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Designing "Unique" Characters (Personal)

21 Oct 2019, 3:12 pm
I was originally going to look for premade characters of these different species but after looking through roughly 600 adopts and I couldn't find any of these species (or I just didn't like the designs). So I am finally deciding to just create my own characters. (I might auction off a few If I don't end up liking them)

Species I want to make for myself:

Manticore - Possible main sona? half dyed mane, tank tops, spiked wristbands and collar, digigrade, eyebrow piercing

Civet - Soft earthy colors, laid back, coffee barista, beanies, pins everywhere, (flannel jacket?)

Ferret - Soft pastel colors, cyberpunk, sassy, (leather jacket?)

Koala Demon - Two-tone split fur, small horns and wings, koala tail, red/blue/black color theme?

Rabbit - Lopped eared pastel glitch kpop space aesthetic, (varsity jacket, short hair, face mask, t-shirt with pattern/quote) (sweater?)

Albino/Piebald Deer - Cult aesthetic (disclaimer: I do not support cults and realize that they are a very serious problem, don't join them ok? good.)

Possible Species but idk...:

Marbled Pole Cats
Reptile hybrids
Fox hybrids

(If by some crazy chance you have any characters that you think I would like I have tons of CS pets, FR currency, FD and FC that I can offer)

(This forum is mainly to be used as a reminder for myself as well as allowing people to potentially offer characters I otherwise would never find. )
giphy.gif - art by ChickenGod. pfp by me