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AH Breeding Helpers & Menagerie Checklist

3 Aug 2019, 6:29 pm (Edited 11 Jul 2020, 8:27 am)
EDIT: incomplete as of july 2020

❄ The link to the google sheet ❄

Also includes:
- updating made easy(er)
- a cute helpful bot!
- a whole lot of links to the item museum
- hard to find info ;w;

The spreadsheet has several pages and is image heavy, if pictures don't load properly try opening another page and coming back.

Change dates by double clicking.

Big thanks to the amazing testers:

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

If you want to be notified about major future updates, please ask here to be added to the pinglist:

3 Aug 2019, 6:30 pm (Edited 11 Jul 2020, 8:25 am)

- released!

- UPDATE: added "next stable break date" which you have to update yourself (will appear red if the stables are to break tomorrow)
- added Quails, Lil Treasure Mimic, Leafy Seadragons and Narwhals

- updated Lil Treasure Mimic, Leafy Seadragons and Narwhals
- added Leafy Seadragons and Narwhals to "Timed"

- moved Leafy Seadragons and Narwhals from "Timed" to "Event"
- added Snolls, Pangolins, Pirglets and Phasmids

- added Spookies, Barn Owls, Friendly Shrubs, Hoppyclopses and Lykois
- added Flooplings and Frankenrats

- updated Flooplings and Frankenrats

- added Crabucopias, Turkeys, Harvest Mice and Scrollies

- added Baublins

- added Pingfaits, Winter Duckies, Mystic Noodles and Frogaments

  • added statistics at the bottom of "Menagerie"
  • updated some text in "Intro" and "AH-1"
  • completly remade Ahi's page:
    • "Next breeding date" changed to "Earliest breeding date" (which is essentially the same). Also now it comes with a note that compares that date with today (e.g. says "Tomorrow" or "3 days ago")
    • "Pets breedable on that day" changed to "Pets breedable today" which takes into consideration all pets breedable up to today instead of only the pets breedable on the "Next breeding date". So if you have any leftover breedable pets from yesterday, today you will see yesterday's AND today's pets!
    • added "Number of females" which lists the number of females for each pet on it's left
    • added "Number of females breedable today" which just sums up the list described above

- added Mimeleons, Snow Dinos, Snow Kitties, Snow Lobsters, Snow Sheep

- added Parsettias

- updated color rarities of these pets
- added Anteater Pups, Blobits, Velvet Worms, Pimeras

- added Squearels, Komodo Dragons
- UPDATE: changed rarity colors so they match the new ones on the site

- added Lunar Rats

- added Kiwis, Wombats, Waffle Tails

- UPDATE: Ahi now highlights at least 3 highest numbers under "Number of females". The top value will be the darkest.

- corrected some mistakes pointed out by the lovely envyofthenight

- added Sunfishes, Pierannosauruses

- added Cloud Cows, Cloud Sharks, Cloud Clouds

- added Googly Eggs

- added Snufflepups

- added Doves and Chocolate Frogs

- added Butterlotls and Walracones

- ceased updates, read post below from today
5 Feb 2020, 8:01 pm
this spreadsheet is absolutely wonderful!! thank you so much for making it <3 could I be added to the pinglist?

also, I have a question! does the sheet auto-update the next breeding dates once we've entered the initial ones, or do we have to enter the new dates manually when we breed the animals?
☆ cicada ☆ it/its or they/them ☆
6 Feb 2020, 3:58 am
Cicada omg thank YOU so much for using it! <3 adding to the ping list right now! (going to notify only about major updates, i don't want to spam you every month haha)

you do have to enter new dates manually. that is because if you were away and couldn't breed at a certain date then the data would be inaccurate. or, you could have more than 50 animals to breed one day.
9 Feb 2020, 8:09 am
Cicada update ping!

Ahi now highlights at least 3 highest numbers under "Number of females". The top value will be the darkest.
I wrote "at least 3" because the duplicates are counted too (so if your values are "5, 5, 3, 2, 4, 4, 4", all 5s and 4s will be highlighted, but 2 and 3 won't be).

To update, I'd recommend copying the whole AH-1 page to existing spreadsheet (that is your own) and deleting the old one, effectively replacing it. Don't forget to carry over "Next stable break" if you're using it!
11 Feb 2020, 2:06 am

Just thought I'd point out some mistakes I noticed and some other stuff

- All the Balloonimals are actually Common color-rarity
- Battle Moos are no longer from the shop in OFB, but from the Cottage Shoppe instead
- Brown Chipmunk is Common, and White Chipmunk is Uncommon
- Painted Eggadillos came from a Redeem Code, not an Event

- The 2019 Snow Pets and January 2020 FDE pets are still listed as "Breedable: Timed" when they are no longer breedable
- Aquaticats are listed as "Breedable: No" but are currently breedable for February 2020

- Feathered Serpents can also be bought from the Cottage Shoppe now
- Rubble Runts come from the permanent "Mystic Gardens/Caves/Depths" Battlegrounds
- Howling Were-Kitsune can also be bought from the Cottage Shoppe now

- Mystic Kitsunes (Lone/Dire/Alpha Wolves), Spooky Kitsunes (Challengers), and Elemental Draxs (Frost Rings) are Warrior drops from Battlegrounds that regularly cycle in and out every few weeks or so
Hi, I'm Nicky! (he/him)
Please always ping me
Icon credit: LEZIFIED
11 Feb 2020, 8:54 am
envyofthenight thank you so much for using it and correcting me! <3
i'm really forgetful at times so mistakes are bound to happen, haha. also, i assumed no one was really using it and got lazy with the updates.
i'm basically on furvilla since a month before the release of this. all the info about old pets is very much appreciated.

going to correct everything right now, thanks again :)
11 Jul 2020, 8:21 am
this month marks the end of the 1st year of me working on this sheet!
and so i am ceasing my work on the updates for it. sorry to everyone that was expecting them. this is my message to you:

i didn't want it to end like this to be completly honest - i don't particularly like when authors just, leave, even when it's understandable. i planned on making an application that would update the list by itself, without my monthly input. however, web scrapping could in some instances be deemed inappropriate and i didn't want to get banned. that's why i messaged furvilla asking for permission... but i never received an answer.
because you can't access data on this site without logging in, i won't be making the app.

big thanks to everyone that used this spreadsheet. it means a whole lot to me! i don't know how many of you are out there except for 2 people, but thank you anyway <3

the animals that have not yet been added but are in the game today are: Chubby Dragon, Foxlien and Kitssant