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Some Ideas regarding Cats

7 Sep 2019, 3:55 pm (Edited 7 Sep 2019, 3:57 pm)
I can't remember where she put it but Kiwi, the site artist, said something along the lines of her art has improved a lot since she was first commissioned to make the art for the site, but she's not going to update the art because she wouldn't get paid for it, but if you wish to commission it yourself that more than fine. I hope that at least makes some kind of sense, but yeah. I'm afraid that the art isn't going to be updated.

Edit: found it! It's on her website, kiwibon.co.uk
Kiwibon said:
You’ve drawn some anatomy wrong on this base, can you change it?
I’m learning about many species as I go, many are new to my checklist! So I apologise for anything overlooked after approval. Unfortunately I don’t get paid to do these extra tweaks that users might demand. You can either commission me or another user to make the tweak you want!
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