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Inigo's Painties And Premades [Open]

4 Sep 2019, 12:39 pm
Welcome! I sell premade painties here in this shop, along with taking commissions for painties. Please make sure to read the rules before buying or placing a commission.

All the painties my villagers are using are made by myself, so I guess you could consider them a sort of gallery of what to expect from me.

1. You are allowed to resell painties you buy/commission as long as you don't sell them for more than you bought them.
2. I currently won't do commissions for Shifty painties, only regular and chibi bases.
3. I can redraw the regular base if desired, but this will cost extra depending on the villager is, if there's a costume, etc.
4. I can do painties for costumes! However, I won't be doing things like removing the clothing on something like a Fluffy or Mythic costume because to be honest, that would take way too long and I don't have the patience for that. If you want a "naked" version of something like a Fairy or Beast costume, though, I'd be willing to do that for a bit more cash.
5. For premades, I expect the money up front. For commissions, I'm willing to wait for payment if you need time to get enough to pay, but I do expect you to be reasonably quick about it.
6. If you upload the paintie, please have my username "inigo" in the tags list.

4 Sep 2019, 12:45 pm (Edited 4 Sep 2019, 9:47 pm)
For both premades and commissions, I offer a "Newbie Discount" for new players who want a paintie and don't already have one yet! Ask me about this when buying/commissioning and we can work something out.


None at the moment! Keep an eye out, though.


To commission me, all you need to do is give me the following info:
-What villager you want a paintie for
-What you want the paintie to look like (reference sheets are greatly preferred here!)
-Any other details you feel are necessary
My base price for commissions is 200k FC / 150 FD, but prices can be adjusted depending on specific details.