winners will receive the prizes listed below,

- Entry will be featured in a special section of the Knowledge Base
- Contributor Trophy
- 1000 FD
- Any 3 FDE Pet Boxes

In addition... the First Place Winner will also receive this very special prize to go with the general prizes listed above!

End Date: 11:59 PM on August 2nd.

3 Jul 2019, 3:24 pm
Fireworks were always Kat's favorite thing to watch, with the thrill of a loud bang ended with colors. It seemed as though it was almost rewarding to wait through the heat, only to watch a big, loud ending. Animals of all sorts had come to see the show, but Kat had come with a friend from her own village. Hiro was a gem raptor who shone like the moon itself, his patern radiating beauty from all sides. His sensitive ears were covered with soft, feathery earmuffs to try to prevent any sound from getting in. He despised fireworks, yet Kat had dragged him there anyways. At least there was food to satisfy him, the grill lit ablaze with the aroma of barbeque. He thought the smell was lovely, but the loud thud of explosives made him uncomfortable, leaving him to sit in a corner and eat. Kat, soon enough, had dragged him back out of the corner and into the picnic area, where sparklers and glowsticks lit up the scene. Bumblebears closely buzzed by for any food dropped, yet a big sign was plastered up reading "DO NOT FEED THE BUMBLEBEARS " The show was slowly coming to an end, many people standing up to get a better view. The show slowed to a stop, the last firework shooting up and exploding into various colors. Kat had let out a yowl at the one, seeming quite happy with it. Hiro couldn't quite say the same, ready to get back home and check on his animals, which were probably spooked by now. Kat turned to him and thanked him for coming with them, a smile plastered on their face. Hiro mustered a fake one, stood up, and walked off. That was enough for tonight. (Hopefully this is okay!)
6 Jul 2019, 7:14 pm (Edited 15 Jul 2019, 5:35 pm)
Tsuki'ta bounded through the trees, lush and green even in the unusually warm night. The young moth was unsure of how she got here, due to her originating from a parallel universe. Launching herself from tree to tree, she suddenly halted as a large, colorful explosion went off in the sky above her. Startled, the moth dove under a bush, figuring it was a flare of some kind used to warn of a Kaiju attack. "Odd." she thought to herself. "Kaiju flares aren't normally green." she softly spoke. She was careful to avoid making sound, not wanting to attract unwanted attention to herself. Creeping ever closer to the source of the flare, she glimpsed a sign saying "Dragonsmaw Manor". "Dragonsmaw?" she mused to herself. Suddenly, another explosion went off above her. This one was red. Tsuki'ta was concerned, as from her knowledge, a red flare meant a Kaiju attack. She raced towards the source of the "flare", determined to aid the citizens in whatever way she could. However, upon arrival, she was surprised to see a large crowd of anthropomorphic animals, ranging from wolves to Flailadons, performing various activities like watching the explosions, barbecuing, and just chatting and having fun. From an overall psychic reading, she determined there was no threat. Attempting to blend in, she recognized Shi'Zaira among the chaotic crowd. "Shi'Zaira, do you have any idea what those explosions in the sky are?" Tsuki'ta asked. " I've been listening in to the locals, and I have gathered that these 'explosions' are called 'fireworks'. I've never seen anything like it before! " Shi'Zaira responded. After pausing, she inquired "Although, we should probably figure out how to get back home. Why don't we leave and return to where we landed?" "Maybe an extraction team can pull us back." Tsuki'ta responded. after hanging around and watching the so called fireworks, relieved there was no threat, the two covertly broke away from the crowd, and returned to the clearing so the team could return them to their home universe.
We must learn to think not in the absolutes of black and white, but rather in shades of grey.

Capricorn/Loves bees/Chaotic neutral (although i like to fancy myself a lawful/ALLIGATORS/halp I love food too much
-1 hour from Furvilla time